Migraines and Vitamin D Deficiency

by Kathy
(Harpers Ferry W.V)

Vitamin D Deficiency can Make Migraines Worse

Vitamin D Deficiency can Make Migraines Worse

My doctor recently informed me that my Vitamin D level was a very, very low 0.7 ng/ml!

That is point seven!!

My doctor said it was EXTREMELY low and put me on a once a week Vitamin D tablet. My question.....I have been suffering with horrible, frequent migraine headaches.

Can this new finding be due to the Vitamin D Deficiency?

I should probably also mention that I have also just been informed I have hypothyroidism and low iron . (I'm taking meds for both )

Thank you

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Vitamin D deficiency and headache pain?

by Margaret

I've had a few CBC bloodwork tests done but nothing that shows Vitamin D levels. Do I have to ask for that test specifically? Can a vitamin D deficiency cause headaches, in the front, top and back of my head? I thought it might be caffeine withdrawal but now I'm not so sure.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.


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Migraines....is it a vit.D deficiency?

by Heather
(Madison, AL )

My son complains about headaches since 8 years old. He is now 13 and still has lots of headaches. Sometimes his headaches has symptoms of migraine. Is he vitamin D deficient?


Hi Heather,

First of all, have your son had a complete workup for any other causes of his headaches? That is an absolute must because there are many serious things that can be causing headaches.

Also, has he been diagnosed with migraines? From a nutritional perspective, that is not really that important, but I'm just curious what the doctors have to say about his headaches.

So, I'm going to assume that you have taken your son to see doctors about his headaches and that they don't know what is wrong... is this correct?

If so, then I can help you with some possible nutritional causes. While Vitamin D and pain are related and I have gone over the Vitamin D and Migraine connection before- the very FIRST nutrient that I suspect is deficient if someone gets headaches is Magnesium.

Particularly if they have any of the other common Signs of Magnesium Deficiency, then its highly likely that he's magnesium deficient.

So, take a look at the Magnesium Dosage page, and you could start him out taking some magnesium every day. But if he's not so thrilled about taking pills, he could just do an epsom salt bath as outlined on the Epsom Salt Uses page and then have him rub Transdermal Magnesium Gel on himself like lotion after a bath.

When he is actually having a headache, you can rub magnesium oil all over his neck, upper back and temples and/or put him into an epsom salt bath if he is at home.

But certainly getting his Vitamin D Levels up to 'optimal' levels as outlined on my Normal Vitamin D Levels page is an excellent idea- as is making sure that he is not eating sugar or processed foods which can cause blood sugar swings that often lead to headaches.

So, there's a start... Let us know how it goes!

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Easy Immune Health.com

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