Magnesium in Pregnancy

by Kristi

I have been taking 800mg of magnesium daily for months and am now planning a pregnancy. Is it safe to continue taking the magnesium while pregnant?





Hi Kristi,

Well, I don't necessarily have a good answer for you, but I did my best. In fact, I thought that this was really a good enough question that I did a whole bunch of research and wrote an entire page on it here:

Magnesium in Pregnancy

Those of us who work with magnesium and/or take high doses of it know that SO many people could benefit from higher dosages- and pregnant women generally need even more.

But unfortunately, there just have not been studies done on such high dosages to see if they are safe during the first trimester. The chances are that it is, but there are just no definitive answers to this because the studies and trials just haven't been done.

Sorry to not have a definitive answer for you.

But since you are thinking about your magnesium during pregnancy, have you thought about your Vitamin D needs?

There HAVE been studies done on vitamin d during pregnancy and Breastfeeding and Vitamin D and the latest study showed that taking 4000 IU's a day during pregnancy showed much few premature births and problems during pregnancy than taking a lesser dose.

And the American Pediatric Association recommended having your Vitamin D Level checked during pregnancy, so you may want to consider checking it NOW as there are SO many good reasons for both you AND the baby to get enough vitamin d throughout your pregnancy and lactation periods - and SO many women are severely vitamin d deficient - that you will be happy that you did this before you got pregnant.

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Can't Say for Sure Whether it is Safe or Not...
by: Dr. Carolyn Dean

Hi Kristi,

It's a very good question.

Is the 800 mg being taken elemental magnesium or a mag citrate amount? If it's 800 mg mag citrate, then the dosage of elemental magnesium is much lower making the 800 mg within the recommended 360mg elemental.

I agree with Kerri that it's probably "safe" and that loose bowel movements will be the clue that there is too much. But, I don't think anyone knows enough to say that more is "safe".

With the high miscarriage rate in the first trimester, nobody wants to give advice that could be questioned.

So, that's my waffling answer!


Carolyn Dean, MD ND


Dr. Dean's answer is thanks to the help of
The Nutritional Magnesium Association!

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