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Can magnesium help chronic constipation
by: Denise

I did not hear in the reponse that increasing Dietary Fiber in the diet, adequate water intake & exercise being important elements to consider.

All play vital roles in bowel regularity!

magnesium and constipation
by: Anonymous

The answer is a personal yes yes yes. Magnesium does help with constipation. I have had chronic constipation for all of 50 years plus. I began taking magnesium and continue to take 2 capsules every evening. I go like clockwork every morning.

Never just one thing
by: Kerri Knox, RN, The Immune Queen

Constipation is almost never just 'one' thing, despite people wanting a 'magic bullet' to solve all of their problems. Because it's usually a combination of diet, nutritional deficiencies and lifestyle issues, I highly recommend getting the Chronic Constipation Help Program and getting on a program that addresses all of these problems and gets you a proven solution to this problem.

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