Vitamin B12 Deficiency


My recent B12 test result was 141 Ng/L!

For years I have been telling Doctors of my many many symptoms to no avail- including Dizziness/ Weakness/ Lethargic/ Joint pains/ Sore mouth and Tongue/ LOC/ Frequent Bowel disorders/ smelly gas/ Disturbed sleep/ excess sweating/ skin rashes/ eyes twitching and weakness/ warts on hands/ Hair loss/ Boils on knees and legs/ Shaky fingers and hands etc...+ as per your mail above I have had "Hyper-pigmentation" all over my body for last 15 years & have severe Psoriasis since the last 20 years- resulting in a very dark brown, very itchy & easily-bleeding skin condition around the entire Groin and anal region.

In fact I have been taking supplements for the past 2 years- including Life Extension B Complex + Vit D3 + Nature Life's Vit C but still my condition worsened severely until finally they discovered B12 deficiency just by luck.

They have tested my Blood Intrinsic Factor and other blood tests but all fine- hence not presumed to be suffering from Pernicious Anema (yet!) or Auto-immune Disease. Folate/ RBC Folate/ TSH Thyroid/ Creatinine/ Platelet/ INR/ Cortisol levels all were fine!
Further the Biopsies from a thorough Endoscopy were all fine too + Brain scan showed no neurological damage to date. Waiting to do a Colonoscopy to rule out Crohns Disease + Halter test for my Heart + possibly a Bone Marrow Biopsy!

Do I need to get the following Tests done too:
-Urinary MMA test
-Stomach acid test (both as you mentioned above)
-MTHFS test (to determine if body can metabolize Folic acid)

To boost my level at once- I ordered a few Methyl-cobalamin Injections just to start with But completely agree with your conclusion and plan to use Sublingual tablets thereafter.

From people's past experiences shared over the net- it seems the best Brands to currently use are:
-Enzymatic Therapy 1mg B12 Infusion Daily
-Solgar Methyl-Folate 400mcg Daily
-Adenosyl B12 Source Natural's Dibencozide 10mg Weekly
+ all basic Vitamins n Minerals

So wanted to ask your expert opinion if that is the correct method to treat my disorder or if you have any other recommendations of Brands or treatment?

Much much appreciated!


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Good research
by: Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

Hi Mark,

Sounds like you've done some good research. Now, I'd have you look into the causes of your B12 Malabsorption. Especially if they are looking into possible Crohn's, you should strongly consider that you have Gluten Sensitvity, which might explain some of your other symptoms as well.

In addition, I'd strongly suggest you look into getting a Vitamin D Level since gluten sensitivity decreases absorption of MANY nutrients, and vitamin d tends to be low in most people anyway, regardless of whether you already take 'some' vitamin d or not, it could still be low. Please read my page on Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency to see how your symptoms may very well line up with vitamin D deficiency. As well, vitamin d deficiency may very well be a risk factor for the development of Crohn's as well as gluten sensitivity.

Hope this helps.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects


PS: If you found this website helpful, please consider using the
Easy Immune Health Product Store the next time you purchase your supplements online. Your support allows me to keep this site running and educating as many people as possible. Thank you!

Vitamin B12 and D Deficiency
by: Mark

Dear Kerri,

I very much appreciate your comments and kind feedback. I have to commend you and your excellent web service as its obvious that you are helping so many of us out there that are unable to get proper direction from even the best acclaimed Doctors!

Well I took heed to your advice and got a 25-Hydroxy Vit D test done and sure enough it turns out that I'm deficient- result was 33nmol (which by the conversion you provided of 3.3 comes to 10ng/ml).

I did speak to my Doc to speed up my Colonoscopy date to rule out Crohns but she yet refuses! Sulk!

Kindly note that I have suffered from Periodontal gum disease for over 15 years as well as thinning of the bones like my legs and feet. With regards to Gluten intolerance- I did try a gluten free diet around 3 years ago for a reasonable time of 4-5 months but it didnt help me at all!

Meantime have ordered some Vit D3 Enzymatic Therapy 2000IU chewable sub-lingual tablets + need to order some Magnesium to supplement that.

Also should mention that my sister was found to be deficient in both B12 (180) and D (13) last year however she has been Anemic all her life with an iron deficiency.

So I am now completely lost!
I can keep supplementing with heavy doses of these Vitamins and minerals...but it does not and will not solve the inherent underlying issue/s as at the end of the day these Vit deficiencies are just symptoms (not the real cause). Sulking!

Thanks for any advice you may have....
Best always,

Vitamin B12 Deficiency
by: Mark

Hi Kerri,

Kudos to you for providing this invaluable service and support for all!

This is Mark again from the earlier mail.
Thank you for your great advice to get Vitamin D checked up- it helped me enormously! So my D-25 Hydroxy test level was 13 Ng/ml (or 33 Nmol) and proved I was low in D too!

As a result Docs now view my case as not just a B12 Deficiency but an across the board deficiency of all essential Vitamins n probably minerals too.

They strongly suspect Celiac disease as most of the symptoms fit. Even though I achieved no success from a Gluten free diet for 4-5 months in the past they feel my diet probably needs to be stricter excluding all forms of gluten even in the tinniest forms.

Moreover its interesting to note that my sister was diagnosed 6 months prior with the same issues- ie low B12 of 170 and low D of 13- but she does also suffer from Iron deficiency Anemia caused by Menstrual blood loss. Docs feel there could be a correlation to my case as Celiac tends to run in the family.

So for now they have programmed a Hydrogen Breath test for my B12 + a Colonoscopy + a Capsule test for the small intestines.

Kerri- Any other suggestions or input from your side would be highly appreciated!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

ps. I tried to support your web service by looking into purchasing some of the supplements here but sadly many of the Vitamins were unavailable. Sorry would have really wanted to return your great help.

Mark go candida-free eating for a while
by: D


Do a serious Candida detox. It will eliminate 80% of your issues if not all!!!! True story. Contact me if you like. I can best explain.


B12 Deficiency
by: Mark

Hi D- am very interested in knowing more about the Candida-free diet.
Can u pls elaborate further.
Much appreciated!

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