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Vitamin D and Stroke...
by: Kerri Knox- The Immune Queen

Hi Angie,

Thanks for your very interesting question.

More About Vitamin D

First of all, it's VERY unlikely that the Coumadin had anything at all to do with your Vitamin D deficiency.

In fact, the vast majority of people ARE vitamin D deficient- up to 85% of the population with people living in Northern Parts of The Northern Hemisphere and Southern Parts of the Southern Hemisphere at the highest risk.

People simply just don't get enough Vitamin D!!

When we don't eat much fatty fish and the vast majority of us get virtually NO sun exposure, it's no wonder that we are all Vitamin D deficient.

What I find VERY INTERESTING about your post, however, is that you say that you had a stroke 'for no apparent reason'- yet you are Vitamin D deficient!

While there could have been many other reasons for your stroke, there are quite a few studies linking Low Vitamin D Blood Levels with higher risk of stroke!!

These studies have only recently come into light, so it's likely that your doctor doesn't even know about the Vitamin D and stroke connection.

While it's likely that you will never know the exact reason why you had a stroke, what IS sure is that you are now at a higher risk to have another.

So, that's great that your doctor found out about your Vitamin D deficiency now.

Maybe this will be just one factor in your ability to be stroke free for the rest of your life!

Kerri Knox, RN
Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Easy Immune

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