Male Infertility and B12

by Faith

My husband has been diagnose with azoospermia, aka, he doesn't have a sperm count at all, however, when they did the TESA they found sperm and froze them. I am reading this stuff and my husband suffers from heartburn as well, I am wondering what type of Vitamin B12 would be best to get for him. I am not looking for a miracle drug that will make him fertile, but I still have a ting of hope that maybe we could conceive naturally, who knows, the hope is dwindling but hey it is worth a try right?


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Read several different things...
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Faith,

You can definitely try a few things to help your husband. Who knows if there is a possibility to get his sperm count up or not?? I'm not going to tell you that he can't...

In any case, please take a look at my pages on Gluten Sensitivity and Infertility, which is the MOST likely problem in most cases.

Then you can read the page on Causes of Infertility in Men and just follow the instructions on that page for B12 deficiency.

As well, selenium deficiency is a BIG reason that men become infertile. Subtle nutritional deficiencies are VERY VERY common in men with infertility.

So be sure to read my page on Increase Male Fertility and it goes over instructions on how to remedy this problem...

In addition, if your husband does have nutritional deficiencies, if you two eat the same, you probably do too!! And I would certainly want to address any subtle nutritional deficiencies before I were to conceive! So you should probably follow the same instructions.

Kerri Knox, RN

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