Fibro causing vibration in body?

by IS

I have had Fibro since 2007 after almost dying from Cipro Side Effects for bronchitis. I suppose you know that connection well enough.

Anyway, for the past several months I have been severely vibrating at night or day when I lay down. It keeps me awake for hours! I seem to also absorb whatever is vibrating around me like the train, or the fan I use to drown out noise at night,or others apt noise.

Without fail this goes on every night. I take Tramadol and Soma. When after two hours I am still awake, I take more. I used to also take benedryl,that really helped me fall asleep, but that raised my blood pressure. Can you tell me something about this? I'm so tired of it. Thank you so much for your time. I really believe so much of what this article is talking about as I have read up so much on the nightmare I've been subjected to.

I am coming out of a terrible vitamin D resistance. It's now 35.

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It's probably insomnia...
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi IS,

I hope that you don't feel that this is 'belittling' what you are feeling because I have no doubt that you are feeling it, but I think that you are 'overthinking' this a bit too much and that your 'vibration' COULD possibly just be a case of insomnia and severe magnesium depletion (Cipro depletes magnesium).

If you read my page on Fibromyalgia and Magnesium, you'll see that Fibromyalgia is often mistaken for a condition known as Latent Tetany Syndrome where your muscles are in a constant state of having tiny contractions throughout your body. I suspect that you are just feeling your own muscles constantly in contraction all of the time!

And you are noticing it because of the magnesium induced insomnia that you are experiencing. Resistance to vitamin D leads me to believe that you are magnesium deficient also, as you can read about on my Magnesium and Vitamin D. In addition, the Ciprofloxacin Side Effects are from magnesium depletion!

So, you are almost certainly just incredibly magnesium deficient.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Registered Nurse and Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects

Magnesium Depletion! YES!! :)
by: IS

Thank you for your prompt reply and I certainly do not find such helpful ideas in any way belittling. But thank you for your thoughtful kindness dignifying me. I do NOT doubt at all what you are saying! In fact, I can truly really feel so uncomfortable most of the time it's hard to imagine. People notice. The only change I really have from this is when I am in not Chronic Fatigue, but Catastrophic Fatigue! I really only feel the vibration with laying down.

I certainly did read your page on the vitamin D and magnesium connection! I teared up with sobs too! I will have to reread it again! ":- / Tears always get in my way! 8:::(

I have just started (1wk)The Source Naturals Magnesium Malate: 1,250 MG,yielding 833 MG Malic Acid. And D Ribose Supplement 2,200mg. (I'm upping these to 3 times a day now starting my 2nd wk because I don't feel any different as the worker in Mother Earth said I would and suggested that I do.

For the past 6 months I have been taking Life Force Multiple which has 100mg magnesium in it. 1tab per day. Also the wellness formula of Life Force. (1 tab a day) Also for the past 6mo. I began with 50,000 IU vitamin D for 8 wks and went from 30 down to 8 on my blood test! The Endocrinologist had me take 2,000 I.U. per day and now it is coming up.

Also in excess of what is in the multiple,"Magnesium Chelate:100mg, I have added vitamin E 400 I.U.(Totaling 600 I.U.), A Sublingual Liquid B complex 3 times a day, and L-Lysine 1000 mg (1 tab a day) too because my mouth and gums hurt so badly.(The swelling inside my mouth lining has just started to go down after SIX MONTHS!)

Today I have added Coenzyme Q10 100mg and Melatonin TR 3mg. I haven't tried Melatonin since the 90's. Hope this helps.

I do Epsom Salts baths, drink chamomile tea and all the cherished things involved in making the most of the precious commodity of sleep, so hopefully this will help getting there and eventually my Magnificent Magnesium will be up soon! These ARE NOT GOOD VIBRATIONS!

I wish I would have made that connection with Magnesium along time ago! Perhaps I DID read something about this with all the Cipro articles I've read. However, I do so appreciate your writing this and I hope someone out there will hear this and also be helped. Again Kerri, Thank you so much!

Isaiah 33:24! :D

Body Vibrations
by: David

I'm also experiencing the same vibrations that you are describing and I've come to learn quite a number of people are as well. It started about 6 months ago as I woke up one night. At first it felt like an earthquake, like the whole bed was shaking, I even asked my friends it they had felt the same thing. As the vibrating episodes increased, I figured out the sensation was coming from inside me, not outside.

It feels very similar to what a vibrating cell phones feels like, except it runs throughout my entire body. It has its own consistent frequency.

My heartbeat is not increased, my pulse is normal, I don't feel disorientated, no other symptons. It's very concerning NOT knowing what it is.

I believe there maybe a common link between all the people experiencing this, but no one has put it all together yet.

I use a CPAP machine, take melatonin and living close to high tensile power lines, those are the only external factors that I can point to.

Huh? No one has put it together? What?
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi David,

I'm not sure what you mean by 'no one has put it together yet'. Did you read the page on Fibromyalgia and Magnesium deficiency that I posted on this same thread? It's extremely likely that those experiencing this have Latent Tetany Syndrome from magnesium deficiency.

And another confirmation of this is that you are having sleep disturbances that have led you to take melatonin for sleep. Insomnia is another Sign of Magnesium Deficiency.

Kerri Knox, RN

by: Elizabeth

I have these vibrations too. They are NOT in our head. I have been in and out of doctors. I also feel a pulsating /throbbing in my back of head/side of ears. My head gets so tired. It is 24/7. Doctors thought I had vertigo or MAV and after 4 meds for vertigo it has not gone away therefore I believe that this is not MAV or vertigo.
I have been a healthy active female for 53 years but for the last 15 months have had this along with many of the Fibro symptoms.
I also have tinnitus in right ear.

IF i could understand this PULSATING /Throbbing in my head and neck chest and A SMART DOCTOR could finally explain it to me it would help. I have seen USC and UCLA doctors and they all look at me like "what the heck is this lady talking about."
Yet on the internet I have found so many people describing what I feel. Again it makes my head so tired as it is constantly throbbing (not with pain) but it is NEVER still like it use to be.
ANy help would be appreciated

My Magnesium Levels and Vitamin D Levels are fine and have been tested so is my thyroid.

Please read my page
by: Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

Please read my page on Fibromyalgia and Magnesium. I never said that they were in your head and I give you a very plausible explanation and remedy for them. Please read the links below on magnesium and vitamin d levels.

Magnesium Levels are worthless for determining magnesium deficiency, as I go into great detail on the page linked above.

And unless you have OPTIMAL Vitamin D Levels, and not 'fine' Vitamin D levels, then you are almost certainly Vitamin D Deficient.

I highly doubt that they are actually 'fine'. Doctors do not know about optimal levels of these nutrients.

Kerri Knox, RN

Fibro and Vibrations
by: JLFR

Very glad to find this chat; but sorry to hear you are suffering. I also have fibromyalgia (diagnosed several years ago); then had serotonin syndrome (so many long-term problems); and now, over the past couple of months, am noticing these blasted vibrations mostly on my right side of torso - very strange and very frustrating. I'm sure my doctor would think I was nuts if I asked about this. Will check out the link below regarding Fibromyalgia and Magnesium. Thanks and best wishes to everyone on this feed.

Glad to have found this.
by: NS

I'm really glad to finally understand that I'm not crazy, my body really is vibrating. When I first felt this I thought that the bed was moving or that I didn't have enough blankets on as it started the winter I moved to a colder city. I remember this one night I was in bed with a friend and I started vibrating and I woke her to ask her if she could feel the bed vibrating and she said I was having a bad dream.

My concern though is that I'm not suffering from insomnia, the vibrations wake me up and they'll go on for about a minute and then stop. This happens on most nights maybe twice a night and now it has started happening during the day as well. Can I just go ahead and start taking magnesium supplements or do I really need to consult a doctor who might give me the run around first?


I feel the vibe
by: michelle

My vibrations were gradual at first. Started 1 summer in 2003 in my right shin of and on a couple times a day. Then moved to both shins. Over the years it has progressed through out my body on a constant basis. The strongest constant vibrations are in my feet. I have been to a neurologist and had an MRI, electro testing and kind of like an acupuncture type test. He said it is not nerve damage. He thought possibly from my R A that I was diagnosed with last year. The rheumatologist doesn't think so. No matter what I can't sleep on my own. Meat on in doesn't work, over the counter sleep aids take hours for me to fall asleep as does amytriptoline.

Originally doctors told me I was dehydrated and my muscles were reacting to it. I was drinking so much water that it didn't help or slow this down. Doctors had me on RA meds, folic acid, highest dose of vitamin d, and other stuff. Still no relief. I ea concerned about this and other things going on, possibly wondering if I had also like my dad did, or ms or fibro.

The neurologist just said fibro is a diagnosis you don't want. Well neither is also or ms but I would like to know what is going on. I was on magnesium for the longest time also but it didn't help, it progressively got worse. Now what ate my options or if you have ideas or suggestions let me know please.

by: barb

This has happened to me for years, some spots more than others, sometimes generalized. Sometimes quite noticeable, distressing, even. But no answers...until...i was in physical therapy and he was stretching my leg with my shin sort of resting on his belly. He asked me if I felt that vibration. I hadn't really thought about it,because it was less distressing than many of them. Then, he told me what it is small muscles or parts of muscles in spasm...i think he actually said "hyperspasm," and reminded me spasm is part of fibro. Hope that helps.

fibromyalgia, vit D deficient, vibration
by: Katie

diagnosed >15 years with fibromyalgia, high cholesterol only blood test out of limits for years, hysterectomy 8 years ago no HRT, now osteoporosis lumbar region of spine. diagnosed vitamin D deficient yesterday, vibrations started occurring thru out body approx. 6 months ago while sitting, vibration felt only from waist down ,lasting just a few seconds almost like a bumble bee type sensation. major right hip pain approx. a month in duration with no explanation from mri, dexa scan etc. doctors never tested me for deficient vitamins/minerals. now I wonder if vitamin deficiencies have been the problem most of my life. as a child always had pain in leg, parent said growing pains, but pain always there, no test ever ran showed a problem, so basically treated as if "all in my head".

Vibrations are magnesium deficiency
by: Kerri Knox, RN

Vibrations are not really a 'part of fibro', they are part of Magnesium deficiency, which often gets the misdiagnosis of Fibromyalgia. Please see my page on Fibromyalgia and Magnesium.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects

i vibrate
by: heather yeoman

i have started vibrating its at the base of my spine and i feel as if people must know ive been taking 5 htp which is fantastic able to do loads more but having swelling numbness etc i also have a cavernous angioma upper right pons what ive noticed wwith the vibration is it has started after my muscles have become more mobile whith the use of 5 htp.

i have a theory that the vibration i when youre in a transitional period of fyber ie its getting better or worse. what i do know is for the first time in years im living a fairly normal life would advocate use of 5 htp made a big difference and if i vibrate well it means more mobility and i beleive my muscles are waking up i hope this helps

Same Here
by: Brian P

I am also experiencing a buzzing sensation, except mine doesn't go away. And I do not have any visible muscle twitching. I just feel like I am constantly being electrocuted (yes I've been juiced by 220 and know what it feels like). I have been to my Doctor and he tested my Magnesium Level and it came back normal.

All of my labs came back normal and they took 26 tubes of blood. I asked what he tested for and he said everything.

Also along with the high frequency vibration my eyes feel like they are shaking back and forth really fast and it makes it really hard to focus.

Like I said, this does not go away. Day or night, standing, laying, or sitting. It doesn't matter.

I also haven't slept in three days, tonight will be night four.

by: sk

I have had vibration for past 5 yrs. It all started with weakness of muscle then numbness, twitching n then this vibration all over the body and it's 24/7 constant. I saw my doc who didn't do nothing on the first visit. But after few months I actually took a friend of mine as a witness and he sent me for a mri which he said was ok.

And he just said I have anxiety issues. But I m still suffering from it. I have lately started with irregular heart beats. I m waiting for a result from a 24 hour ecg. I just wonder if all this is connected. Plus I have just been asked to take vitamin D medicine after full blood count. Thyroid was ok.

by: Gail

I have Crohn's disease. I read your article, I've added the magnesium, the vibrations backed off, but I then backed off, the diahrea circle, and it's back, so I've upped it. I'm now at the Cleveland clinic. I haven't officially been diagnosed with fibro, but my Crohns is active and I am resistant to most meds.

I have a blood deficiency that is relatively new IgA subclass 4. I'm just at a loss. I'm having trouble finding doctors. I'm frustrated, and at my breaking point. It's like I can't feel my body!

by: Anonymous

I had a hair analysis and it showed that I have more than usual magnesium and calcium in my hair. For some reason my body gets rid of it faster than than the average person. I read this can be typical with fibro.

After Cipro and messing with my hormones I have developed small fiber neuropathy, autonomic neuropathy, restless leg syndrome, benign fasticulation syndrome which I am told causes the internal tremor (vibrations). I thought I had Parkinson's, but five neurologists ruled that out. All blood work, mri, egi,other scans are normal.

Vibration feels like beez buzzing in my legs
by: Anonymous

I have been feeling the vibrations, similar to a bee buzzing, in my feet for about 9 months now. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2010. I also suffer from depression, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, OCD, GERD, gastroparesis, seasonal allergies, migraine headaches, trigger fingers, constipation, osteoarthritis.

I have torn my bed apart on several occasions looking for some sort of bug. I also had my son trying to help me search for the culprit. No bugs found. I am glad to hear that I am not losing my mind. Will check on the magnesium. Thanks!

body vibrations could also be drug related
by: Anonymous

If any of you have in the past or now presently taken any benzodiazapines this may be your problem,look up cipro/antibiotics contradictions (yet to be added to warnings but will be),also look up benzodiazapine tolerance and paradoxical effects,this may also happen with any med that touches gaba receptors such as nerotonin and muscle relaxer baclofen.I to have this disturbing issue.

Vitamin B12 deficiency
by: Ann

I too get the vibrations in my left foot and groin area. My doctor first thought MS however also checked for B12 deficiency which was the problem not MS. B12 deficiency can kill you!!!! So if you have vibrations or phantom pains, no energy get tested. I have pernicious anemia so I have to take shots instead of by mouth. Be sure to get checked for that too. All of you with fibromyalgia get checked for hashimotos and low took me 40 years to figure all this out.

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