Magnesium Deficiency

by Nancy
(Dover, DE)

I have a magnesium deficiency and am having a hard time getting my levels up. I can't tolerate supplements no matter what type I take, even if I spread it out into small doses throughout the day. I have even tried transdermal magnesium including spray, oil and epsom salts. They all gave me diarrhea.

I have no choice but to get my magnesium from food because every time I get diarrhea, I am making my deficiency worse. I have no problem getting 500 mg from food as I have been doing it all week but my problem is that all the foods that are high in magnesium are also high in fiber.

I am not getting diarrhea anymore but my stools are fairly loose and I am going a lot. Can this make my deficiency worse? I don't know what else to do at this point and my symptoms are getting worse. Sorry if this post is a little gross but I wanted to give you all the details.

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Ringing in the ears and Magnesium Deficiencies

by Barb Porter
(Casa Grande, Az. )

Don't know if you want to post this, or if you want to edit it, but it could be a big help for a lot of folks. So... I am upping my Magnesium slowly from 300 mg per day to about 700 mg per day and so far so good. I need it badly,have all the symptoms. But the ringing in the ears also has another cause for me and always has. I forgot this allergy in all the recent pain and dietary adjustments with Interstistial Cystitis ( IC).

I have a profound sensitivity to Salicylates. The last time I had the Tinnitus this bad I was taking pain killers that contained Aspirin a few years back (Excedrin). I also react to foods high in Salicylates. So I decided to go on the Low Oxalate food site that also posts Salicylate content and sure enough I have been drowning myself in this stuff.

The ringing in the ears gets better after I take my Magnesium and go to bed. But then when I get up and eat breakfast I dose myself with Salicylates and it gets roaring.

I eat a lot of vegetables that are low in Oxalates but just happen to be high in Salicylates. Also taking a Fiber made of Inulin which is Chickory and it is packed with Salicylates.

So.. I hope with getting Magnesium back in balance for what my body really needs and cleansing from the Salicylates I can really stop the party going on in my ears. My husband and I were rockers. We thought we blew our ears out with Rock N Roll.

NO! We are eating allergy foods we react to. We both have known this for a while as our son was highly reactive to Salicylates growing up. Now he is grown we resorted to naughty foods.

A good way to know if you have this sensitivity is to Google Salicylate Intolerance and read. Or you can go to Low Oxalate

They are the most accurate site for oxalates and other substances. I follow their directives and my IC is healing. I go off the list and I pay. Hope this is helpful to anyone who needs the help. Barb Porter Casa Grande, Az.

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Magnesium Deficiencies in Children

I have 7 year old twin boys who both are at different ends of the spectrum with their energy levels. One cannot sit still is always moving around and the other cannot get out of their own way. The both were born prematurely at 28.5 weeks and while they are now functioning well they are both being told that they may have ADD and/or ADHD.

I give them both a multivitamin Animal Parade with whole foods and omega 3 6 9 supplements by nordic naturals. What else can I do? I have heard about magnesium being a calming supplement but what about the one who has lack of energy? Thanks so much.


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Magnesium Deficiency and Seizures

by Jamie

I have read that magnesium can help people with seizures. I have photo sensitive "triggered" seizures from strobe light things such as sun filtering through the trees, or anything that is like a strobe light. I do not take meds for this because i am just always careful to avoid these triggers.

Since i've read that magnesium can help with seizure, particularly glycynate magnesium, my concern is that if i started a magnesium to combine with my vitamin D and then for some reason have to stop taking the magnesium would i have a chance of having a withdrawal seizure? any ideas on that?

Right now my Vitamin D level is 30 and i need to get it up to 60 to 80. i am taking 2000 iu's a day and i feel sorta funny on it and at times my anxiety increases and i feel edgy so i am having a hard time taking the vitamin D and i want to add the magnesium to see if it helps....

Thanks for any input,


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Myoclonic Jerks from Magnesium Deficiency

I have done consults with you in the past about some medical problems that I was having. I had severe shortness of breath for a long time and had all kinds of tests done and everything came out normal. Finally, my doctor did a ferritin test and found out I have extremely low iron.

The shortness of breath has gotten a lot better since I've been taking the iron but I noticed I only get it now right before menstruation. I have also been getting benign myoclonic jerks as well as some other neurological symptoms. My EEG and MRI have came out normal. These symptoms only happen a few days before my period until about a week after so I know it is in somehow related.

My question is, do you think it is possible that this could be do to the sudden drop in magnesium that occurs before menstruation? I had an intracellular test and it was normal but I didn't do it at that time of the month. My thyroid levels are low too and I am seeing an endo this week but if it were related to that it would probably happen all month long, I'm assuming anyway.

I have been on magnesium pills and have taken very small doses throughout the day and had stomach problems and I started out with 150 mg tablets. I just ordered a magnesium spray that you use on your skin. Oh I forgot to mention that my vitamin D level is 23 so I need to supplement but I'm waiting on the magnesium first.

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Is Lock Jaw Due to Magnesium Deficiency?

by Heather

My daughter has been experiencing lock jaw for several months. It hurts everytime she chews. Sometimes she can barely opens her mouth wide enough to put food in, especially in the morning. As the day progresses, it is not as tight but still hurts when chewing.

Can this be magnesium deficiency?



Hi Heather,

There could DEFINITELY be a magnesium component to that. And kids can definitely benefit from magnesium. The best way to get magnesium into kids is to give them an epsom salt bath at night before they go to bed- as outlined on the Epsom Salt Uses page.

But a really great way that you can use magnesium for your daughter is to get a product called Transdermal Magnesium Gel

It's magnesium that you can use on her skin and it's GREAT for a problem where it's REALLY localized. You can just rub the Transdermal Magnesium Gel right into her jaw- preferably at night before she goes to bed, but you can do it a couple of times per day if it seems to benefit her.

By the way, her condition is definitely NOT called Lockjaw- 'lockjaw' is a slang name for the locked jaw condition that people get when they get the disease of tetanus- a deadly condition that your daughter does NOT have or she would be in the intensive care unit with an IV line and she would be VERY VERY sick and not sitting at home eating cereal.

She most likely has a condition called TMJ- which stands for Temporomandibular Joint problems. Except for the magnesium aspect of TMJ, it's less my area of expertise and more in the realm of my husband, Joshua Tucker.

You can go to his What is TMJ page to see if her problem seems to match up with the symptoms there and you can follow the instructions provided there and/or you can also ask Joshua a question on his site as well!

Just go to his Ask the Tendonitis Expert page and he'll be glad to help you out. Tell him that I sent you.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System

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