When your H Pylori has bee cured by a two week eradication therapy can it come back even after its cured?

by Jennifer Stewart
(Canada, halifax)

Hello, my name is Jennifer Stewart. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia and just found out I have H Pylori in my stomach. It stated out with heart burn about 7-8 years ago and occational burping from gas in my stomach. Then I developed acid reflux every morning which lasted for three years ( sinus feel full everyone morning ) and blowing my nose.

This stage lead to gastritis, where I started having gastric attacks and began having a Gnawing pain in my upper abdomen with excessive burping and sore stomach. I found out to that I cannot eat certain foods like: coffee ( perked only) and that other foods such as bread, tomatoes based foods like: pizza, chili or chili dogs I could not eat any longer. I stopped eating food past 7 pm because your stomach does not digest food when you are napping and sleeping at night.

Eating late at night: or eating things such as chips, fizzy pop, perkulated coffee, chocolate, cakes, cookies and some processed foods like already prepared foods. I have been taking tecta for three years now so I can digest my food. Doctors had no answers to my acid reflux problems ever morning which started before my gastritis problems ( like gastric attacks that can give you gnawing abdominal pain under your ribs, vomiting, tiredness from the attack, sweating episodes, severe stomach pain, excessive burping for hours.

I have tired the allergy specialists, stomach digestion pills called tecta to reduce my digestive issues. They do help digest your food. But you have to be moving during the day. Do not eat late at night if you have digestive issues because food does not digest while you are sleeping and the food is sitting in your stomach over night in flaming your stomach lining.

So my moral of this story is that the H Pyloir germ lives in your stomach since childhood and the transfer is caused by saliva and feces when not washing your hands. Two out of theree individuals have this germ in their stomach but do not get any symptoms. Some other people develop H Pyloir symptoms such as: Constant heart burn, acid reflux symptoms ( such as blowing nose in morning and spitting out the same which irritates your esphogas and can cause yeast growth on your toung and throat).

When having a gastric attack you will have either: long burping episodes, gnawing pain under ribs, sometimes vomiting, black tarry stools, sweating, hard to breath because of this gnawing constant pain. You will also have extreame unexplained tiredness after these attacks.

Ulcers are the cause of these symptons that cause gatritis. So to sum things up I am now taking three different types of antibiotics for a two weeks period, 8 pills a day for 14 days to try to kill this bacteria.

Doctors will then check again after 4 weeks to see if you have gotten rid of this germ. It's quite the process to get rid of this germ because the 1 st treatment might not work or you will have to do a second and third dose or switch to another type that will eradicate the germ. The H Pylori germ you get in childhood and can have it for a life time.

Some people never get side effects from it and never get complications from it. Others that do get H Pylori symptoms tend to be adults that are under high stress, smokers, those who use Iborprohen or Advil a lot, those who eat late at night when stomach does not digest food. To sum up the symptoms of H Plyori: heart burn, daily stomach issues, excessive burping, acid reflux symptoms that appear as sinus issues ( the germ works its way up into the esophagus and irritates the way you swallow, white toung, canditta in your esophagus, or a feeling of a lump in your

So if you have any of these problems you should get checked through your family doctor or a walk in clinic. Write down all your symptoms and make note when acid reflux is bad or when you have gastric attacks. The blood tests are not so relaiable so ask for: a blood test, urine test, and very important a stool sample. The blood test finds the antibodies that fight the virus, but the stool test will detect quickly the H Pylori germ itself. Kerri's note: no it doesn't, it detects an ANTIGEN that H Pylori puts off as a waste product.

Two out of three people have this germ. It's damage comes slow because of the germ eating your stomach lining over a long period of time. The ulcers really cause you problems with digestion. At this point things get way worse and then you can get: a leaky gut, your small intestine may block stomach digestion completely or your can develop stomach cancer from tumours. I most people the germ cause no symptoms, but in others that are smokers under high stress and use iboprohen or Advil a lot they seem to be susceptible to the germ to grow quickly.

So if you know anyone that has excessive heartburn, abdominal pain under their ribs, excessive burping for hours, acid reflux everyday ( usually in morning), or others that eat a lot of tums and rolaids, stomach pain from coffee or certain foods daily, they should be checked for the H Pylori germ.

You can get the germ again but it takes a long time before symptoms appear. You can test your whole family but if they are not having stomach issues or acid reflux then you shouldn't bother. This is because they can pick it up sometime again in the future. When you start to see signs of constant heart burn or stomach upset or acid reflux every morning then I suggest you get tested for H Pylori before going to an allergy specialist. The acid in your stomach can cause it to go up into your throats and sinus that may appear as a sinus infection that can't be cued.

But the H Plyori Germ is growing rapidly in your stomach when the conditions are right. That's when you start to see symptoms appear. After six years of dealing with these issues I am happy that there is a cure. Time will tell, after two weeks of 8 pills a day for 14 days. This and other treatments can bring your stomach back to normal and naturally rebuild your lining so your food can digest properly without causing you pain. I still don't eat past 7 pm, you should let your food digest 2-3 hours before you sleep or take a nap to prevent gastric attacks. Tea has 70% less caffeine so you should have an attack if you have ulcers. You should see a gastronologist to see how bad your ulcers are and to make a new diet plan to heal those ulcers along with medication therapy. I will let you know my progress so I can help others who are going though the same symptoms.

Ask me questions if you like because I know how all my symptoms started and what each symptom turned into. I am hoping my first treatment of antibiotics cues this. I am currently on amoxiciallan 500 mg, clarithromycin 500 mg, and Mylan Lansoprazole 30 mg. If you are getting tested for this bacteria do not take Rolaids, pepto bismol, or any other acid treatments it could effect your test results for H Pylori.

You also can't take any types of stomach pills like tecta, dexilant etc while you are taking these antibiotics, they will I interact with how the medication is killing the germ. Ask your doctor and pharasist about medication interactions and diet to heal the germ and your ulcers. Good Luck!!!

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