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That IS a problem
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Marily,

That IS a problem. I'm curious to know what your blood levels of magnesium are since the magnesium is making you feel bad. And you're right, taking that high of a dose of magnesium when it's making you feel bad IS a problem and certainly something that you should be very cautious about.

While taking magnesium for all those years seemed to have certainly helped solve your constipation problem, unfortunately you didn't actually solve the problem of why you are so severely constipated in the first place- and you'll need to do that if you want to solve your problem for good.

I'm sure that you have been told thousands of times to take fiber and have probably tried it, but there are likely other problems that no one has addressed- and I highly recommend that you try doing a combination of things that will restore your good bacteria and make your bowels 'slippery'. This will not be a 'quick fix' and will take weeks to months of consistent changes in order to normalize your bowels.

notes about miralax
by: Linda

just wanted to comment aoubt the miralax. I almost died from being so backed up and constipated. I have juvenile diabetes and heart problems and suffered from constipation for the last 30 years. I am 49 now. I too didn't think that the miralax worked.

On the fifth day, I was going to stop taking it, but I happened upon a website where someone said it took six days before it worked. So I took it again the 5th night. Well, the next morning I finally was able to go to the batheroom! But then I went and went and went for about three days. so I deceided I better back off, but that was a mistake. I just became constipated again and it took about 6 days for the miralax to start working again.

So now I try to take it everyday. I take it at night on an empty stomach about one hour before I go to bed. you do have to drink a LOT of water or fluids through out the day. So much so for me that I didn't have much room to eat. But it is worth it.

I too have tried magnesium and it used to work a little when i was younger but really doesnt do much now except make me feel bad. sluggish, tired, etc. I do think that the miralax pulls the fluid from your whole body and brings it down into your intestinal track, and so, it also pulls the vitamins and nutrients along with it.

I personally think it is causing a fast heart beat problem for me becasue it is probably pulling some important nutrient out of my body. I am working on figuring that out right now. but anyways, just wanted to give you some insight on the miralax. hope it helps!

Magnesium and Constipation
by: Anonymous

A word about the person who is constipated and taking magnesium...It may be that you're dehydrated. If you are dehydrated, then you should not be taking magnesium until you are rehydrated.

Be very careful not to get too overly hydrated. Dehydration causes constipation and magnesium just aggravates it. Magnesium draws water from the intestines so it will me matters worse. Get off the magnesium and try some Powerade Zero. You will see your constipation start to resolve.

Take Magnesium Oxide
by: Anonymous

If you are concerned you are getting too much magnesium then just take the magnesium oxide. Different forms of magnesium are absorbed by the body differently. Magnesium oxide is not well absorbed so most of it remains in the intestines and has a great laxative affect. Magnesium citrate is well absorbed (not the best absorbed, though) so more of it will enter the body and less of it will provide the laxative affect you want. You can Google the two types and you will find a lot of information about them.

Colon therapy.
by: Anonymous

I have tried everything. Diet elimination. Mag, all over counter stims and prescription. It effects my quality of life. I was certain it would kill me one day. I started colon therapy. Went 3x a week for the first 6-8 months. Now I only have to go 1x a month. It has saved my life. If you haven't tried it, maybe it could be an option for you.

by: Anonymous

I am up to 1500 mg and I have stopped using the laxative/softeners. I was without a BM for 2 days. I finally took 3 laxative/softeners and finally went today. This just won't do.

I am on Fentanyl and hydrocodone and the doctor wanted me to try the MG Glycinate and work up to loose stools. Been more than a month.

The glycinate only came in 500 mg and there is not much to play with. Should I keep going up in mg and to how much?


by: Anonymous

Try a high dose probiotic!

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