Stomach Infections Like H Pylori
Are EXTREMELY common
Should YOU be tested…

If you are wondering if you have any Stomach Infections, really the only type of bacteria in stomach that anyone has is the H pylori bacteria- the bacteria that causes ulcers. This is really the ONLY infection that your actual STOMACH gets, most other gastrointestinal infections are not Stomach Infections, but INTESTINAL infections. And those infections can occur almost anywhere in the digestive tract.



There are some people that claim that you can get Candida Yeast Infection in your stomach, and it's possible under certain circumstances- like those with almost no stomach acid, a condition called Achlorhydria- but in most cases the stomach is simply MUCH too harsh to get these kinds of stomach infections- Candida Infections almost always occur somewhere else in the digestive tract.


Stomach Infections Like H Pylori Can't Live In Battery Acid

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But back to the stomach. The stomach is a harsh place- REALLY harsh. It has the acidity close to that of BATTERY ACID, and this is why there are few other stomach infections besides the H pylori bacteria- its simply WAY too harsh for them- that is, IF you have enough stomach acid to keep them away.

In fact, if you are having symptoms of H pylori, such as stomach burning, heartburn or stomach pain- it's likely that you do not have enough stomach acid and therefore you are not able to keep the H pylori bacteria in your stomach under control enough to prevent it from becoming a problem.


I know, I know. You have been told that if you have stomach burning and heartburn that you have TOO MUCH acid and that is why you need antacids. But this is simply NOT TRUE.

There is MUCH RESEARCH on the acidity of the stomach as we age, and in ALL CASES, stomach acidity goes DOWN as we age. In other words, our stomachs become LESS ACIDIC as we get older.

So, if it were true that TOO MUCH acid causes heartburn then CHILDREN would all have heartburn, and the elderly would NOT!!


Think about that for a moment.


How many children have you heard of that have stomach burning?


Almost never, I would think. Yet children are MUCH more acidic than adults. So why don't children get heartburn like adults do? It is because the stomach acid PROTECTS you from stomach burning.

You need MORE ACID not LESS ACID in your stomach, and it would be such an unfriendly place for bugs that you would never get stomach infections- which is why kids almost never get them- do you see!?


How Do You Know if You Have Stomach Infections

Testing for the H pylori bacteria is easy and inexpensive -and is a key ingredient for stomach cancer prevention.


Yet most doctors don't do it.


Instead, if you were to go to your doctor with stomach burning, bloating, heartburn or even mild upper stomach pains- all potential

Symptoms of H Pylori Infection, it’s likely that your doctor will NOT test you for the H pylori bacteria, but rather:

    1) Give you a prescription antacid without any further evaluation


    2) Give you a referral to a gastroenterologist without further testing


This is strange when stomach infections like the H pylori bacteria can easily cause these symptoms -and the test for this Stomach Bacteria is inexpensive and readily available.


Who should be tested
For stomach infections...

These Guidelines for the Management of H Pylori Infection suggest H pylori bacteria testing for anyone who:

    1) Has taken prescription heartburn medication for an extended period

    2) Has taken Non Steroidal Anti inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen for an extended period.

    3) Anyone with unexplained anemia

    4) Anyone with a history of – or family history of stomach cancer

    5) People who live in a ‘high prevalence area’ who have heartburn

    6) Anyone who requests it


Yet, these guidelines are RARELY followed by doctors who will simply put you on an antacid- which will contribute to a decrease in stomach acid, put you at risk for H pylori Infection if you don't already have it, and contribute to nutritional deficiencies such as Osteoporosis and Vitamin B12 Deficiency!




How do you test for H Pylori?

There are really only 2 reasonable and accurate ways to test for H pylori stomach infections:


If you DO have Symptoms of H Pylori or any of the other problems that was outlined above, you can either ask your doctor to order an H pylori Blood Test or you can order an H Pylori Home Test from this site and have it sent right to your door!


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