Taking 2000 IU's of Vitamin D for Years but I'm Still Deficient

by J. K.

I have been suspicious of a hormone imbalance for years now, and I finally found a Dr. to test me in many areas other than the standard thyroid test. I everything came back normal, except my vit. D level. He put me on 50,000 units twice a week for 6 weeks, and then 2,000 units a day after that.

I have been taking around 2,000 units a day for years, so I am worried about my levels dropping again. I found your site while looking for information and it makes sense to me. I have been taking magnesium for years along with my calcium, but it has been the oxide kind. Could that be why I am vitamin D deficient?

I am also worried about the prescribed vitamin D now (it is D2) and wondered how much I should take of D3 in place of it to "load me up" as the Dr. put it. I have had trouble with my energy level for a long time, but my weight has been an issue the past few years no matter what I do. I have always been able to manage it before, which is one reason why I went in for tests in the first place. I don't know if Vit.D deficiency could have anything to do with that or not. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Is 2000 IU's of Vitamin D a day safe?

by Pam

I have been taking 400iu D3 in my multi vitamins and 1,000iu D3 extra daily.

Then I had seen liguid D3 Have taken up to 1,000 broken up to 3/4x400iu D3 a day.

Is this too much?

I seem to feel better adding the
liquid 3/4x400iu a day. I do ride bike but its in late afternoon 4pm Ohio time. I get sun exposure then 1 hr+.

Altogether I take approximately 2,000+ iu D3 a day. I have had my Vitamin D Level tested. I read that 2000 IU's per day is a safe amount.

Is it?

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How Much Does 2000 IU's of Vitamin D Make Your Level Go Up

by K

If you are vitamin D deficient as 20 and took 2000 units one time of vitamin d3 how much would that cause your level to go up and how long would it take for that to get out of your system?

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My Vitamin D Level is Still Dropping on 2000 IU's Per Day

by Linda
(Altoona, PA)

I have been told I have a low vitamin d level and started taking 2000 IU's per day of d-3. But it is even lower 6 months later...I am 53 and in menopause and am pretty over weight...I also have had arrhythmia and take magnesium for a low level of that also but now that is normal...So I should increase my d level to 5000 IU's and is Vitamin D3 the same as d???

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