How much D3 to raise level from 22 to normal for teenager?

by Julie
(Oregon City, OR)

My daughter is constantly getting every cold and virus going around. She is like the canary in the coal mine and the first one to get anything before anyone else. She is allergic to most airborne allergens and takes shot for them.

She is recovering from a sinus infection and her ENT put her on a course of amoxicillin. Her regular doc finally decided to test her vitamin D levels after going to a seminar and finding herself low. My daughter's levels are 22. The doc said 2000iu of D3 a day would be fine. My daughter is a senior in high school and has missed more school this year than she has attended.

She is also overweight and has polycystic ovary syndrome. I wonder if the D deficiency is related to all of this and if so - what is the best amount and fastest way to get the D in her system? She is a redhead but I wonder if tanning beds might be worth a try.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Your doctor's Vitamin D Seminar....
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Julie,

Well, your doctor's Vitamin D Seminar must have not taught her much to put your overweight daughter on only 3000 IU's per day. That is not likely to even have her MAINTAIN her levels, let alone RAISE them.

Please read my Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment page to see how much she SHOULD be taking. As a senior in high school, she should be treated for her vitamin d deficiency as an adult.

A tanning bed is effective if she is REALLY averse to taking pills or can't absorb nutrients properly, but be sure that you don't just go to a tanning salon. If you go the tanning bed route, then you should get an In-Home Vitamin D Producing Tanning Bed for various reasons- including the fact that MOST tanning salons don't make Vitamin D!!

But for all of her problems at such a young age, I don't think that 'just' vitamin d alone is going to fix her problems. There is DEFINITELY more going on with her since she's also got PCOS, etc.

So, the FIRST thing that I think of with PCOS is Iodine Deficiency. There have been many case studies of PCOS patients responding well with iodine- and it may actually be an antagonist to the excess estrogen that causes PCOS. You can take a look at some of the FANTASTIC research on iodine in the book Iodine- Bringing Back the Universal Medicine. You'll be AMAZED at how many conditions are related to iodine deficiency.

There are also many many dietary and other nutrient supplementation strategies that can help her balance her hormones and dump the excess estrogen. While this program has a corny name, The Ovarian Cyst Miracle, is a 3 step process that REALLY works- AND it comes with 3 months of counseling support too!!

Your daughter is SOOO young, that getting her started on being able to take control of her health problems instead of being victim to them could really change her life!

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System

I hope that this helped!

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