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Vitamin D and an allergic reaction
by: Kerri Knox, RN-The Immune Health Queen!

Hi Lorraine,

Well, it sounds like you are possibly allergic to something IN the vitamin D capsules. While there is always someone in the world that you will find who is truly allergic to something, there have been few to no reports of people who are allergic to vitamin D.

More About Vitamin D

But lower quality vitamin D supplements are produced with impurities, allergens or oils that can go rancid over time.

So, the first thing to do is to stop the vitamin D and see if that is truly the problem. If you stop itching the next day, then it's likely your vitamin D.

Then, find a High Quality Vitamin D3 Supplement that contains no artificial ingredients, no gluten and no oils that can go rancid.

Then try that product, if you are still itching then it's likely that you might be one of the very few people in the world who are truly allergic to vitamin D in capsule form. But even so, there are two different formulations:

Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3

What is the one that you are using now? If it is vitamin D2 (or ergocalciferol) then be sure to use vitamin D3- which you should be using anyway. So try both formulations before you decide that you are allergic to it. And unless you have avoided taking vitamins your ENTIRE life, then it's likely that you have previously taken vitamin D before in some other vitamin. If you have never had a reaction before, then it's likely to be the pill formulation.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Health Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Easy Immune

Allergic to Vitamin D!
by: Anonymous

I started taking Vitamin D two weeks ago and began itching the day after.

I bought a store brand with no oil, no gluten.

I have read your comments on D3 and will stop the ones I am taking and try those.

Similar situation here
by: Anonymous

I was wondering could I have a Vit D toxicity or am I allergic? I have the same situation, except my itching last daily. My doctor said I have a Vit D deficiency so she put me on 50,000 IU dosage once/week for 4 weeks and I am currently on my third week and the itching continues DAILY.

Itching vs Toxicity
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

I guarantee that neither of you are toxic, you cannot get vitamin d toxicity from 150,000 IU's of vitamin D!!

The itching is likely more related to the PRESCRIPTION vitamin D, which researchers say is "Not Suitable For Supplementation".

You should switch over to Vitamin D3 Supplements ASAP. You will get a MUCH better quality vitamin D and it might just relieve the itching.

Also, 4 weeks of Vitamin D is absolutely not long enough Treatment of Vitamin D Deficiency. I hope that you and your doctor have a plan for AFTER that 4 weeks for retesting and for maintenance.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Health Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Easy Immune

Allergic to Vitamin D?
by: Anonymous

I recently was stricken with a severe allergic reaction, which included huge hives, swelling of eyes and lips etc.

I had extensive testing done, but couldn't find what I was allergic to.

The only change I made was that I started to take Vitamin D 5-6 weeks earlier. My doctor advised me to stop for 4 weeks and see if the allergy stopped.

After just 3 days I'm free of hives, terrible itching and swelling.

Glad that you Found your Allergy
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

I'm glad that you figured out what was causing your allergy. However, if you have ever had Vitamin D Fortified milk or cereal or have EVER had a multivitamin and did not have an allergic reaction, then it is NOT the vitamin D that you are allergic to, but something IN the vitamin D capsule that you are taking.

So, please throw THAT Vitamin D out and get a higher quality supplement that does not have fillers or oils that can go rancid! There are VERY few people that are actually allergic to vitamin d itself!!

Don't give up on vitamin D because of a bad bottle.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Health Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Easy Immune

Is Anyone Else Itching After Taking Vitamin D
by: L.P.

Hi, I share in that same itching experience since taking vitamin d!

My Dr. tested my vitamin d level and we discovered that my level was 14. My Dr. put me on a high dose of vitamin d, meaning 50000IU once a week.

Since I have started taking this high dosage of vitamin d, I have been itching like crazy to the point where it is not only annoying, but disruptive to my night sleep.

Itching because of vitamine D
by: Anonymous

My Dr. has me taking vitamin D daily, also two months ago he had me start taking a jell form which I take once a month.

I started itching like crazy. At first I thought I might have gotten fleas or something but could find no bite marks, or fleas. There is no rash, no spots,anywhere on me.

But if I start to itch in one spot I start itching everywhere and sometimes it has a little burning sinsation. But thanks to other people's comments I believe it is the vitamin D doing this to me.

by: Anonymous

I started on 5000 iu of gel caps. On first day I developed severe itching. I took two tabs at once and within two hours had the itching and second day without taking anything developed hives as well.

This is the second day and now have joint soreness as well.

allergic reaction to vitamin d3 rapid release liquid softgel tabs
by: Anonymous

My doctor recommended vitamin d3 1000 IU 1x day. Normal range for vitamin d is 20-100, mine is 19.
After taking 2 pills I got an allergic reaction.
Itching, rash, swollen tongue and itchy eyes. My doctor gave me a cortisone shot, and I feel a little better. Still somewhat itchy. Thank you for this site, it gave me alot of information.

Lorraine b

deficiency causing itching
by: dee

Can a vitamin D deficiency cause itching without a rash?

Not a Symptom of Vitamin D Deficiency
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Dee,

This thread is discussing whether people have developed itchy skin or a rash from TAKING vitamin d supplements.

Please read the page on Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency to see what symptoms of that problem are. They do NOT include itchy skin.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System

Itching and insomnia
by: Anonymous

I have just started taking 8000 vit d-3 and I have some itching today mostly in my head and shoulders but the shoulders also have acute tendonitis caused by Side Effects of Levaquin. I am supposed to be taking 10,000 D-3 for 5 days and 15,000 D-3 for 2 days.

I don't know if I can tolerate this much as I cannot sleep when I take it. I have tried splitting it up some in a.m and some in p.m but not after 3 and even that doesn't seem to work. Does anyone else have this problem?

Please re read the thread...
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi. Please reread this thread and it will give you some tips about the itching. The insomnia is likely a Sign of Magnesium Deficiency induced by the vitamin d.

Please read the Vitamin D Side Effects page to see why you probably have these symptoms and what to do about them.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System

Itchy skin and vitamin D
by: Anonymous

I developed itchy skin after taking D3 for a few days. It wasn't too bad and I thought maybe it might go away in a few days more. One of the first things I noticed after about two weeks is that that my skin was much healthier than I had seen it in years.

Dry patches were healing and my skin just looked younger in general. It was about this time that I realized the itching was being caused by the old dry skin that was exfoliating.

To prevent the itching I took a couple of extra showers a day scrubbing with a rough textured wash cloth. After 6 weeks I swear my skin looks 20 years younger.

by: Anonymous

Started on a capsule of Ca/mag./vit.D3, started having "intenal"itching that cauased me to have insomnia, it was so severe I could not focus on anything, have never felt anything quite like it, absolutely horrible! I jut experienced this lastnight so I'll see if going off it helps.

Anyone one else have this???

Itchy skin
by: didan

It happened to me, too. The dosage is 5,000iu of D3. My skin is itching all over. I'll scratch one spot, for example on my arm. Then suddenly my scalp will start itching after a tingling sensation.

As I scratch that then I get another tingle on my stomach, and so on and so on. I have never had itching like this in my life. It is most certainly caused by the D3 gel that I took about 3 hours ago. Also, there are what appears hives on my jaw and neck. I hope this goes away before work tomorrow!

Having said all that, I don't necessarily think the itching means something bad is happening in the body. I believe the D3 is permeating my skin cells. I'm just visualizing that all of the itching is healing of toxins. Knowing the remarkable benefits of D3, I am willing to get used to this itching and see if it doesn't subside after consistent use of D3. I plan to take one 5,000iu D3 gel about 3x per week.

by: Anonymous

I started taking Citracal with vitamin D & an itching all over, it is horrible. I took it for 3 days & could not handle the severe itching. Stopped taking it & 2 days later the itch stopped.I waited a week & tried it again & started itching all over. So vitamin D can definitely cause itching!!

Citracal can cause itching for YOU...
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

What you mean to say is that CITRACAL can cause itching. You only proved that when YOU take Citracal, it causes itching.

Since Citracal has MANY MANY ingredients, many of them artificial, not from good sources, processed, chemical extracts, etc, then you have NOT proven that Vitamin D is making you itch. It could very well be one of the many ingredients IN Citracal that is making you itch.

Kerri Knox, RN

itching from taking vit d
by: Monica

i increased my vitamin d intake recently, figuring with my age, of 47 and not much intake of vit d products, but i had been itching and breaking out in rashes, but only in areas where i seemed to sweat the most. i got wondering if it could be the vit d, so i didn't take it for 1 day, just calcium with 400iu od vit d, and i think my itching was reduced so far. i will continue not to take it and see if this gets better.

Vitamin D deficiency
by: Laura

On my last lab results from a physical, vitamin D was 13 ng/ml, much below the normal range of 32-80. I was low before but the most I took were like 2.000 U daily. Now my doctor prescribed the 50.000 U once a week. I took 1 soft gel on 12/23. Two days later started with a itchy rash under my arms only, that still have.

I was low before but not this low. This last summer I have lots of activities outside, and have sun exposure alright to the point that develop a couple of spots in my face, that seemed to be Actinic Keratoses, caused by too much exposure to the sun.

Those two things sound a bit contradictory, don't you think?

I appreciate your suggestions. Web sites like your help patients to understand more about many health problems.


not contradictory
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Laura,

Actually actinic keratosis and low vitamin d levels do not sound contradictory at all. Since AK's are pre-cancerous due to Cumulative sun exposure, it's no more contradictory than the fact that it's not sun exposure (per se) that causes skin cancer in most people, but short periods of intense sun that leads to burns.

And much skin cancer is seen in office workers and not in those who are outdoor workers. Outdoor workers generally have their skin exposed gradually and continually- while office workers never expose their skin until they go on holiday and get burned, then they repeat next year.

And as far as you having low vitamin d and getting 'plenty of sun' last summer- last summer was 3 months ago! So why would you think that you still have a high vitamin d level from over 3 months ago!?

Also, unless someone is tanned and bronzed, I don't believe them when they say that they get 'plenty of sun' because most people will go out in the sun either covered up or with sunscreen- just being out in the sun doesn't count, it has to be sun on your skin without sunscreen on it. So, unless you are playing on the beach in a bikini 3 or 4 times a week, then you are not getting 'plenty of sun' by any means.

In fact, if you work a 9 to 5 weekday job, then it would be nearly impossible for you to get enough sun to keep your levels up- let alone having high levels 3 months later without supplementation.

Last, but not least, if you are deficient in magnesium, vitamin a, vitamin K or don't get enough fatty acids in your diet (and unless you follow the Weston Price diet or drink a pint of raw cream per week then you DON'T get enough fat) then you are not going to convert vitamin d from the sun into vitamin d in your blood.

Lots of reasons why you would be deficient and why AK is absolutely compatible with Low Vitamin D...

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects


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Severe itching after taking D3, or fillers?
by: Anonymous

My neck, face, scalp, and later my fingers, severely itched for an entire week after 4 days of taking 10,000IU's of D3. This was prescribed by my physician after a blood test indicated I was D deficient.

I wasn't sure my itching was caused by the supplement until this happened a 2nd time. Once the itch subsided the first time I started taking the D3 again and 4 days later the exact reaction...another week of hell!

However, I'd like to give the naysayers the benefit of their doubt that it is the fillers not the D3 causing the reaction. The D3 supplement I was taking was by SUPERIOR SOURCE (Micro Lingual) and only had Lactose and Acacia gum as fillers. It would be helpful to know what brand everyone else who is posting on this site was taking and what fillers were in them.

If you could post this information it could be helpful to everyone. However, at this point my hypothesis is that it is the D3 causing the problem as it is fat soluble and is eliminated much more slowly than water-soluble vitamins, hence has a higher risk of causing toxicity.


Vir D3 injections
by: Jill

Well, i had my first Vit D3 injection today as I tests showed I was deficient. Within a few hours I started to get itchy and I now have small welts forming.

I feel fine, just very itchy. The injection is a natural product (I work for a holistic doctor) so I presume it is the vit D3 that's causing this reaction. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Why is your doctor giving you an injection?!?
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

You might want to ask your doctor why he feels the need to give you an injection- which is likely the cause of your itching.

I AM an alternative health practitioner and I correspond with literally HUNDREDS of 'natural' doctors and exactly ZERO give Vitamin D Injections. Why is that? Because it's completely and totally unnecessary to give injections in anyone except someone who doesn't have most of their digestive tract.

And your belief that the injection is a 'natural product' is likely to be false. I know of NO companies who use 'natural' vitamin d in injectable form because ALL of them use Vitamin D2 which is inferior to Vitamin D3.

So, STOP getting the injections. There is no need to take injections, it's not how our bodies EVER in the history of the human race have ever gotten vitamin d, the oral form works just fine, injectable products ALWAYS contain some type of preservative to keep it sterile and the injectable form is NOT the superior form of vitamin d3 that you should be taking anyway.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects


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Hives and Vitamin Fillers
by: Anonymous

I began taking a Calcium/Vitamin D3 supplement and a magnesium supplement several months ago in an effort to reduce nighttime leg cramps. My leg cramps have decreased substantially but now I am getting hives. I am breaking out in hives only at night right before I go to bed and sometimes I will have them in the morning when I wake up.

They are usually not too bad but I did have to take 2 Benadryl capsules the other night because my hives were pretty severe. I think it may possibly be from the fillers in the vitamins so I will have to stop the vitamins to see if they are the cause of my hives.

Will an all natural or whole food vitamin help with this?

Allergic to Vitamin D Supplements
by: MichelleM

Vitamin D (D3) supplements without any doubt make my skin extremely itchy. I have tried a couple different brands of D3 supplements with different fillers over the last few years and the latest one I used is supposed to be one of the top quality ones. All of them that I've tried so far cause this allergic reaction. Even at low dosages. 1/3 of a 1000mg softgel even makes me itchy but so far it's the amount that I've found I was able to take without the skin-itchiness being too uncomfortable so I take that occasionally. So far I have never experienced a reaction like this to any vitamen/herb supplement drug, or food/drink before. (well except one pain med I had a short term prescription for I remember did seem to make me somewhat itchy)

Recently though an Endocrinologist balled me out because taking 1/3 of a 1000mg softgel of D3 occasionally was far too little and I was surely sabotaging my health by not complying with doctors recommendation to take much higher amounts. (I'm primarily diagnosed with ME/CFS with a few other things I'd say are complications stemming from that i.e. hypothyroidism fibromyalgia...) The Endo said he'd never heard of anyone being allergic to D3 before though it could be possible I was allergic to fillers.(and some other doctors have said the same thing to me before) But like I've already mentioned, I've tried different brands and types of Vit D supplements with same result. But because I got to wondering if I was letting a side effect keep me from overall improved health I decided to just bare through it and upped the dose to 1 full softgel 1000mg for a couple of days while trying to ignore how badly my skin was itching. Then I upped to 2 softgels for one day before I was convinced I had to totally stop because I noticed a red blistery defined rash that was painful and very itchy on one side of my upper back that last day. At that point, I immediately stopped the D3 but even 3 days later now off of those supplements it still looks pretty much the same. In the past, right after I stopped taking the D supplements all itchiness would soon stop.(and would start immediately about 30min after taking the supplement)This time though, the general itchiness has been more slowly reducing. Thankfully it is though! But this rash is still pretty bad so far. I'm not sure what to do now but I'm not taking it again before my next dr. appointment.

I wanted to add this testimony to this list so that if someone else is wondering if Vitamin D supplements might be causing bad side effects that they might convinced that they truly do for some people.

by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!


99% of all Vitamin D formulations are made from lanolin. Why don't you search my Allergic to Lanolin threads and get a vitamin d that is made ONLY from FISH OIL?

It's EXTREMELY possible that you are simply allergic to lanolin..

Kerri Knox, RN

Shingles after vit d supplements. Also It does have Lanolin!
by: MichelleM

Wow, thank you for pointing that out, Kerry! I just looked up the the brand I've been using (Carlsons D3) and it IS made from Lanolin! I need mention too that the blistery rash that I got when I upped the D3 dose ended up being Shingles! I'm only 32 and never had that before.

I got to thinking how allergic reactions aren't merely itchy skin but inflammation and immune response beyond the skin affecting organs and arteries and all sorts of functions and parts. That wasn't good that I kept ingesting stuff I was allergic to even at low dose. It probably was taxing my immune system and thats part of why the Herpes Zoster virus(causing the Shingles)had the opportunity to reactivate. Well anyway, thank you for your response. I will probably try the kind of D3 from fish oil you mentioned! I so hope that works because I definitely have a harder time with my health when it starts getting darker like this here where I live this time of year. Thank you for that information.

D3 from fish oil only
by: Anonymous

Do you sell or recommend any D3 supplements that are from Fish Oil only? I didn't see anything about Fish oil in the two D3 supplements in the Shopping section.


Answer: No, there are VERY few companies that produce vitamin d supplements from fish oil only. If you need them, you will have to call around to the companies and find one- not an easy task. I've done it before and posted the results of the one or two that I've found, but cannot remember what thread it was under. If you use the search box at the top right on every page and put in some search terms like you would on Google, you might be able to find the discussion where I put up the results of my calling all of the vitamin d companies to find a fish oil only supplement.

Again, as I pointed out last time, I believe that it was on the 'allergic to lanolin' thread. Try searching for that....

Kerri Knox, RN

by: Anonymous

To the Nurse who keeps having a say about everyone's Doctors,questioning..first off none of these people have specified the brand or kinds of D3 or Vit. d so don't you find it a wee bit off that you keep repeating would be one thing if they were all taking the same brand of Vit.D..and thus you could offer an opinion..But people have allergies period the end..not any one kind of medicine natural or otherwise is completely allergy free!
I suggest that people always seek second and sometimes 3rd opinions,always ask your Doc. questions never be afraid as He works for you Not the other way around,if your having a reaction to a shot or any drug/vitamin your Doc. puts ya on Tell THEM right away!
The Good Nurse should have suggested that right off!

Thank you for your opinion
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Thank you for your opinion. First of all, I've had AT LEAST 7 threads going on itchy skin from Vitamin D and on at least 3 or 4 of them, I have argued that at least SOMEONE on the planet has an allergy to practically every substance on the planet...

HOWEVER, when it comes to vitamin d, it is the LESS likely scenario to actually be allergic to the vitamin d itself than the fillers, binders, and particularly the crappy oils used in the Vitamin D capsules. My suggestion was NOT that the people in the threads are NOT allergic to the vitamin d, my suggestion was that since NEARLY ALL vitamin d capsules are made with fillers, binders and crappy oils that are the MOST LIKELY allergens- that people switch brands to brands with NO OILS and/or NO FILLERS, BINDERS, etc to see if that helps BEFORE running off to their doctor crying out that they have an allergy. This is especially true since their doctor will have NOT A CLUE that vitamin d capsules are made with these substances that many people ARE allergic to- and when it comes to allergies, since detecting allergies is not an exact science, your doctor will basically take your word for it. In other words, if you go into the office saying that you have an allergy to vitamin d, he will say "OK, if you say so" and then write down that you have an allergy to vitamin d, which will go on your record forever and ever- and which you may not even have.

SOOOOOOOO, therefore, my suggestion is to be prudent and make an attempt to discover whether your allergy is due to something ELSE before you go running off and saying "I have an allergy to vitamin D". And you would have come to the same conclusion that this is what I said, had you actually READ the threads and not come unglued that I suggest someone take an action on their OWN health before they go running off to their doctor- who really is TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY CLUELESS on how to get someone healthy since they know next to nothing about foods, nutrition or supplements since they take all of 1 to 2 HOURS of study on nutrition in medical school and get none afterwards unless they take it upon themselves to learn it- which a few do, but the VAST VAST majority do not and are clueless about how to help people get HEALTHY....

Have a great day,

Kerri Knox, RN

Kerri, you seem to be ignoring everyone here.
by: Anonymous

All vitamins have fillers, as you just said, and yet people are not having reactions to any in particular except the vitamin D. I personally have taken many different supplements, from crappy cheap iron pills and prenatals to expensive top-of-the-line vitamins with no fillers, etc. I have never had an itchy skin reaction with any other supplement besides this. It seems to me very strange that you are so pro-vitamin D that you are doing just what holistic practitioners accuse mainstream doctors of, ignoring ample evidence and testimonials because it goes against what you want to believe. I agree that mainstream doctors do this, for example with immunization reactions. ("oh, it's just coincidence", they say)

People are not retarded. If they are having a reaction, they stinkin' know it. Stop talking down to people are acting like they don't have a legitimate issue. Especially if fish oil supplements are nearly impossible to find, to the point that you, the vitamin D guru, don't even know where to find them, they have a good reason to quit taking the dang pills.

Seriously, did you even READ my posts!
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Seriously, do you folks even READ my posts before you make these CRAZY accusations?! If you would actually have read the MANY posts and the posts that were rebuttals to CRAZY posts like yours, I've said MANY MANY MANY times that SOMEONE is going to have a reaction to EVERYTHING.

In other words, someone in the world is going to be allergic to vitamin d. HOWEVER, I've made the point OVER AND OVER again, ad NAUSEUM, that a true allergy to vitamin d is EXTREMELY RARE and that the MORE LIKELY scenario is that the person itching from 'vitamin d' is actually having a reaction to a substance in the vitamin d and not the vitamin d itself. Since I'm not 'retarded', as you suggested, I've never questioned whether someone can determine that they are itching or not, only to have them dig deeper into what, exactly, is causing their reaction before they jump to conclusions about what is CAUSING their reaction.

The ONLY thing that I have said is that it's PRUDENT and SMART and INTELLIGENT, the opposite of retarded, to try a brand of vitamin d that has NO OILS IN PARTICULAR [since they are VERY often rancid which causes not only itching in some people, but EXTREMELY VIOLENT reactions as well] and no fillers, binders, artificial crap, etc. before determining that you are allergic to vitamin d- since MOST PEOPLE are not!

I've even had DOZENS of people right me back and tell me "You were right, Kerri, it wasn't the vitamin d, I narrowed it down to the [talc or magnesium stearate or soybean oil] and I was able to find a vitamin d that I didn't have a reaction to once I figured that out."

In addition, if YOU have taken TONS of different vitamins in the past with no problems, then it's almost certain that you do NOT have an allergy to vitamin d, but to something IN that particular pill since EVERY MULTIVITAMIN ON THE MARKET CONTAINS VITAMIN D!!

Therefore you have ALREADY TAKEN the supplemental form of vitamin d without any problems. In addition, if you can drink store bought milk without itching, then you have had supplemental vitamin d that contains no binders or fillers or oils and did not have a reaction to it! So you ARE being retarded if you think that it's the vitamin d that is causing your itching!!!

So, THINK, actually READ MY WORDS and stop accusing me of absolute nonsensical things that I have not said before posting again. Thank you. Oh, and find a vitamin d that doesn't have whatever nasty stuff in it that is making you itch.

Kerri Knox, RN

Vitamin D Injections
by: Anonymous

My doctor advised me a test for Vitamin D deficiency. My level came out to be 4. So he immediately advised me 30,000 IMU injection for 3 months in following pattern.
Day 0,3,7,15,30,60,90.

I was taking these injections on my right and left ass. After day 15, I felt a little pain on both sides and found out swelling, redness and immense itching on the parts where I took these injections. Can you advise on that.


Yes, stop getting injections.
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Yes, stop getting injections. Why are you doing them over oral? There is no reason to do injections whatsoever, so stop doing them and do oral like everyone else. Please see my page on Vitamin D Injections.

Kerri Knox, RN

Immune Response Is Too Sudden
by: Josh

First I would like to say that I appreciate your Thread/Blog. To add to this discussion I would like to add that I have also experienced the itching from taking Vitamin D supplements even Foodform types which one would consider to be free from contaminants. I am 50 years old and have not been advised to take supplements by a doctor. However I believe and this is unsubstantiated conjecture that when people take Vitamin D they have an increased immune response which effects various yeasts which release allergens causing these skin reactions. Also I would like to add that while most people have limited reaction from drinking milk with Vitamin D the dosage is lower then what these elderly people are being prescribed.

Are you allergic to wool/lanolin?
by: JT

If so, that is where most of the D3 supplements are derived from. It made my feet super itchy. Now I switched to Vitamin Code Raw D3 which is derived from plants,fruits,vegetables.


Vitamin Code D3 is made by feeding lanolin to yeast. It is NOT made from 'plants, fruits and vegetables' since D3 does not COME from plants, fruits and vegetables.

Kerri Knox, RN

Increased dosage of ANY supplement make my scalp crawl and itch!
by: Anonymous

I have been trying to find some common denominator to the "creeping," itchy spots on the upper temporal area of my scalp. It is horrid. Night and day, constant to the point of literally pulling my hair to try and relieve the feeling--only to have two bald spots!

I have tried over a long period of time to find a solution--specialists--alternative health professionals, etc. etc., they look at me with a stupid look on their faces and prescribe "itch" cream and send me on my way.

Finally, I read where one person stopped taking her vitamin supplements who was experiencing at least some degree of what I am ... so I did too. It worked, the creeps stopped and eventually my hair grew back. However, a lower Vitamin D level and broken femurs due to taking Osteoporosis Drugs(!!!) created the need to take separate supplements of Vitamin D3,1,000mg (was taking more, but backed off) Magnesium, 500mg and calcium citrate 1,200 IU per day. Yep, I'm bald any suggestions. It is not an allergy, these are "unknown" side effects--big difference. These supplements are of course in addition to what I get through diet and sunshine. Your comments? Any others with this darling phenomenon?

I am too itchy
by: Lilly

I am allergic to the Lanolin in the artificial Vitamin D supplements D3 which are available. It is not well publicised that D vit is Lanolin derived. I get severe itching with the lowest doses. Unfortunate this is the case.

by: Anonymous

I really thought I had lost my mind I was thinking how could a capsule that small cause me to wake Up in the middle of the night itching I thought I was In a bed of ants. Thanks again for all the input. Every time I have a reaction every one tells me it's all in my head.

by: Karen

This is crazy to read this thread! Why did I not see it sooner. I too was told by my doctor 9 months ago that I needed to take Vit D3 because I was deficient in it. So I went to the health food store and bought the very best, raw, organic 2,000IU, and took 1 daily. I don't know why I didn't connect it to the Vit D3, but I started breaking out on my lips in cycles. First I would get this metallic taste in my mouth like I was licking rusty nails. Then I would wake up with full blown red swollen lips that hurt and stung and itched. This would last about 2-3 days, and then the swelling would start going down and my lips were left with severe dryness and cracking, they felt like sandpaper when I rubbed them together. This happened for the last 9 months every other week. I went to doctor, after doctor, and had test after test, all to determine - nothing! I was so depressed and felt so defeated. I did not connect it to Vit D3 until I prayed to God to help me figure it out so I could quit whatever was causing this. I spoke with a good friend of mine and she asked all my symptoms and asked what medicine or supplements I was taking. I told her the only thing I was taking was Vit D3. She said stop taking it and see, so I did the next morning. It has been 3 days and I already feel so much better. There is a good taste in my mouth again and no itching red swollen lips. It is amazing! Thank God!

Vitamin D 500000 IU. PA 140 green oval softgel
by: Anonymous

I had some blood work done recently and was told my Vitamin D was extremely low. I am 59 years old, and this is a first for me. I had to fill a prescription for vitamin D 50,000 IU to take once a week for 6 weeks. I took my first one yesterday and today started itching all over. I just decided to look up if Vitamin D in this dosage could cause itching and found this. Now I dont know if I should call my doctor and tell her about this itching or wait and see if it stops. Since I only take 1 a week, I am hoping the itching will only last a day or so.

You CAN develop toxic levels of Vitamin D from 5000 units every other day
by: Anonymous

I have been on vitamin D3 supplements for several years. The information I found on the internet about possible vitamin D side effects, and the lack of progress in getting my supposed Eczema under control with prescription creams from my dermatologist, led me back to my internist with a request for a Vitamin D blood test. She checked numerous different possibilities and also ordered a blood test to check serum levels of Vitamin D. I tested out quite high. That is from a 5000 unit pill of D3 every other day for the last two years.

Advocate for yourself, don't believe everything on line, find a doctor who is willing to work with you. As Vitamin D is stored in fats it may take a few months to get back in the normal range of 30 to 80 ng/ml. But now I know what is wrong and that it will get better.

Can you give more details?
by: Kerri Knox, RN

There are literally thousands upon thousands of studies of vitamin d, with no one showing these high levels of vitamin D in their blood from such a low dose of 2500 IU's of vitamin d per day. That is, in ABSENCE of other sources of vitamin d.

So, I would suspect that you have other sources of vitamin d that you are not accounting for, such as extensive sun exposure, or other supplements that you may not have been accounting for. 2500 IU's per day is a child's dose. In Finland, they gave babies and children 4000 IU's per day throughout their entire childhood without any of them having high levels of vitamin d. So, either you have an extremely rare metabolic anomaly, or you are getting vitamin d from other sources. The latter is the most likely cause.

The other possibility is that your doctor ordered a 1,25 OH D, but you are reading it as a 'Vitamin D Level'. While it's a 'type' of 'vitamin d level' it is not the one that tells you the amount of vitamin d in the blood. That one is 25OHD. So, please check to make sure that you are talking about the 'correct' Vitamin D level, the one that should be between 30 to 80 ng/ml, that one is a 25OHD level and not a 1,25OHD level. Which one was yours? Can you look at the lab result to be sure? The 25OHD level usually breaks it down to Vitamin D2, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin D total. If yours does not have this breakdown, it may be a 1,25OHD, which is a metabolic test that is different from a 'Vitamin D Level', although it's often called that as well.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects

PS: If you appreciate the free help that I give on my site, please consider making your next supplement purchase through my Health Store in order to help keep this site in operation.

itching with vitamin d 3
by: reba

I started severe itching once I starting using higher doses 10,000 to 15,000 IU daily. It was on my feet and ankles and kept me up at night, it absolutely drove me crazy. I started an elimination of supplements to see if I could identify the culprit. When I stopped Vitamin D3, the itching completely went away within a day or two. While researching the ingredients, I discovered D3 is made from lanolin from sheep's wool. I know I topically break out with a rash with any lotions containing lanolin, so I wasn't surprised. However, when I purchased a Vitamin D3 that isn't made from lanolin but from litchen, and took it, I was very much surprised I started to itch again! As soon as I stopped the litchen Vitamin D3, the itching stopped. Interestingly, I never had the itching with lower doses such as 400IU to 1000IU

by: Ruth

Started taking vitamin D on a Fridayon Saturday and Sunday my head itch me so bad I thought I'd lose my mind I stop the vitamin D and the itching went away

D3 makes my feet itchy
by: Raph in Boston

I am on and off re taking 5000iu of D3 and same period of time that I had itchy foot or both feet, mostly is the left one. It was not connected in the beginning, then for some reason I ran out of D3 for a week and did not feel itchy and the skin seems to get better. Now I changed to the lotion form to see if it will make my skin itchy again.

I, too, suffered severe itching.
by: Anonymous

Mark me as another victim of severe itching caused by vitamin D3. I take no other meds or supplements. I'm on my third formulation and each has caused unbearable itching, especially at night. This seriously interrupts sleep. I'm only taking 500 IU. Even at the low dose I still get the itch. Has anyone found a formulation they can recommend that doesn't cause this reaction?

Vitamin D Supplement=Hypersensitivity in Hair/Scalp
by: "JEWEL"

--I took a generic brand of Vitamin D a year ago, within 7 days I had to discontinue using Vitamin D supplement. The itching and hypersensitivity in my Hair and Scalp lasted at least 10 months and remained severe for at least 3 months.

--The itching or "need" to touch my hair and scalp to rub it was Chronic for the first three (3) months, especially upon lying down (when hair touched bedding), anytime I touched my hair or "sensed" (hypersensitivity) any hair movement (growth), and everytime I washed my hair until all of the water DRIED--the entire time was nerve recking. Until my hair became completely dry, I had to keep touching my hair/scalp to rub it.

--I read your "Queen" responses and they make some sense as to the quality and manufacturing of the Vitamin D.

--QUESTION: Or possibly can it be the "dosage" or "isolated-intake" (being taken separately without a quantity of other major supplements????

my story
by: Lois

I've taken Sprouts brand of Vit D3 in medium chain triglycerides and orange and lemon essential oil drops for years. Chronically low vit 3 so I kept increasing it till I finaly got my number up to high 30's.

I was taking 15000IU daily just to get it up that high. .No problems at all. I did bump it up to 16000/daily about 4 weeks ago. My scalp has been itching like crazy since then and I only made the connection today with the vit d.

Been using the same brand just increased dosage. I believe I am now getting too much. I will pull back and eagerly look for relief from my itchy scalp!!!

It could be the essential oils causing the itching. I'm going to research those as well.

Vitamin D Allergies
by: Anonymous

Vitamin D Wiki has a page on allergic reactions to Vitamin D and has suggestions for a number of things that might help.

If you've not had an allergic reaction to something ingestible, thank your lucky stars!

severe itching and hives from vitamin D
by: Anonymous

Count Me In! Started a vitamin D supplement 4000 I use per day after reading an article stating that it could possibly help my tendonitis in my elbows. I was taking the supplement and started getting severe itchy scalp which I thought it might have been from the minoxidil I was using for thinning hair...

The itching got worse and worse as the months went on I drove myself crazy trying to figure out what I was allergic to as I've had no allergies my entire life and I am 49 years old... I even took back a new down comforter I thought may have been the culprit but the itching persisted...

I then started the process of elimination with my diet stopping Dairy things like that nothing helped until I stumbled upon blogs like this one and started to connect the dots that it was the vitamin D supplement!... oddly enough it cured all my chronic tendonitis I was getting in fact I didn't have joint pain anymore at all. The itching was getting so bad and rather random places legs feet even between my fingers by my Knuckles would ache with itch! Needless to say I immediately stopped taking the vitamin D about 4 or 5 days ago the itching in my scalp subsided considerably the first couple of days however I keep getting these random extreme itching outbreaks all over my body accompanied by rash and hives...

I've read other blogs about how it could take up to 30 days to dissipate out of the system is this true? I really do not know what to do it's very concerning to me as I also feel different as almost if I'm getting withdrawal symptoms from stopping vitamin D?? I've had heart palpitations anxiety as well and even some joint pain now returning does any of this make sense? And how long will it take to get this dreaded high levels of vitamin D out of my system?

It turns out that I was taking 5000 units a day but didn't realize I was also taking another 400 I u a day in a separate calcium magnesium supplement... And ironically started drinking milk again for the first time in my life in a long time. I stopped drinking the milk stop taking the D supplement and stop taking the calcium as well as I heard that I could be hypocalcemic due to the increased absorption from the D3 is this also true?

This whole experience has been insane! I've never had such a reaction to anything in my entire life I'm allergic to nothing and I caution anyone taking vitamin D to be extremely careful as this is one of those gray areas that there seems to be a very unknown factor...

Extreme itching
by: Matt

About 4 months ago after reading a article about the benefits of Vit D for tendonitis and some bad joint pain I started experiencing I decided to try it. Iam 49 with NO allergies and no health problems known. Iam very active, I run almost every day, and do weight training for 15yrs and thought that the joint pain and tendonitis was maybe a normal result of this exercise.

I started taking 5000iu’s per day but I also take many other supplements as well and just added the tiny gel cap to the daily mix.
About 2months in I started noticing I was getting itchy between my inner thighs, I attributed this to maybe jock itch, but then the itchiness got worse and was all over my scalp and was very severe. I was also using Rogaine (minoxidyl) for years with problem, but thought it may have been from it so I stopped (about a week ago) but the itching still persisted.
I stumbled onto the may internet complaints of the same thing and then connected the dots that it had to be the Vit D. There was NOTHING else that ive introduced into my diet or lifestyle other than the D.

The itching and hives got so bad at one point I thought it was my down comforter and even got rid of it….but the itching still persisted.
I now have stopped EVERYTHING (the Vit D about a week, Magnesium + D about a week, and even the Rogaine about a week) yet iam still breaking out in these itchy rashes, and I don’t know what to do.

There is no rhyme or reason that I can correlate to food or drink that iam doing and I don’t know what to do.

The good thing is that I noticed 2 months in, the joint pain, tendonitis, and even some constipation and digestive issues all but disappeared it seemed. At least the joint pain and tendonitis for sure…it was like a miracle…until the allergic reaction.

Please help, ive read horror stories that this could be anything from Vit D deficiency to cirrhosis of the liver, to autoimmune disease. Ive read a lot of interesting disputes that may link to Vit D deficiency and I tend to be a believer after my own proof, but can’t go on if the side effects are this extreme itching and hives. I eat very well, but not a lot of vegetables at all.
Please help.

High Blood Calcium
by: Matt

High Blood Calcium Cause Number 4: Excess Vitamin D Intake

Vitamin D is extremely important in helping maintain the balance of calcium in our bodies. In fact, that's all that vitamin D does! Vitamin D has a direct effect on the intestines and encourages the intestines to absorb calcium from the food that you have eaten (this is why most milks are fortified with vitamin D). Vitamin D also has an effect on the kidneys and tells the kidneys to not let any calcium escape into the urine. Therefore, it is possible for a person to take too much vitamin D so that they absorb too much calcium from their diet and hold on to too much calcium in their kidneys... and their calcium goes high.

Vitamin D in normal doses, like the amount you get from drinking fortified milk or from being out in the sun, will not cause high calcium. But very high doses of Vitamin D supplements can cause your calcium to bump into the high range - this is essentially an overdose on Vitamin D. If you are taking these massive doses of Vitamin D and your calcium is high, you should stop taking Vitamin D now. You may have a parathyroid tumor, or you may be overdosing on Vitamin D - either way, stop the Vitamin D and recheck your calcium level. Note that if your high calcium is due to a Vitamin D overdose, your parathyroid hormone (PTH) will be very LOW in response, because your parathyroid glands don't like those high calcium levels and will turn off.

IMPORTANT: If your blood calcium is high and your blood vitamin D is LOW, then you have a parathyroid tumor. This is one of the most confusing things for doctors to understand. Some uninformed doctors will see that your calcium is high and your vitamin D is low and they will prescribe a high dosage of vitamin D "to help make the calcium go down". We have an entire page of this website dedicated to this one topic, but allow us to summarize it here in one absolute, very clear sentence: If you have a high blood calcium and your vitamin D level is low, then near 100% you have a parathyroid tumor in your neck that is the cause of the high blood calcium and this tumor must be removed. Giving Vitamin D to a patient with high blood calcium can be dangerous and shows that the doctor doesn't understand parathyroid disease very well. See our page on "Low Vitamin D with High Blood Calcium".

Facial itching and burning
by: Rokie

I have noticed facial itching and burning. Could not figure out whatbyhey problem was. After the areas around my eyes and forehead dried,my skin began to peel as if I had sunburn. The condition started to subside. I took vitamin d a few days ago and my face it on fire again.

Itch with D3
by: TD

HI, I also suffered itching when taking D3; D2 in multi form or in other supplements never bothered me but dosage was lower. The Bio Tech D3-5 has been the only one I can take at a decent dosage without severe itching. I have been taking it for about a year and have been able to increase my dosage to 7500 IU/day which got my blood levels up to around 50 last summer. My levels are consistently low in Winter due to lack of sunlight/warm weather so I keep trying to raise my dosage to about 10,000 IU/day. CAN NOT get above the 7500 IU! And my body pain is much worse at this time of year also so I have a lot of reason to increase the dosage. Even at 7500 IU/day I get the itching during Winter months. Is there any other brand that you would recommend? Thank you!

try a lanolin free vitamin d made from algae
by: Kerri Knox

Most Vitamin D supplements are derived from lanolin. Maybe that is the problem. You can use a Lanolin Free Vitamin D Supplement to avoid any future problems.

whats the cure for the itches??
by: Denise

It's been over a week since i took any vitamin d (50,000 per week) I'm itching too death here!started in my ear holes,Tooth picks were my best friends!Then my scalp went to itching,from there it was just every damn where!(even private parts)I'm going insane with this! My doctor has not offered anything for relief.I've tried Benadryl and hydrocortizone cream.Showers don't seem to work either.I can't take it no more! so ready to commit harikari! Anyone had any luck to STOP THE ITCHING?...

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