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The Right Vitamin D Dosage
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen

Hi Sarah,

I'm sorry to tell you that it's likely that you will NEVER get relief of symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency at those dosages, because they will not correct your Vitamin D Deficiency.

More About Vitamin D

First of all, your doctor's vague comment about getting your level "above 30", while 'technically' correct, shows a lack of his understanding of Vitamin D Deficiency.

The level that you SHOULD be shooting for is between 50 - 80 ng/ml. So, while this dose IS technically "over 30", a level of 32 ng/ml would still be considered 'Vitamin D insufficiency' according to the MOUNDS of research on Vitamin D and would be likely to leave you still suffering.

Secondly, 1400 IU's of Vitamin D is not likely to even MAINTAIN your Vitamin D levels. Most researchers are recommending that SMALL CHILDREN should be taking 1400 IU's per day, every day for maintenance.

These researchers are recommending more like 4000 to 5000 IU's per day for an adult to MAINTAIN their level. So, if you want to actually correct your deficiency and have a
CHANCE of getting relief from your pain, then you need to be taking MUCH higher dosages.

Your doctor will not be likely to agree with this as he does not seem to understand the correct dosages or Vitamin D levels that adults should have.

So, whatever you decide to do- be sure that you get your Vitamin D Level Checked again since it is about 3 months since you began your Vitamin D treatment.

That way, both you and your doctor will see that the dose that you are taking is insufficient to increase your Vitamin D Levels to optimal range.

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Easy Immune

My take from lots of information
by: Eskino


Vitamin D is the answer and the previous comment was very right. Ultimately, you may have to take super doses of vitamin D as I have for my osteoarthritis. I started with 40k IU per day for 3 weeks and finally started to feel some effects. Have now dropped to 20k IU per day. Dont worry about toxic effects at these levels. All evidence that I have seen so far prove NO toxicity at these levels.

Personally, I would rather be on the upper level of 60-70 nano grams per/ml and risk not enough vitD.. also recent studies show many many more benefits of vitD.

I say , get your blood serum level to the top end, then you will see improvement.

Vitamin D Level 24
by: Anonymous

Yesterday I saw an endocronologist due to high thyroid antibotie levels. On a side note my Vitamin D was low - 24. She put me on 50,000 IU once a week for 8 weeks and then I am to go to "normal" amounts of Vitamin D each day. I am then to follow up with blood work the week before my 3 month check up. She wants to see if any of my symptoms that could be thyroid related are treated by the increased Vitamin D since many times you can have similar problems from a lack of Vitamin D.

Good luck! I hope you are feeling better!

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