Pain Getting Worse with Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment

My D levels are at 19. I am on the 50,000iu/wk for 12 weeks. I have been on it for 6 weeks and was feeling better until 2 weeks ago. The pain and stiffness has gotten worse but I have 6 weeks left before I see the doctor again. Is it possible that things can get worse before they get better?

I worry about a parathyroid issue because my symptoms fit it exactly but the doctor said those tests were fine. My blood calcium levels are fine but my urine calcium is high and the Vitamin D levels are low so she thinks it's a low D issue. I just wonder why I hurt more now than I did a couple weeks ago. I also was on the 6 week prescription of Vit. D twice in the last 10 months and it didn't raise my D levels. This time with a new doctor I am using all natural Vitamin D3 instead of the synthetic rx D3 hoping it may be absorbed better? Just wondering if I just stick it out and be patient the next 6 weeks and hope my body begins to heal and doesn't continue to get worse? Doctor said if this doesn't help I need to see a rheumatologist.

I already have and they said my only help in humera or enbrel. I am 41 and don't want to live on that the rest of my life and my gut just tells me its not an arthritis issue. I also have psoriasis so they said I have psoriatic arthritis(but there are no bony changes). My symptoms just don't totally fit arthritis, its more than just joint pain. The symptoms list from fit me to a T.

Thank You,

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I've answered this many times
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Tracy,

I've answered this question MANY MANY times before. You can see my many answers on the Pain While Taking Vitamin D page.

Also, please see my pages on Magnesium and Vitamin D


Vitamin D Absorption since lack of magnesium when taking vitamin d can not only cause increased pain, but can prevent the conversion of vitamin d into it's active form, thus keeping your levels low. While it's GREAT that you switched to vitamin d3, it's unlikely that the form has anything at all to do with your levels not coming up (any why did your doctor stop treating you for vitamin d deficiency when your levels wouldn't rise? That makes no sense).

Also, please see my page on Gluten Sensitivity, which is almost certainly one of the causes of your autoimmune disease(s).

Kerri Knox, RN

pain worse and fatigue just flattening as well as prickles and itching
by: Michele

My bones are on fire after 4 weeks into supplementation and now I have been switched to 690.000 iu per month intramuscualr. Endocronologist is monitoring this.

a few weeks in to this treatment I became so fatigued I could hardly put one foot in front of the other somee days and with the addition of a megadose of calicum x 1a month I could hardly stay upright for 14 days. Refusde a 2nd dose of that much calcium. But am continuing with the vitamin d.

Had first injection 3 weeks ago and fatigue has intensified as well as times. intense.
Some bones especially arthritic fingers and muscles feel as if on fire and my hands itch conststantly. I have sharp prickles like needle scraping along nerves at times.
I have ever had this kind of fatigue in my life in my life and have to take frequent naps now and I fall asleep quickly the minute I hit the pillow. Fall asleep at my computer even and even on the toilet if I am in a sleepy phase.

Sometimes can't stay up because my legs feel like they will give way and I have to be careful starting to walk after a nap and I am so gone, , wobbly and dizzy that T I have to go right back to bed.
Also feel whirly, and dangerously unsteady. Spacey as it were. and at night hang on to the walls to get to the lights.

Does this ever end? Is this part of the healing process? I feel like i could be on a healing journey and i hope so but the fatiue and sleeppiness is the most concerning to me.

I am retired but not that retired as I am a priest with ministry to do and so I have to be as actibe as I can. I am organizing whole days now around the sleep necessities annd keeping close track of the time all day and at night. What a work out.

I am just lucky that I do not have a formal job.

Thanks. Would love to hear from others and really want to knwo how long this goes on... am only 12 weeks in to routine and had a month off in august while waiting to see endocrinologist for new dosages .

Hope all of us get well,

Symptoms worse after starting treatment
by: Gemini Girl

My symptoms have gotten worse a few weeks after I started taking the vitamin D supplement. Heaviness in my arms and legs, sometimes it feels like my circulation has been cut off... Muscle soreness and pain, mostly along my inner tighs and arms, like invisible bruises... Extreme neck and shoulders stiffness. The weird part is... I had always had problems with soreness and fatigue, but never like this.

I'm actually feeling worse than I ever did before I started treatment. I read here it's a sign that my body is healing... it feels quite the opposite and I'm worried. Started taking Magnesium supplements, hope that helps. Gonna have to check in with my doctor.

It takes time to recover
by: Anonymous

It took 1 year & 6 months for doctors to figure out what my illness was. I was treated for palpitations because I always had heart PVCs but this time they got worst so they did heart ablation, it was really simple procedure and it helped with my PVCs.

But that did not fix my on going fatigue, tired after any activity, brain fog, problem focusing, walking and standing became complete worrie especially when I'm in line at store or DMV. Finally I went to endo doctor and he ordered complete blood work and thyroid pictures.

Everything came back normal but only he said I'm VITAMIN D DEFICIENT. It was 18.1 he said and prescribed 50,000IU VIT D2 once a week 6month. Went home and took one. I felt complete change for couple of days but then worst after 3&4th day. So I did more research and found out that I should be on VIT D3 not D2. I ordered VIT D3 with K2 and started taking 5,000IU but after couple days I dose up to 10.000IU per day.

i felt more muscle pain and tired but I think that's part of the healing. I'll wait for few months to see if I feel better. So I would advise everyone to do their research and talk to your doctors and ask every possible solution because that's why they are your doctors.

Here in North America vitamin D Deficiency is on the rise and people and health care providers know little of the symptoms. Stay strong guys because I thought I was never going back to my self. My funniest question was that I'm 27 and can't walk or stand and doctors are saying there's nothing wrong.LOL

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