Are you using Safe Cosmetics?
Or are Toxic Chemicals
Making you Sick

Are you using safe cosmetics, or are you putting
environmental toxins onto your skin?

And by cosmetics I mean not just makeup, but lotion, soap, toothpaste, shampoo – just about anything that will come into contact with your skin.

Every day, millions of women spend tens of thousands of dollars on these products. Many of those same women are also suffering from chronic illnesses. Could there be a connection? 

Do you use safe cosmetics

Pharmaceutical companies make billions taking advantage of the skin’s ability to absorb. Nicotine, birth control, pain medicine and blood pressure medicine are among the many medications that are delivered transdermally – absorbed through the skin by using a patch.

This is a well-known phenomenon with medications, so why do we think it would be any different with toxic chemicals?

Our skin actually needs very little care.

It produces its own oils for softness and lubrication and provides effective protection against microorganisms.

We do need to clean and beautify ourselves a certain amount for hygienic and social purposes; but using lotions, conditioners, scrubs, antibacterial soaps and makeup only serve to produce irritated skin, kill good bacteria, and slowly overwhelm us with toxic chemicals.

Ad Agencies and Cosmetics Companies, however, have built
hundred billion dollar industries out of making us think that our faces and bodies needs to be cleansed, toned, moisturized, exfoliated, hydrated, lightened, bronzed, highlighted, reenergized, intensified, fragranced, shined, smoothed, soothed, peeled, glossed, primed, plumped, lifted, and even laser resurfaced!

Along with spending a lot of money on unhealthy cosmetics, we spend a lot of money on antidepressants and psychotherapy because of listening to these same people!

Over-cleansing, clogging your pores, and using products with
environmental toxins may lead directly to disorders of the skin that include anything from acne to infections to eczema. But we don’t think as much about how the thousands of untested toxic chemicals in our cosmetics are absorbed constantly, even while we sleep. And it’s this absorption that may be contributing to the chronic illnesses we claim are from ‘genetics’ or ‘bad luck’.

So, are there any safe cosmetics?

Studies have shown:

• 98% of cosmetics contain toxic chemicals that have had no safety tests

• one of every 30 products sold in the U.S. fails to meet governmental cosmetics safety standards.

• 447 cosmetics that are unsafe when used as directed

• 383 products with ingredients prohibited in cosmetics in Canada, Japan, or the E.U.

What is particularly unnerving is that the FDA has no authority to require that cosmetics be tested for safety before they are sold. You heard that right, the agency responsible for protecting our health has NO authority in this matter.

There are over 60,000 chemicals that have been invented and new toxic chemicals are invented every year that are introduced onto the market without safety tests. The cosmetics industry can choose to use ANY of these chemicals.

Many of these toxic chemicals do not even have to be stated on the label because they can be labeled as ‘fragrance’, ‘natural coloring’ or other such labels. Some of these environmental toxins have KNOWN harmful effects in the body – such as Bisphenol A and antibacterials like triclosan. Others, like nanoparticles have completely unknown effects. Cosmetics companies claim they have done extensive safety testing, but continue to use these toxic chemicals even when there is clear evidence of or the possibility of harm.

So What Are Safe Cosmetics?

No one really knows for sure exactly what constitutes safe cosmetics, but the Environmental Working Group is trying hard to give consumers the best information for making decisions about which cosmetics to use.

In their Safe Cosmetics Database, you can put in the name of over 25,000 products and they will give you a one to ten scale of safety based on information from 50 regulatory and toxicity databases.

What types of problems can toxic cosmetics cause?

Well, many of these products have toxic chemicals in combinations that could create chemical reactions in which the effects are completely unknown. But of the problems that we do know, these environmental toxins can cause:

• Obesity

• Chronic Fatigue

• Various Cancers including Skin Cancer

• Reproductive Problems

• Neurologic problems ranging from brain fog to autism

• Skin problems from irritation to eczema

• Allergies and asthma

• Hormonal Disruptions

If you are suffering from any chronic illnesses, these problems may seem familiar. That's because these toxins may actually be contributing to, or even causing your problems!

So are you using Safe Cosmetics?

No one can be 100% sure, especially since labels don't even tell you what is really in the products.

But there IS an

to finding cosmetics that are designed to protect your health and save you time and money - and you'll probably look better too.


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