Vit D and Calcification of the Arteries - Heart Disease

by Priya Nath Mehta
(Mussoorie, Himalayas, India)

Priya Nath Mehta - Nathji, at Mussoorie, India

Priya Nath Mehta - Nathji, at Mussoorie, India

There are people who seem to think that Vitamin D in large doses can lead to calcification of the arteries in the body and also the coronary arteries.

They also believe that this is more likely to happen if the calcium intake is about 1200 mg per day. That it is the combination of the Calcium with Vitamin D that can cause more calcium to be deposited in the arteries leading to calcification. And therefore Vitamin D might be harmful for the heart.

In fact the "calcification" scare is so great that once I almost stopped my Vitamin D as I heard of things like calcification of the arteries, aorta, and kidneys and even areas in the brain leading to stroke. Some even said that it had caused corneal deposits in the eyes.

Yet there are others who say that Vitamin D can actually help to clean out arteries and to take out the calcium from the arteries and deposit it in the bones where it belongs. And that research seems to point out that Vitamin D Deficiency is a greater cause of heart disease.

While they say that some research has been done to show that addition of Vitamin D actually helped in PAD, peripheral artery disease, cleaning out arteries, but no research has been done by adding Vit D to heart patients, to see how their coronary arteries respond. They only talk about it indirectly -- namely that people with heart disease have been shown to have low levels of Vit D.

Then again there is another scare about Vit D and heart disease -- namely that people say that their LDL has gone up after large doses of Vitamin D. And that this could be contributing to heart disease.

However there are others that say that their HDL, the good cholesterol has also gone up. Thus the total cholesterol goes up each time one takes Vitamin D which is because of the high levels of HDL -- and maybe LDL? And what of trigylcerides? Some say their triglycerides went up after Vit D doses.

Is there any clear cut answer to these vital questions, basically two -- does Vit D
cause calcification or does it remove calcification of the arteries? Does Vit D cause high levels of HDL, LDL and triglycerides or does it cause high HDL but no high LDL or no high triglycerides?

It would be wonderful if you could clarify these questions which have been perplexing me and many others like myself since a long time, with no one giving any clear cut answers thus far. Maybe you will, I am confident.

Thanking you in anticipation for your kindness and care.




Hello again Nathji,

You have definitely been doing your research. And these truly ARE perplexing questions. I actually have never heard of the problem of calcification with vitamin d before- and I think that COULD be because I do ALL of my research by reading peer reviewed studies and I do NOT read message boards and things like that.

When I answer questions, it is PURELY from the research. So, in ALL of the research that I have read, I have NEVER heard of calcification as a problem, which is why it is not included on my Vitamin D Side Effects page.

Certainly Vitamin D Toxicity may cause calcification, as in This Animal Study. But I also rarely read animal studies- only human studies as that is what is important for practical application in real life.

So, this study says Active Serum Vitamin D Levels Are Inversely Correlated With Coronary Calcification and women who have osteoporosis have a higher incidence of heart disease.

So, there have been fairly extensive studies of high dose vitamin d for fairly lengthy periods of time. One of these, that is at the VERY BOTTOM of my Vitamin D and Breastfeeding page, gave women 6700 IU's of Vitamin D for 6 months without any calcifications- or any other problems.

And if you look on the Vitamin D Toxicity page, it talks about how East Germany gave infants 600,000 IU's all at once every 3 to 4 months until they were 18 months with no calcifications. Many of these babies temporarily had high calcium levels, but these resolved and there did not seem to be ANY problems with these children. (continued below....)

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Vitamin D and Heart Disease
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Dr. Reinhold Vieth, one of the preeminent Vitamin D Researchers continually states that the 'Safe Upper Limit' of vitamin D is 10,000 IU's per day- and other studies that I searched that were attempting to determine the safety of vitamin d did not even have the words calcify or calcification in them at all. And if it had been an issue, then it should be mentioned SOMEWHERE in studies- but I cannot find any mention of calcification causes by doses under 10,000 IU's per day.

I DID however find other studies showing corneal calcification in HYPERCALCEMIA- which can be INDUCED by vitamin d toxicity, but NOT by normal doses of vitamin d.

So, what I think is happening is that the people who are discussing the topic of calcification from vitamin d just have a lack of understanding of what 'large doses' and 'vitamin d toxicity' constitute.

So, yes. Vitamin D TOXICITY can cause calcifications, but in all of the literature, I've not found ANY references to calcifications caused by vitamin d deficiency at therapeutic doses.

OK, that answers your first question. For the heart disease question, that'll be answered below...

Heart Disease and vitamin d
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

So, for heart disease, as you saw in the previous studies that I highlighted, it is pretty clear that risk of heart disease goes up with decreasing levels of vitamin d- as you said.

And there have been many 'epidemiological studies' that show that people who DO take vitamin d have lower incidence of heart disease.

But as far as I know, there have been NO double blind placebo controlled trials that give vitamin d and have the primary endpoint be reduced cardiovascular disease.

But I will quote Dr. John Cannell about why we need to resolve this vitamin d deficiency despite the lack of these studies, "Medical scientists who want more money before recommending that Vitamin D deficiency be treated have to assume responsibility. I am all for more studies but we have to act now, like we did with cigarettes. Remember, no human randomized controlled trials exist showing cigarettes are dangerous, so we have much more ? and better ? science than we did when we warned about smoking. If we fail to act on the dangers of Vitamin D deficiency, someone will end up with blood on their hands."

and this quote was in response to a new study done by the Intermountain Medical Center in Utah stating that heart disease risk in increased by 45% in those with Vitamin D Deficiency. There have also been no studies done on whether heart surgery increases your chances of living after a heart attack, but most people gladly submit to this type of surgery because their doctor has the belief that it will benefit them.

So, we have a LOT of good evidence that it is beneficial to the heart and NO evidence to show that it causes damage to the heart. I for one, am not willing to wait. I read the research and it is compelling.

We don't even have any controlled studies showing that vaccines are effective either, but doctors are sure quick to say that people who don't get them are menaces to society- but there is absolutely no evidence that vaccines provide the 'herd immunity' that they believe is so important.

Hah. In fact, there is also no evidence that influenza is even transmitted person to person. And there is actually more evidence to show that it is NOT transmitted person to person that there is evidence that it IS!! But I digress!

I point these things out because doctors SAY that they want evidence of these things before using them, yet their own actions show that this is not true..

ON to cholesterol on the next page below...

calcification again..
by: Anonymous

Oh, going back to calcification again. The other thing about calcification is that it is a pathological intracellular state of chronic excess intracellular calcium. Well, calcium doesn't like to be inside the cells. Calcium will only take up space inside the cells when magnesium ISN'T.

So, anytime you have a state of something getting calcified, it is because there is a lack of magnesium in the cells. So, one way to remedy that is to always have sufficient magnesium. When you DO have sufficient magnesium, it will go inside the cells and push out the calcium.

Calcium and magnesium also compete for absorption in the intestine with calcium being preferred. So unless you have lots of magnesium to overcome the calcium, the calcium will be absorbed and you will excrete the magnesium.

Dr. Mark Circus discusses reversing calcifications using magnesium and a substance called sodium thiosulfate.

So, in the first place, why are they taking so much calcium in the first place? Our western diets give us LOTS of calcium- and if you take vitamin d and magnesium, then you will actually absorb it, so I never recommend taking more than 500 mg of calcium anyway.

And cultures that get VERY little calcium have almost no osteoporosis. Look at the Okinawa Study. They don't drink milk at all or take calcium supplements, yet osteoporosis is almost unheard of.

So, anyone who is worried about getting calcifications from 'too much vitamin d' when they are taking loads of calcium should think about the words:

Calcium and Calcification

They sound a LOT alike! There is a reason for that. They are called calcifications and not vitamin d-ifications for a reason!! So, cut back on the calcium, increase magnesium, vitamin d, and Vitamin K, and calcifications are not likely to be an issue!


Finally, Cholesterol...
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

OK. Cholesterol and Vitamin D.

So, you have a couple of people saying that their cholesterol levels went up after starting vitamin d therapy.

Well, there is just simply NO evidence that vitamin d raises cholesterol. In fact, I would have done a full page on it except that their is just simply no evidence either way.

And if doctors keep track of ONE THING, it's cholesterol levels. So, if this were a trend, I would imagine that there would be some references to this phenomenon SOMEWHERE in the medical literature- but I just could simply not find anything.

There WERE a couple of studies referencing this though. One was looking at that EXACT outcome- does vitamin d raise cholesterol?

The study Vitamin D supplementation does not affect serum lipids and lipoproteins in Pakistani immigrants says that it does not.

Then this other study, while not looking at whether vitamin d itself raised or lowered cholesterol, was found- as part of a treatment with niacin, statins and Omega 3's- to significantly reduce cholesterol.

Effect of a combined therapeutic approach of intensive lipid management, omega-3 fatty acid supplementation, and increased serum 25 (OH) vitamin D on coronary calcium scores in asymptomatic adults

Although, I did find an interesting study Here that shows that people WITH high cholesterol who were treated with Atorvastatin- a lipid lowering drug- did NOT respond to the drug unless their vitamin d levels were in the higher range!

So, that happening to a couple of people sounds VERY much like it is insignificant or coincidental. There is just simply no mention of it in any of the studies that have been done on heart disease either. And you KNOW that they are watching the cholesterol levels in those studies as well.

Also, it's NEVER been proven that lower cholesterol levels reduce heart disease. And in fact 1/2 of all people who have heart attacks have normal cholesterol anyway!! I predict that in the future, cholesterol guidelines like we have now will go away- in favor of reducing INFLAMMATION. And in fact, in the book The Great Cholesterol Lie, a former heart surgeon denounces high cholesterol as a cause of heart disease as a complete myth anyway. Take a look at what he says REALLY causes heart disease...

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System

Vit D and Cholesterol
by: nathji

Dear Kerri Knox,

Thank you for your very enlightening reply to the Vit D and calcification question. I don't believe anyone ever clarified as clearly as you did, thank you for the great effort on your part to scour the entire research done on the subject. So that sets to fears that Vit D may cause calcification. It does not. Thanks a lot.

Also you have clarified that Vit D does not raise LDL levels. Does it raise the good cholesterol, HDL? It must, if it is good for heart disease.

Thank you all the same for a brilliant exposition on the subject. No one in the world would take so much pains to answer as you do. You are a real genius and an asset to the world community.


Appreciation for the reply
by: Willy A

Again, much appreciation for the thoroughness of the reply - answered all my questions - and so agree with your take on vaccines and the general misguided nature of today's brain washed doctors!

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