Blood Test Levels for Gluten

by Gary Merel
(Ann Arbor, MI )

I have an acupuncture and enzyme nutrition practice in Ann Arbor MI. I routinely suggest that my patients get tested for gluten sensitivity/intolerance. Since I am not an MD they need a blood draw req from their MD.

I ask for IgM, IgG, IgA, Endomysial Antibodies (lgA EMA), Transglutaminase (tTG), Gliadin, Gluten to be tested. There is even conflicting info as to what should be tested, ie should AGA be tested.

There is a lot of conflicting information as to what constitutes "normal" levels of each. Could you shed some light on your clinical experience as what what your look for and test for especially since 60% of patients are asyptomatic of GI problems.

Thanks you:

Gary Merel

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Could a Battery of Negative Blood Tests for Gluten Have Missed Something

by Laura

I'm desperately trying to figure out the cause of my stomach issues. After reading this article I wonder if my chronic sinus infections (for many years) and my bodies inability to clear the HPV infection for 1.5 yrs is contributed to gluten intolerance?

Every evening, without fail my stomach becomes very bloated and I get the worst case of gas that is sometimes followed by pain. It has become so constant that in ways I fear that time of day because it makes me not want leave my house and go out.

I've tried eliminating fake fiber, fake sugar (except for an occasional slice of gum or diet soda/sparking water) and dairy from my diet to no avail.

For a little background; at the age of 16 I was sent to a pediatric GI Dr due to blood work coming back showing I might have Celiacs disease. During the time I was experiencing severe lower abdominal pains followed by multiple trips to the bathroom that would put me down for hours. I was not experiencing my current issues at that time and for the most part, those issues have subsided.

Anyway, I was put through a battery of tests including by not limted to Celiac's Disease, Lactose Intolerance and Crohns Disease (crohns disease runs in my family as well as other stomach issues). Everything came back negative and the dr's told me I had IBS and sent me on my way.

Does this sound something relating to gluten intolerance or even Celiacs Disease?

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Positive Gliadin IGG, IGA Blood Tests

by Amy Shipman
(Broken Arrow, OK)

My mother and my oldest child have been diagnosed with full blown Celiac Disease. My 5 year old son was recently tested. His PCP called to tell me that his results were negative.

When I asked to have a copy of the results, I noticed that the Gliadin IGA, IGG levels were 2 & 15, respectively. Does this mean that there is in fact an immune response happening with gluten and that my son has an actual diagnosed "Gluten sensitivity"?

My pediatrician knows nothing about Celiac Disease or Gluten intolerance and shows no desire to learn. He treats me like I'm an overreacting mother that actually WANTS my children to have this issue. Of course I do not, but I also do not want to leave something undiagnosed when it is such a logical fix.

With the given information, do you feel it is enough to diagnose a sensitivity and go straight to the diet without looking back or should we actually do the challenge?

Also so much of the modifications for this lifestyle require doctor's notes (ie using a microwave at school etc) as we've found with my daughter. But if my pediatrician is already convinced my son is negative how should I approach it with him in order to help him see the necessity of this diet for my son?

And lastly, I have been told that any test before age 5 is unreliable. Is this true or can I have my 1 year old tested with blood panel now?

Thank you for your time! This is an exhausting disease because I feel as though I'm fighting the medical community to accept that it even exists simply because they can not write a script for it. Your knowledge and advice are greatly appreciated!!!

Amy Shipman

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What if blood tests show nothing wrong?

by Kristy Tucek
(Buckeye, AZ)

My doctor recently tested my blood for Celiacs, but he called to say it showed in normal ranges. He did say I could still have Gluten Sensitivity.

I try to eat a Gluten free diet, since I feel better without it. So my question is, since my blood tests showed normal, will it hurt my body if I cheat and eat Gluten occasionally? (other then the discomfort I experience when I eat it)

Thank you for your time,

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