Magnesium Not Working for Severe Constipation Any More

by Marily Shively
(Farmington Hills, Mi.)

I have a real problem and don't know what to do; I am 67 years old, in fairly good health. I have had severe constipation for 25 years. Since 1990 I have been taking large doses of magnesium which is the only thing that relieves the intractable constipation.

I have a yearly physical and have kidney function tests and mag levels done; so far they have been fine. However, in the past year I believe the magnesium is making me feel lousy some of the time. I don't know how to explain it; I think it affects my equilibrium.

I took Milk of Magnesia for 10 years and it made me feel so lousy I stopped taking it in 2000. I switched to Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Citrate pills. Until 5 years ago I took 800-1000 mg. 5 years ago I increased the dose to 1500 mg, which is what I take now. I take it every day. If I take less the BM is incomplete and I remain uncomfortable.

In the past year I try to take it less, perhaps taking off 4 days a month from the magnesium. Until a year ago I really didn't seem to feel any ill effects from the magnesium but since Jan 2010. I have had blood work done to rule out anything serious. Magnesium has made me feel weak.

Anyway, I am scared because without magnesium I cannot have a BM; I have had a colonscopy to rule out cancer; Stimulant laxatives and enemas stopped working years ago and Miralax did nothing. Is there anything out there that could possibly work for me. Magnesium is a wonder drug for constipation for me but I am worried about getting older and having to continue to take this high dose to get relief.

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Taking Magnesium for Constipation and During Pregnancy

by April

I'm a 200lb woman 38 who is trying to get pregnant later on this year. I'm losing weight and wish to get down to 140. I often get constipated. I go just about everyday but im in the washroom 30 min and I feel like I didn't eliminate completely therefore constipated.

I've started taking 400-500mg of magnesium oxide. After reading the information on your site it seems that the form I'm taking may be the worst one. My questions are which is the right form and what dose. Also should I take my magnesium with my multivitamin and probiotic?

I've taken it on an empty stomach before alone...and I've taken them with a multivitamin, extra vitamin C and a probiotic all together with a meal. Is this a good Idea? I take the vitamin C to make sure I go everyday. I just want to make sure that I'm not mixing the wrong things. So recap:

1) which dose and how much that is safe to take everyday?
2) Which form to use to take everyday and relieve my constipation?
3) Can i take while pregnant? I'm not pregnant yet but will start working on getting pregnant in 4 months. I fear that I'll be constipated during pregnancy and want to take a safe form, dose amount during pregnancy...which do you recommend?

sorry for being so wordy with my questions

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Magnesium Deficiency and Constipation

by Tim

I have a magnesium deficiency and started taking supplements a few weeks ago. I think I read on this site that you shouldn't be taking magnesium if you have bowel problems and I have chronic constipation.

I have been struggling with it for a while and have tried everything but nothing seems to be working. So my question is should I be concerned? My magnesium is VERY low so I don't want to stop taking it. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Magnesium and constipation

by Mark Shelton
(Kingsport Tn.)

I have always heard that Magnesium is supposed to help with constipation. I always had regular bowel movements until I started taking 250mg of magnesium for my heart PVCs. Since taking Magnesium I've started having constipation. Am I taking it at the wrong time or what?

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Constipation and Magnesium

by sherri

I am on a lot of pain medication of a very serious medical condition called neurofibromatosis (NF). I have inoperable spinal tumors and take high doses of pain meds.

Also, NF causes constipation and so, of course, do opitates. Three years ago a naturopath got me aon magnesium (500 mg am 500 pm....1,000 total...seems like a lot) along with flax seed meal mixed in with Activia and fruit in the mornning.

Worked like a charm for three years...suddenly, it stopped and i've been constipate for three weeks. I've tried everything. And I mean everything. I'm having a colonscopy on the 14th, but i'm afraid the prep won't work!

I had a CT scan a few days ago, and they found a cyst on my kidney. I've never had kidney problems, but I do catherize, another side effect of NF

Could I have become toxic from the magnesium?

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Magnesium and Constipation

by Kelly

My 3 yr old girl is chronically constipated. Miralax doesn't work, stool softeners, don't really work either. But Mag Citrate works so well. She doesn't eat meat or drink much milk.
So the question is: could her constipation be due to lack of magnesium in her diet?

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Can magnesium help chronic constipation?

For years I've dealt with constipation. Now I've been diagnosed with chronic constipation. But it seems everything the doctor gives me just doesn't work.

I read that constipation is caused by a lack of magnesium. Would a magnesium supplement be beneficial in helping my problem? And how much would I need to take a day?


Yes, yes, yes. Magnesium deficiency can help with constipation. In fact, this is a well-known fact in medicine- which is why the medication 'Milk of Magnesia' is a popular remedy for constipation- it's got magnesium in it!

You can go to the Magnesium Dosage Page and follow the instructions there carefully. Read the whole thing as it's important information.

But chronic constipation is ALSO due to lifestyle. There is a reason that you are constipated and you can likely help it with magnesium, but your body is trying to tell you something. It is telling you to change your diet- or else you are going to end up with some serious chronic health problems.

You really need to do SOMETHING about how you are eating, because I can almost guarantee that this magnesium deficiency is only one of the issues in regards to your constipation and you will be doing yourself a disservice if you simply take magnesium to fix this problem.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Health Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Easy Immune

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Use of Magnesium for Constipation

by Ali

I can take 900 mg of Magnesium citrate or glycinate/day without having a bowel movement.

I drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fiber in grains, fruits and veggies. Is this abnormal?

I am taking the magnesium in hopes to help my constipation.

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Magnesium and constipation

Your website says you should NOT take magnesium if you have chronic constipation, but my doctor recommended it BECAUSE I have chronic constipation. It seems to help so far, but reading this now, I am concerned. Should I stop taking it? What else would help with my bowel issues?

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