Many Causes of Infertility in Men
Are Simple and Easy to Fix

Assuming that the Causes of Infertility in Men are fixable at all, there are really only 2 simple reasons for this problem in men. While this means that we are not talking about men with permanent damage to the testes, varicoceles, vasectomy or other non-reversible problems. But those with potentially reversible problems in men with infertility will find that this can be a quick and easy problem to remedy.

The causes of male infertility are not unknown to science, but for some reason doctors have seemed to ignore these causes, or they just simply can't agree on the right tests to use, so they don't use ANY tests and don't tell you about these easy to fix problems at all!!



Aside from the problems that doctors DO tell their patients about- such as not wearing tight underwear and not exposing the testes to excessive heat from hot tubs or laptops- the two other problems that doctors simply don't tell you about are:

  • Oxidative Stress
  • Nutritional Deficiencies

That's really it!! The bad news is that doctors seem to ignore this and don't tell men about these problems. The good news is that there are easy ways to Increase Male Fertility in many cases.

We'll outline each of these problems separately below.

Nutritional Deficiencies as 
Causes of Infertility in Men

Vitamin B12

One of the most common causes of infertility in men from nutritional deficiencies is Vitamin B12 Deficiency, and there is a strong relationship to male infertility and the MTHFR Gene Mutation that leads to vitamin B12 Deficiency.

Vitamin B12 is a critical component of sperm production- and resolution of this deficiency, when it is present, has been shown over and over to improve both sperm motility and total numbers of sperm. Several studies have correlated Vitamin B12 Levels in the blood with b12 levels in ejaculate. 

Causes of Infertility in Men. Win the Race!

"In 43.3% of Infertile couples, one partner was
cobalamin  deficient, with no significant difference between  those with unexplained infertility versus those with explained
infertility. 39% of all men with an abnormal semen analysis had cobalamin deficiency."
Prevalence of low serum cobalamin in infertile couples

Fortunately, this is an easy test for doctors to do- unfortunately for you, they are completely inaccurate!! Please read the page on Vitamin B12 Levels to find out why, even if you have a 'normal' level sitting right in front of you, you should completely IGNORE IT and proceed directly to the Vitamin B12 Deficiency Treatment page and follow the instructions for taking this amazingly safe nutrient. 

Mineral Deficiencies and Infertility

Selenium and zinc are two other nutrients whose deficiency is intimately related to infertility in men. Later in this page, we discuss oxidative stress, and the Facts about Selenium show that it is a powerful 'quencher' for oxidative stress. Getting the right Selenium Dosage can make a big difference in fertility. 

As far as zinc, the 'old wives tale' about oysters being an aphrodisiac is really true! Oysters are an excellent source of zinc, and hardly anyone gets enough zinc. It's particularly difficult to get in a vegetarian diet, where the precise 'balancing act' of zinc and copper favors copper at the expense of zinc. 

Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity

If you are a healthy man who eats well, takes care of himself and can't possibly believe that he would have nutrient deficiencies, one of the causes of infertility in men from nutrient deficiencies is undiagnosed celiac disease or Gluten Sensitivity.

Gluten Sensitivity and Infertility is a REAL problem that goes undiagnosed for long periods of time and for which may be causing the underlying nutritional deficiencies that are so often causes of infertility in men. And really, there are few other explainable Causes of B12 Deficiency in a healthy male of reproductive age.


Again, unfortunately, while this is an easy problem to REMEDY, the biggest problems are the recognizing and Diagnosing Gluten Allergy. First of all, most doctors just simply do NOT realize that this is one of the causes of infertility in men - and even those that do will rely on inaccurate testing for Diagnosing Gluten Allergy.

Either way, you don't get diagnosed with this simple problem. Learn more about what to do about this on the How to Increase Male Fertility page.

Oxidative Stress and Infertility

Oxidative stress is one of the causes of Infertility in Men that seems to have almost no disagreement among the medical community. But because they can't agree on how to TEST for it and the best way to TREAT it, they simply do nothing and ignore the tons of science behind one of the easy to remedy male infertility causes.

Oxidative stress is really the result on your body of emotional or physical stress. Oxidative stress results in 'free radicals' that lead to premature aging, early cellular death and is one of the Causes of Peripheral Neuropathy and the Symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

Life is really about the balance of fighting the effects of Oxidative Stress. While severe oxidative stress can lead to major disease and death, the mild to moderate oxidative stress that may be one of the Causes of Infertility in Men is actually easy to remedy with a few targeted antioxidant supplements and techniques that you can find out more about on the How to Increase Male Fertility page.



As you can see, if you have one of the REVERSIBLE causes of infertility in men, these are actually fairly easy to remedy- when you are actually told about them, which unfortunately most men are not. Want to know more? Continue to the How to Increase Male Fertility page next...

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