Could Bloating and Severe Digestive Symptoms be H Pylori?

I have had problems with bloated stomach since 2006 and I have gone to various doctors etc with no results. They all say IBS. It is not IBS. First i was on atkins and I am not overweight, I just wanted to lose like 6 pounds, AFter i got off of it, I started eating whole grains, lots of wheat products and thats when it all started. I gained like 20 pounds in a month, my face would look bloated, i looked like six months prego all the time. I couldn't fit into my clothes because of my distended belly, pressure, knee pain, burping all the time no matter what I would drink, water anything. Gas, lower back pain, sometimes upper back pain, sometimes smell of ammonia in my urine, tired all the time, memory problems, then my gyno said it could be my uterine fibroids because they were large and pushing on my colon so i had a myomectomy and one year later I now have uterine prolapse and slight rectal prolapse stage one and my stomach bloating is still present just not as bad. Is it related? Doctors say no. They say is digestive.

I don't know if its related or not or if its from straining due to constipation from this stomach issue. All I know is I'm falling apart. I'm only 42, never had kids, I'm not overweight so none of this makes sense. Tested negative for Celiac, had upper GI, lower GI, ct scan, allergy testing, etc and doctors cannot find out anything. They say I'm fine. Then I decided that I am going back on atkins, This whole time doctors say no atkins eat more fiber which makes it worse. I go back on atkins and all of my symptoms disappear flat stomach, no bloating, feel like a million bucks. So I start food testing. I eat a piece of whole grain bread- bam I wake up the next am with stomach bloating and pressure, I try eating something with MSG in it bam stomach bloating, have some salsa and bam my stomach bloats, ingredients were vinegar, yeast, maltodextrin, anything that is a carb except for rice and potato, bam my stomach bloats. Also I get stuffed up nose, burning eyes, sinus headache for days and it won't go away till i can go to the bathroom. Coors light, - bam I get thee same symptoms. I don't know whats wrong with me, but before I get the uterus issue fixed, i need to find out what is causing the bloating so I don't have to keep having surgeries

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You have gluten sensitivity
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

You have gluten sensitivity. I don't CARE that you've been tested for every allergy under the sun and that you tested negative for Celiac Disease. Gluten sensitivity is NOT an allergy, it is an autoimmune disease, and you can have (and you certainly DO have) Non Celiac Gluten Intolerance.

If you are miserable and feel better when you are on Atkins, then why are you listening to your doctors not to be on Atkins? Besides, you don't need to be on Atkins to feel better, you can find WHICH carbohydrate foods you CAN eat by going on Atkins (with LOTS of vegetables for plenty of fiber) until you feel better and then add in usually non-allergic carbohydrate foods like beans, sweet potatoes and lentils and determine which foods cause your symptoms and which don't. Add in a new food every 2 to 3 days until you have tested enough foods to have a semi-normal diet and avoid the foods that make you feel bad.

This is NOT complicated if you already know that an Atkins diet relieves your symptoms. Just call this an expanded Atkins diet.

You already know that MSG is a no-no and beer is a no-no, so find which foods you CAN eat, added in one at a time at a rate of one new food no more frequently than one every 2 days, and eat only those foods that you can eat and still feel well. If you keep waiting for your doctors to decide what's good for you to eat, then you are going to be suffering for a LONG time...

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects

PS: Don't forget that I wrote the book on H pylori. Get The H Pylori Solution today and end your struggle with this infection.

I know exactly how you feel.
by: Cindi

I discovered a year ago that I had a problem with gluten on my own. Like you, I put on 15 lbs in a very short period of time and also was extremely bloated and had to go up about two sizes in clothing. Once I did tons of research on gluten intolerance and changed the way I was eating (majority of the time) I felt like a different person.

It is more than worth a try in your case. Sounds like you have noticed a difference with some things that you consume. For me, cutting out things that made me feel terrible was pretty easy but I still slip once in awhile and a year later I am never bloated anymore and best of all I have lost nearly 20lbs, doing nothing different but staying away from gluten. Good luck, hope you feel better soon.

omg I have suffered from horrible bloating to in stomach
by: shannon osburn

Hi. I'm 40 and I've been suffering from bloating that makes me look like I'm 6 months prego, too. Its real hard round makes my belly button stick out,the pressure is almost unbareable. I feel foggy headed,short term memory loss ,rapid weight gain and fatigue. It started a couple yrs ago. I tried a gluten free diet for 9 months. Most of the exaggerated symptoms went away. But if I got some gluten accidentally it was back with a vengence. It is difficult to eat out. I never felt full. I didn't lose that much weight but stomach was flat. I started eating wheat again last Nov. It took a couple months symptoms back and more weight gain just in 2 months. I'm going to try gluten free again. Good luck. Try the gluten free diet I bet you will feel better before going under the knife. Don't be their Guinea pig. I've been on that roller coaster ride its not necessary. Keep me updated.

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