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Sigh... It' s NOT high..
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Your vitamin d level is NOT high, it's at the very top of the OPTIMAL range. Please please read my page on Normal Vitamin D Levels. The information that would have answered your question is ALREADY on multiple pages of this site and you would have been able to stop worrying long ago if you'd have just read around my site a little bit.

In any case, you probably just get sun. If you get sun year round, then you WOULD have a Vitamin D Level of 80 ng/ml. Your level is perfect and it means that you are getting exactly the amount of vitamin d that you need to. PLEASE ignore your doctors telling you that it's 'High'. They do NOT know what they are talking about and tell them to STOP telling you and others that a level of 80 is high. It's not and that's TOTALLY unethical to be telling people that there might be something wrong with them when there is not..

Kerri Knox RN

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
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Is my Vit D really high?
by: Anonymous

I was told my level of Vit D (77) was high and should cut back on my pills. I usually take 5000 daily as this was prescribed for me as I am 74 yr old male with diabetes and have been a complete T4 para for 30 years. i understood that I needed higher levels so as to build my bone structure and possibly prevent breaking bones.


50 to 70 or 80 is considered 'optimal', so it's maybe on the high side, but I'd hardly call it 'high'. Unless you have high calcium levels, then you are not toxic.

There are also some conditions, such as MS that can benefit from levels as high as 100 ng/ml. At a level of 77 and taking 5000 IU's a day, there is no evidence that that will do you any harm and COULD do some good to keep it on the higher end of the spectrum. Keep track of it every few months and maybe don't take your supplements if you get sun in the summer, but otherwise, I'd rather be at 77 than at 20.

Kerri KNox, RN

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