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Did Your Doctor Check Your Hormones....
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Anna,

There is no evidence in the literature that it does, but I've also had a couple of other people ask me the same question on the page entitled Vitamin D Causing Irregular Menses?.

But there's not been any answers to this yet- and even if you get treated and your menses return, it may be 'coincidental' and there is no way of knowing 100% for sure.

I'm curious, though, why your doctor is being so aggressive about giving you drugs because of a couple of missed periods. It's certainly a concern of WHY you are missing your periods, but it's not as if missing a period is dangerous.

Your body is telling you something. Instead of forcing your cycle with drugs and hormones, why not use the opportunity to figure out what is going on?

Stress can certainly cause missed periods due to Adrenal Gland Fatigue inducing a phenomenon known as Pregnenolone Steal.

Stress would be the number one priority issue to address and the most likely cause and you may want to take a look at the book Women, Hormones & the Menstrual Cycle for more information on that.

But there are hundreds of others reasons why you might have missed your period (assuming that you are not pregnant of course):

Are you in menopause?

Are you underweight? Overweight?

Exercising too much? Exercising too little?

Are you hypothyroid?

Gluten Sensitivity can lead to irregular menses and Gluten Sensitivity and Infertility has a strong link.

Eating out of plastic containers and exposing yourself to the hormone disruptor BPA? How about other 'Xenoestrogenic' (estrogen mimicking) Environmental Toxins.

Since missed periods are your body's way of saying 'Hey,something's wrong', taking drugs and hormones to induce it may not let you find out the cause of your problem. By letting it do what it needs to do, when you start cycling normally again, you'll know that you are on the right track for finding out what's going on.

Vit d deficiency and missed periods
by: Anonymous

My periods have been very rare for past 18 months. Every 65-90 days apart. 2 months ago had vit d test because wasn't feeling well. Very tired but couldn't sleep. Aching bones. Weird feeling. Test shown range of 17 which was borderline severe. After treatment for 2 months my last 2 periods have been back to normal ( unfortunately ) lol. I feel this is definatley connected.

Connection between vitamin D deficiency and periods
by: Anonymous

I had missed my period for 2 months. Also had severe bone pain. Got tested- vitamin D level was 6. After the treatment my periods are normal. At least in my case there was perfect relationship between vitamin D deficiency and periods.

Now after few years when my period gets delayed I take D suppliment and get it in few days.

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