Vitamin D and Skipped Heart Beats and Chest Pain

by Shirley Elton
(Forest City, N,C.)

Since taking 10,000 IU's (once a week) for 8 weeks I began to feel weak, had difficulty breathing at times and just spent two days in the hospital for an attack, where I was having difficult breathing and had pressure in my chest and face.

S0, I had a very expensive (God help the insurance companies), heart work up and my heart presented perfect even though I did keep having these spells or episodes.

I have researched the mega doses of Vitamin D, therefore I feel (I am not a doctor) that the Vitamin D started all this. I will research further and go back to my Primary Care doctor hoping to improve considerably as we work to find out my dilemma.



Hi Shirley,

There is no dilemma. You are simply a victim of your doctors ignorance about magnesium and vitamin d. Your problem WAS caused by vitamin d. Vitamin D REQUIRES and USES UP magnesium in order to be converted into its active form in the bloodstream- so you became magnesium deficient from taking the vitamin d.

Chest pain, skipped heart beats, etc. are all Signs of Magnesium Deficiency and your case is common when starting vitamin d.

However, I'm sure that they CHECKED your magnesium level in
the hospital (a 'standard' thing to do when having chest pain), but unfortunately, your doctor trusted that blood level when he shouldn't have- that's his second mistake.

Please read my page on Magnesium Levels to see why that test is almost completely worthless- yet your doctor relied upon it to say that you don't have magnesium deficient. It's almost certain that he's wrong.

Your doctor's THIRD thing that shows that he knows NOTHING about nutrients is that he is giving you 10,000 IU's per week!! That is a RIDICULOUS dosage for an adult- and if you have vitamin d deficiency, you should please read my page on Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment to see why that is a MAINTENANCE dose for a small child.

An adult should be taking 5 times that to be treating vitamin d deficiency!!

Oh Shirley, I'm so sorry that you had to experience what you did. It was COMPLETELY avoidable if only your doctor would have recommended that you take magnesium with your vitamin d.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System


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same thing happened to me
by: Kathy

I also had the exact thing happen to me . My doctor told me to add vitamin d to my calcium for severe osteop. so i did and within a month or so my heart went crazy along with blood pressure. I stsrted doing research and found that i needed to be taking magnesium with the vitamin d ( which my doc never told me ).

I got up from my computer went straight for the tub and took an epsom salt bath and my body must have sucked it right up . I went to health food store and got some natural calm and continued with my epsom salt baths and a month later feel soooo much better.

I look back now and think i was more than likley mag. def. to start with because i have had trouble going to the bathroom for years and also had problems with fast heart rate ahd heart flutters witch i thought was due to having mitral value prolapse. Would be nice to have doctors more educated in thes areas.

Mangesium Helped Me!
by: Nora

I have visited your site many times in recent weeks. I only wish I had found it about seven years ago. I perhaps could have prevented all those years of suffering.

I have a doctor, well a few doctors, four to be exact that kept putting me on high doses of Vitamin D2, 50000 IU weekly, I kept telling them how I was not dealing well with it and they ignored me, repeatedly.

This last time, I just could not take anymore. I was in such pain and the vitamin d seemed to be making all my symptoms more pronounced. Symptoms like difficulty swallowing, nausea, bone pain, muscle aches, all over body twitches, severe depression, insomnia some times, always exhausted, sometimes sleeping for a very long time, but never rested and spasms. The list goes on and on. I told my doctor this and she just ignored me and had the nurse call me later when she got my vitamin d results back and they were no better and had gone down a point or so even, 14 I believe.

I got on the internet and researched and researched, and came to your site, at last!!! Finally information that made sense!!! I could barely move at this point, it was as if my body were not my own, or at least I did not want it to be mine.

I got up early and went to the store and bought some magnesium and vitamin D3 supplements. I came home and started taking them right away. I then tried to sleep, I woke up a few hours later and still ached all over. Oddly enough, I started feeling better quite quickly though. Before I knew it my pain was gone, the twitches were gone, heart palpitations almost gone, and chest pains almost gone.

It has only been a month or so but most of my symptoms are gone or lessened greatly. I feel like my body has a long way to go in restoring itself, but I have something I have not had for many years, HOPE!!!


I wish I could find a doctor that would help me to evaluate my overall health and help me to get on the right supplements all the way around. The chances for that seem to be slim to none, since my doctor didn't even know that I needed magnesium along side of the vitamin d. I am just so angry, and sad that I suffered for so long and was treated like a hypochondriac by my doctors.

Same Problem, how long until recovery?
by: Tori

I recently got my Vitamin D levels rechecked and thank God they are at a very nice 73! When I first started treatment my levels were an 18 and I had the worst of symptoms.

One random day I felt like I was going to faint and that symptom never went away, and the fatigue rolled in at full force. I mean holding my head up was difficult. 3 weeks to One month into treatment I started having strong anxiety, along with skipped heart beats (I was tested for everything and it all was normal) I started magnesium and didn't realize I needed more until about a month ago (dec.1).

I'm currently taking
Chelated Magnesium 300mg in the morning 300mg in the afternoon and 200mg at night.

The skipped beats are better but not gone. How long until they subside completely? Is this one of those this associated with maintaining my vitamin d level? Should I be taking more?

by: Anonymous

I had all of these symptoms and then some. Took magnesium instinctively to try and make my body and nervous system relax. Never took calcium or D3 thank God.

I diagnosed myself after reading about hyperparathyroidism on the website about your parathyroid. Self referred to a wonderful group and had 2 adenomas removed 2 months ago. Finally beginning to see the light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel.

Get your blood calcium checked. If it's 10.0 or above you may have what I had. DO NOT accept that your calcium isn't that high. Mine never got above 10.6 but I was very sick with numerous symptoms: I'm just trying to keep others from feeling as bad as I did, thinking it was just from getting older. I'm 56.

hyperParathyroidism and vit d
by: Anonymous

I have already went down the long dark road of HPT and an adenoma removal. 1.5 years later my calcium is a 10 again and my vit d is 18. My pth is 89. I am hurting in the shoulder tip and breast bone again, i have started clearing my throat again, im tired, migraines, charley horses in the legs. dr said i have secondary kidneys are fine according to him. I said I think they missed a tumor. He said no your cured and a little paranoid. Take 5000 IU vit d for 2 months then reduce to 2 k until I see you in oct. Im having bone pain that wakes me in the night. my hands and feet tingle my heart has started the flutters again. I AM SO FED UP WITH HURTING.

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