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Any Pain Could Be Vitamin D Deficiency
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Tony,

As crazy as it may sound, it is certainly possible that your pain- especially since it is accompanied by severe fatigue- could be a Symptom of Vitamin D Deficiency.

But since your doctor is down there is sunny Southern California (I'm from Santa Ana myself!), he has NO CLUE how to treat Vitamin D Deficiency. If you read my pages on Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment and on the daily Vitamin D Dosage, you'll see that he is giving you a MAINTENANCE dose for a newborn infant!!!

You'll need to take closer to 10,000 IU's a day to bring up your levels. Either that, or get in a pair of the tinyest bathing trunks that you have and sunbathe as much as you can WITHOUT BURNING. The sunbathing will get you about 20,000 IU's a day with ZERO chance of Vitamin D Toxicity.

But if you are working during the day, then take Vitamin D3 Supplements instead and don't rely on the sun in the evenings- even if it's still light out, you won't get enough vitamin d in the evenings. It needs to be strong sun at this time of year to get the 20,000 IU's a day.

So, really, with a level of 18 ng/ml, you could safely take 20,000 IU's for the first couple of weeks to get your level up more quickly- 1000 IU's a day is seriously an insult to you!!

So, if the vitamin d doesn't help your pain in a month or so, or if you want to jump on something else that could help you out, then it's very possible that you have Gluten Sensitivity- another one of those completely rampant epidemics that doctors just absolutely never ever check for.

Especially since your pain has been SOO pervasive and chronic at such a young age, then anything so problematic- particularly in young people- I suspect that it is a Symptom of Gluten Sensitivity.

So, give those both a try. But if that doesn't work, then you should check out my partner's website The Tendonitis Expert. It doesn't sound so much like tendonitis, but I'm betting that between the two of us, we'll be able to help you out.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System

Vitamin D Deficiency
by: Anonymous

In Dec of 2014 my Vitamin D level was 19.2 and my primary care doc told me to take 2,000 iu every day to bring it up. It was checked in June of 2016 and it increased to 33.9. However I just went for my check up to my GYN and my D level is 33.4. She wants to see the level up to 40 and no less, so she told me to take 1,000 iu daily in addition to my daily multi vitamin that has only 800 iu. I need to have it rechecked in 3 months. This makes sense that the vitamin D deficiency is causing it because I too have been experiencing foot and ankle pain. I also have some in my wrist. I thought it was something else like arthritis since I had experienced a fracture in my foot in 2012. I also had a ganglion cyst removed from my wrist and carpel tunnel surgery on the same wrist in 2012. But I really didn't put two and two together until I remembered when my Mother's D level was also very low that her doctor gave her a prescription pill of 50,000 iu to take once a week. She always complained about her bones hurting so bad it felt like someone was trying to break them in half. She was also very fatigued but I presume that was other medical symptoms from aging too. (God rest her soul she has since passed). I do not go in the sun as much since I have of rosecea. I also am inside all day at my job. Funny thing too, I was always a big milk drinker all my life until recent. All the craze about how drinking cows milk was not good for us humans, I was turned off by it and really almost stopped drinking it. So for now I think I will bump up the Vitamin D dosage by 4,000 iu month and then back down to 2.000 iu a day and see where I end up. And I am going to start drinking more milk too! Glad I read this article!

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