Dosage and Duration of Methyl B12?

by Teddy
(Cary, NC USA)

My wife and I have been strict vegetarians for years and have not supplemented with B12. After many strange symptoms and EVERY blood test of the modern medical establishment, (with no answer) my wife was told she needed more B12 during a live-blood microscopy evaluation. (but she falls on the low end of the 'normal' range of the standard guidelines.)

We have Jarrow Methyl B12 supplements, in 1000 and 5000mcg tablets, however I want to know how much she should take, and possibly for how long - to feel better ASAP. She has acute symptoms of needing more B12. Also, with the sublingual tablets, is dietary B12 even necessary or a significant B12 source?

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Far be it for me to say...
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Teddy,

Far be it for me to say that Vitamin B12 from food would be 'unnecessary', but it seems to me that it the case of you and your wife, the issue is moot since it's obviously not meeting your needs. So, if you are going to continue on the same diet, then it seems prudent to take Methylcobalamin B12 at a minimal dosage for the rest of your lives.

To start, you can follow the instructions on my Vitamin B12 Deficiency Treatment page. There is almost no way to overdose on Vitamin B12 and the excess will get stored in the liver, so there is no reason not to start out with a VERY high dose to see if you can relieve her symptoms quickly.

Then you can decrease the dosage once she is feeling better. I'd continue taking a relatively high dosage for several months after she feels better and then you can drop down to even just one 5000 mg tablet per month (remember it gets stored, so there's no need to take it every day).

You may also want to get a Vitamin D Test done as most people- omnivores and vegetarians alike- are often very deficient and that can contribute to many different symptoms.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System


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Methy B12 Follow Up and Hair Loss
by: Teddy

Thank you so much for responding so quickly to my earlier questions. It can be difficult to locate reliable information coupled with compassionate support, especially on the internet and we are very grateful. There is a point or two that I need to ask for clarification on, however I wanted to first say that I am not looking for a diagnosis, but to discuss my wife and my symptoms that SEEM like they could be related to B12 deficiency - to give some background as to why we are taking Methyl B12, (we are on day 2).

For the past 5 years, (perhaps up to 8 years) neither of us has supplemented with B12, and we have been on strict and at most times very limited vegetarian diets. Since 2007 our hair began to gradually thin. With the onset of sudden and sustained stress in 2009 (that hasn't yet stopped) we both experienced much more extreme hair loss during the past 6 months - my wife lost nearly 1/2 the hair on her head and I experienced hair loss in a very similar way, (all over the head, evenly) as well as each of us feeling fatigue much more often than normal.

I experienced quite a bit of twitching/tremor from the abdominal region and we have both suffered in the areas of short-term memory. I have heard these symptoms could be from many factors, however we both have the same vegetarian diet which contains little if any B12 and my wife has literally had every blood test under the sun and nothing showed a sign of any problem - her B12 even came back as 'normal' although in the low side of the range.

My wife's goal in taking Methyl B12 is to regrow her hair. I would like the same thing, and to also fix all the other symptoms we each have that seem related to B12.

My first question is: Do you have any information/anecdotes you can share about hair loss due to B12 deficiency? I would specifically like to know if you have seen or heard of B12 supplementation restoring hair growth, (when the initial loss was related to deficiency, of course.)

My next few questions are: I am doing my best to follow your guidelines on finding the correct B12 dosage for yourself, given in your B12 article. My wife and I are taking between 7,000 & 10,000mcg of methyl B12 each day, however we have only been supplementing for 2 days. At this dosage level, what kind of time frame might we be looking at before our symptoms go away and hair regrowth begins? Is this 7,000-10,000mcg dose too much for a daily dose or can it be safely sustained for days/weeks/months until symptoms subside and hair grows back?

When you mentioned that in one study 10,000 mcg was taken, does this refer to a daily dose or a less frequent dosage?

Finally, what would you call a daily high dose of B12 that could be safely sustained?


by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Teddy,

So, this seems like there is much more to this than JUST being B12 deficient. I do understand that her B12 level was 'low normal', but if you read my page on Vitamin B12 Levels, you'll see that really means pretty much nothing and that her fatigue is probably more accurate.

I DO think that you should get a vitamin d level. That could very much be a part of your problem.

So, I can't give you specific dosage information. That is 'advice' and I can only give you 'information'. All of the information about dosage ranges is on the dosage page that I sent you to and you'll have to make your own decisions about how much, if any, to take. Sorry. It's just the way that it works.

As far as how long it'll be before you're better or how long to stay on vitamin B12 to fix your problems- you're assuming that Vitamin B12 deficiency IS your problem and it's your ONLY problem.

A couple of things concern me and/or make me believe that it's not your only problem- if it's even your problem at all.

First, I've never ever heard a vegetarian say that they had a 'limited' vegetarian diet, so I'm curious what that means. I've had vegetarians who eat nothing but white flour pasta and white bread tell me that they eat 'healthy' and who believe that they couldn't possibly eat any better. So, you saying that your diet is 'limited vegetarian' makes me VERY curious to know what you and your wife are eating.

Next, I find it VERY strange that both your symptoms are almost the same and that they started at about the same time. Assuming that you and your wife are not closely genetically related, genetics would have nutrient deficiencies act very different on the two of you and probably have problems starting at different times.

So, it almost makes me think that something else is going on. But as far as symptoms of B12 deficiency, only the fatigue and brain fogthat you are experiencing is a common Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms. The twitching/ tremors and hair loss are not generally associated with B12 deficiency.

So, my thoughts are that you two are either really really deficient in a LOT of things- including protein and/or healthy fats and you are simply 'generally' malnourished. OR you have had some sort of chemical or heavy metal exposure.

So, I'm interested in hearing about your diet because getting the same symptoms at the same time and losing your hair is just odd and seems strange.

How much methyl B-12 can I give my 5 year old?
by: KTUA

So I've been reading up on Methyl B-12, but wanting to give it to my 5 year old who has a language comprehension delay, and has trouble focusing. How much should I give him? I have the Methyl b12 dots that dissolve in your mouth in 5000mgs... is that too much for him?

Can't answer questions about how much 'can' someone take
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!


Unfortunately, I can't really answer questions about how much 'can' someone take or how much 'should' someone take, etc. Those types of questions are best answered by people who actually see your child in person and know him. I can only give information on which you can make your own decisions about.

Methyl B12 is being used by tens of thousands of children across the planet with VERY few problems, so it's been shown to be very safe for children in the high dosages used in the autism spectrum disorders...

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects


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have some sense
by: Anonymous

eat a steak or some mussels.

Shows you know little to nothing about B12 deficiency
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

A comment like that shows that you know little to nothing about the nature and causes of Vitamin B12 deficiency. Yes, vegans are prone to Vitamin B12 deficiency, but many omnivores have it too. In fact, B12 deficiency is widespread- and eating a steak is not going to correct a deficiency that has progressed to the point of being symptomatic which, since the liver stores large amounts of, takes over 3 years of deficiency in order to finally become depleted.

So, 'eating a steak' is not going to replace the tens of thousands of MILLIGRAMS (a steak contains about 10 to 20 MICROgrams) of Vitamin B12 that will be needed in order to correct a deficiency and start to reverse symptoms.

Kerri Knox, RN

b12 deficiency / hair loss / overdosing
by: Anonymous

Hi Kerry, Yes methyl B12 does help to regrow hair loss as seen on the inside out programme,where Dr. Joseph Chandy, G.P. gave it to 700 of his patients who were showing signs of deficiency. One had depression and had alopecia and her hair grew back. Also patient with M.S. started making huge progress. Please note some people, like myself cannot excrete excess quickly enough so get overdose symptoms which can be fatal if ignored. Mine was severe headach, chest pains and bachache. So although I have been an updiagnosed deficient for 32 years, with chronic fatigue and allergies and after pregnancy, thanks to methyl B12 sublingual I'm now recovering and enjoying much better health, I don't take my sublingual every day. The most sensible approach is to ensure the B12 is in a sublingual,methyl form and that, once you have taken in for a week or two and are starting to recover take it every other day or twice a week. Remember, at 1mg. dose the liver will be storing loads which will keep you going for a good while and the body only needs tiny amounts to function optimally. So putting more in is not necessary and could be dangerous. lOOK AT wise / the most common side effects of B12 suppimentation. I'm recomending it to all my pale and pasty looking, cranky, creaky friends but with that cautionary not. I hope this helps.

mcg not mg
by: Dr. Glen Swartwout

You meant 5000 mcg once a month for Methylcobalamin.

by: Anonymous

I have 2 A1298 mutated genes. I was told by my dr. to take 5000mg of methyl b12. It makes me severely tired and dragging. I take that dose once a day. Am I getting to much ? I also take 15mg of methylfolate. Anither dr. Wanted me to give myself a 3000mg shot of methyl b12 every 3 days but I didn't want to poke myself every 3 days for the rest of my life. So I'm just taking the capsules.

Thank you for your time

by: Kerri Knox

Many people can get easily 'overmethylated' from taking Methyl B12 when they have a methylation problem. I don't have a page on it, but if you just google 'overmethylation' maybe that will be of help.

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