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low vitamin d
by: Anonymous

I was just diagnosed with low vitamin d and i have also gained weight at the same time.

I thought that it was b/s. I wasn't exercising due to the pain and being tired all the time.

Vitamin D deficiency and weight gain
by: Anonymous

I too could not understand why I was gaining weight. I exercised 4 times or more a week, hardly ate anything. I was becoming very upset and frustrated. After several doctor visits my doctor called me after my blood work was done and told me she was excited to tell me that she is almost positive that my weight gain was from a serious vitamin D deficiency, so I started taking high doses of it.

When I finally went back 6 months later, I had lost most of the weight, but not all of it. But I was happy and so was my doctor. I am also dealing with menopause, I am 55 yrs. old.

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