Weight gain and inablilty to gain weight are both symptoms of gluten sensitivity?

There are some bits of correct information on this website. However there is a great deal of misleading and/or incorrect information.

First, how are both weight gain and the inability to gain weight symptoms of gluten sensitivity? They can't both be symptoms!

Next, simple gluten intolerance can be uncomfortable, but the symptoms are fleeting. The good news is that gluten intolerance is not a food allergy, and eating gluten does not usually cause damage - unless you have celiac disease.

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You are as badly informed as doctors I'm afraid..
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Thanks for sending in a question and letting me know of what you believe are inconsistencies in my website. It would have been even MORE appreciated if you were to have left your information in order to get a response.

I'm HAPPY to communicate with anyone who believes that the information on my site is incorrect. Anytime that I'm found to be wrong, I'll correct it! I consider the information on my site to be 'bulletproof' because I research it extensively and with high integrity.

Unfortunately, in this case, I'll not be changing my information to reflect your 'mainstream' view of gluten intolerance that is badly misinformed and is one of the reasons that people suffer with gluten intolerance and Celiac for (on average) a full decade before a diagnosis is given.

First: Yes, BOTH weight gain AND inability to gain weight can be symptoms of gluten sensitivity- but NOT, obviously, in the same person at the same time! Everyone experiences their symptoms differently, which is why it has been called 'The Great Imitator'. 'Classic' symptoms of Celiac generally include the inability to gain weight, but if everyone had the 'classic' symptoms, it wouldn't take 10 years to get diagnosed!!

A study entitled, 'Overweight in Celiac Disease...' echoes this and states that overweight Celiac patients may get a delayed diagnosis due to this ignorance.

Second: as far as gluten intolerance being 'fleeting' and not causing damage, I think that the people in This Study with an "...erroneous diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus. The correct diagnosis of gluten sensitivity was made after years of treatment with steroids..." would disagree with you on both counts.

So, thanks for writing in, but your perpetuation of the 'Myths' of celiac disease are why I started this website. Thanks for writing in!

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System

my mom gained weight (and a couple questions)
by: Lorne Fisher

Hello, I am pretty sure I must have a rough case of sensitivity but my mother has it even worse. I can't remember if she ever got tested, I'm pretty sure she did - but was in her forties. She actually had problems with weight gain! I have always attributed that to her lack of energy and depression which was a result the constant pain. I know she had alot of thyroid problems and she was on countless anti-depressants over the years. When she heard about Celiacs and gluten sensitivity/intolerance she tried it out and I swear she must have shed twenty years in a couple months...

I sometimes cheat on my gluten-free diet (my wife gets angry when I do - she says I've been "Glutened!") and pay for it with gas, sometimes quite severe digestional pain and even once in a while some bleeding when at the toilet (#2). I just wondered how bad it has to be to be considered full-on Celiacs?

My other question is about gluten levels in wheaty and other grainy foods. I feel basically no pain at all when I eat a burrito, so I do. But sometimes when I'm being bad I'll have a slice of pizza - I've noticed that sometimes I feel no pain and other times it's just not pretty... So the question is: Has there ever been any quantification of gluten levels in various foods and wouldn't this be sort of valuable as a way to quantify one's personal level of sensitivity to specific amounts of gluten? I know that if a person has any sensitivity, the smart choice is to stay away from gluten altogether but I'm pretty curious... Thanks!
-Lorne Fisher

Answers to gluten questions...
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Lorne,

So, you're questions are pretty detailed. I do know that there HAS been some quantification of gluten in foods, but you'd just have to search around to find it. My focus on this website isn't solely to gluten, but just getting people to understand the benefits of being on a Gluten Free Diet, why they should and to try it out.

But there ARE websites dedicated solely to answering very specific questions like what foods have gluten, etc.

As far as what is the difference between Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease is when you have enough intestinal damage in order to show up on a biopsy.

As far as doctors are concerned, unless you are positive on biopsy then you are not a celiac. But you can't be diagnosed while on a gluten free diet, so if your symptoms are so bad that you can't eat gluten, then you will never get a diagnosis and you will technically never be a celiac.

But sometimes, true celiac's have very mild symptoms, while some people with Gluten Sensitivity can be really really sick. So, it's not a measure of severity of illness, only whether a doc can diagnose you or not.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System

Even tiny amount
by: Jeanette

Hi there,

I discovered my gluten problems after years of joint pain, headaches, weight gain, alternating loo problems, bloating, flatulence, cramps, only two months ago when it turned into a full blown nightmare. Some of my joints became red and inflamed, swollen, so much so I could hardly walk I started throwing up, abdominal pain, bloating beyond, headache and I felt really ill. It was after I had a mouth of of what I thought was rice pasta, it turned out to be wheat pasta.
I had been avoiding wheat and gluten for some time as I just felt better and well on it, minor symptoms if contaminated until just two months ago.
I now have to watch everything I eat. I had beef jerky after a gym session and low and behold what I thought was just dried meat had wheat in it! Result? All the same symptoms came back with a vengeance.
I will not eat gluten for weeks on end just to go for a biopsy! I would last a day eating gluten! I would get so ill. That little piece of jerky cost me more than a week of illness and feeling tired and sore for a while after!
I will be subscribing to your news letter, thank you so much for such a informative website! Here's to symptom free eating!

Why do doctors have a tough time telling their patients go gluten free?
by: Lisa

I totally agree with everything you have written. I believe every chronic illness begins in the gut. My 10 year old diabetic Type 1 son was tested for celiac. His IGa antibody result was low and deficient. His celiac result I think TTg AB IGA was high at 91.

We have two of us with hashimotos gluten free and a son with CVID non celiac like sprues in small intestine with some non cancer nodules. He just went gluten free. Doc said possible sensitivity. More than likely my diabetic son should be gluten free. Instead of going through the biopsy wouldn't u be confident enough to say he should be gluten free?

My CVID son was told his illness is hereditary. But what if we would have known about this sensitivity when he was younger and any other food issues? Do u think through years of damage he was always sick because of the damage in his gut? I kind of feel this way.

He receives weekly subq infusions which have really helped but the beginning of GF diet healed him up during a major sinus infection. Now his IGA IGG IGM remain deficient but the GF diet seems to be the solution to remaining healthy.

Using plenty of vitamin C and other great supplements supports his immune system. Healing his leaky gut is another aid to his problem. Many think I am nuts but when u constantly take ur children to Drs or hospital u do enough research and trial by error and learn for yourself. Thanks in advance for answering and commenting.

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