Vitamin d3 dose

by mike

my vitamin d level was 5.7 ng/ml before 2 months of treatment and today it's to 28 ng/ml (after 2 months). I take 4 capsules (each 1000 IU)daily so i take 4000 IU of vitamin d3 daily

but in the last 2 weeks i took 6 capsules (each 1000IU) SO ITS 6000 IU daily
my symptoms improved and i feel better but still have ringing in ear and my vision still not improved.

My question : should i take 4000IU daily (4 capsules x 1000 IU) OR reduce the dose to only 2000IU??? I'm afraid that vitamin d3 dose can hurt kidneys and liver???

So please tell me what i should do??

Note: i am 22 years old and my bmi is 33 (225 pound and 177cm)

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Please read my page on Vitamin D Therapy
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Please read and follow the instructions on my page on Vitamin D Therapy which outlines exactly how to treat vitamin d deficiency step by step.

Vitamin d does NOT NOT NOT cause liver problems (I don't know where you got that from) and it only leads to kidney stones when you become TOXIC. And you are FAR from being toxic and in fact, you are still deficient.

If you are having headaches and such with the vitamin d, then you are MAGNESIUM DEFICIENT and need more magnesium, as I outline on my page on Magnesium and Vitamin D. All of this is discussed on the Vitamin d therapy page.

Kerri Knox, RN

Thanks for the reply
by: Mike in California

Thank u very much for your reply
you know that my vitamin d level rises from 5.7 ng/dl to 28 ng/dl in 45 days and i will keep taking 4000 IU but i have 2 problems and need your help

i want to ask u 2 questions :
Q.1 : I have dry eyes and Inflammation of the eyelids and red eyes before 2 months until now ,and recently i notice some floaters specially when i look to sky or light colors like white ,and most of my vitamin d deficiency improved but not the eye's related "my eyes have not been red any more but i still have dry eyes and i am taking eyes drops"and i have floaters are these eye problems linked to vitamin d deficiency specially that i am always have normal eyes and normal vision but just before 2 months i notice CHANGES IN EYES AND VISIONS ??
i am really afraid of my eyes and visions

Q.2:Before 2 months and until now i have continuous ringing in ears that never stop and most of my vitamin d deficiency improved but the ringing in ears have not improved and i went to a doctor and he remove ears wax one month ago but i still have the problems ,so is the ringing linked to vitamin d deficiency? and if so when i feel an improve??

Note: could the minerals like magnesium have a role in ringing in the ears,and if so which type of magnesium should i buy?

Ringing in the Ears
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Ringing in the ears
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

For one thing, 28 ng/ml is still quite deficient. Why are you taking a maintenance dose of 4000 IU's at this point. You should be treating it as deficiency still and be taking higher dosages. 4000 IU's per day is a dose to MAINTAIN levels, not increase them. And your level is actually still quite low. Please see my page on Normal Vitamin D Levels.

Next, I know of not a single person who has complained of dry eyes after taking vitamin d. I would have no idea why you have this problem.

The ringing in your ears, I've discussed many many times on this site. Please see some of the many threads that are already going on, such as the pages on Ringing in the Ears after Taking Vitamin D.

As far as what kind of magnesium and how much to take to remedy this, I've already written pages on this and answered hundreds of questions on it. Please see my page on Magnesium Dosage here.

Kerri Knox, RN

by: Mike in California

Now my vitamin d level is about 75 to 80 nmol/dl and i still
take 5000 IU (5 capsules x 1000IU)
and i am recently notice i have something like "headache" or "brain fog" i feel like my head is heavy and this last for hours >>this feeling come to me after i go back to home since i go to college in morning i don't know if that related to tired of 5 minutes walking !! i don't think so
or is it related to MAGNESIUM DEFICIENCY ...but i eat dates or peanuts daily to get some Magnesium >>i read your page about
Vitamin D and Magnesium


1-Do u think i MUST take MAGNESIUM with the 5000IU VITAMIN D3
since my MAGNESIUM level is NORMAL (2.1)? if so what kind of

2-another point , u mention that Vitamin D 'used up' the Magnesium when converting it to "active form" and i think this mean converting D2 TO D3 ....but i take a dose of ( D3 )
and hence i don't need to take Magnesium supplements.
i asked my doctor and he said "MAGNESIUM is NOT NECESSARY!!!)

Thank u

Units of Vitamin D
by: Mike in California

I don't understand the units of vitamin d that you posted
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Mike,

I don't understand the units of vitamin d that you posted. Vitamin d levels are either in units of ng/ml or nmol/L. So, could you please read your units again? Usually in the US, units are in the form of ng/ml, if so then that means that your vitamin d levels are great. If they are in the units of nmol/L, then they are horrible and you need to bring up your levels a LOT. Could you read the units along with the 'normal range' that it says on your lab test.

Also, please read my page on Magnesium Levels. If you are having symptoms of magnesium deficiency, then you could be magnesium deficient despite having completely normal levels - and despite your doctor saying that you don't need it.

While headache is often a symptom of vitamin d deficiency, brain fog is not, so I'm not sure what is going on. And NO, when I say that vitamin d needs magnesium to be converted into it's active form in the blood, both vitamin d2 and vitamin d3 need to be converted into a DIFFERENT substance that is what your body actually uses. You use up magnesium regardless of which form of vitamin d you use.

Kerri Knox, RN

by: Mike in California

by: Mike

thank u for replying

oh yeah -its 80 nmol/L AND NOT IN ng/dl ,i am sorry i didn't
notice the unit.

About' BRAIN FOG ' it maybe not the good word to describe my
case because it seem like my all head is heavy and that my head is located at pressure from all sides i cannot concentrate but its stays for 1-2 hours "its continuous and then disappear so i think maybe i CHOOSE THE WRONG WORD!!
and i read that 'brain fog' is NOT come and go !!

Also i feel like UNBALANCED feeling like someone pull me from behind and that i will fall from behind and sometimes i feel
exactly the same feeling when you are in' lift and it suddenly stopped'
are these linked to vitamin d deficiency?

Not sure what that sensation is
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Not sure what that sensation is
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Mike,

OK, so you are still QUITE vitamin d deficient. 5000 IU's is not going to get your levels up. 5000 IU's a day is the dose for an adult male to simply maintain his levels, you need a higher dosage in order to increase levels. Please see my page on Vitamin D Therapy and follow the instructions.

That is a strange sensation that you are feeling in your head. It 'could' be either vitamin d or magnesium deficiency, but it almost sounds like it might be a little bit of vertigo? Which could just be a little viral inner ear infection that will go away on it's own in time. That's the most common reason for vertigo, although I'm not sure if that is what you are describing or not. In any case, it would be worth getting your vitamin d levels up to 'optimal' anyway and getting on some magnesium to see if that goes away.

And your doctor absolutely doesn't know anything about magnesium or vitamin d to say that magnesium isn't necessary. Most docs think that magnesium blood levels are accurate and have some meaning, but unless your magnesium level is too high, then the regular lab test that your doctor did has almost zero meaning and people can still be quite magnesium deficient despite a normal serum magnesium level.

I hope that this helped.

Kerri Knox, RN

Sun Exposure
by: Mike in California

Sun exposure
by: Anonymous

i don't know if its ear infection but i have "continuous ringing in ear" that started from 3 months and i have it until now ,and sometime i feel like Ear crackling or that like bones in ear are'moving'...I
is 'RINGING in ears' linke to vitamin D deficiency?

you said that '5000 IU per day' is not enough but
if i take the '5000 IU D3 + SUN EXPOSURE for 30 minutes' COULD it help me to get the ENOUGH DOSE ?

Sun Could Help
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Sun could help
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Mike,

You just say that you live in California and not where in California, but if you live in Southern California, then YES, the 5000 IU's plus 30 minutes of sun every day would be very likely to bring your levels up to optimal.

RINGING in the ears is very often due to magnesium deficiency and/or a problem of 'oxidative stress' which can be improved with high dose antioxidants, but I do not know if what you describe is 'just' ringing in the ears. It sounds like it would be a good idea to have a doctor take a look at your ears if you're not sure if you have an infection or not or if you are hearing/feeling weird grinding noises- especially if that is new to you. That does not sound normal at all and before deciding that something might be a nutritional problem, it's always a good idea to rule out medical problems first.

Kerri KNox, RN

PS: when you respond, it's good to put your name too, so that I know it's you again and not some random person commenting on your thread.

New Questions
by: Mike in California

new questions Pending
by: mike

1- i have noticed 'white spots in my nails' and this was before 10 years it mean a deficiency in something?

2-when i try to 'lift heavy thing' that i am always
lifting it ...i feel a pain in my back 'in bottom of my back' and one time after i lift something i have a pain in my arm and it get numb for 10 minutes
so is it linked to vitamin d deficiency?

3-Today i have a pain in my shoulders and in 'top of my back' its bone pain ...and feel weakness in limbs
and a 'headache' in the top of my head?!
i feel a pain in my legs like i have been walking for 2hrs !

one day i have 'eyelid twitch' !! and one day i have a pain in "Pelvic bones"!!

i am always eat YOGURT ,,,and my calcium is 9.9 in range from 8.0 to 10.5 !! it seems NORMAL !
My current Vitamin d level is 29 ng/dl (80 nmol/L)

SO What u think about CALCIUM,MAGNESIUM,and vitamin d!!

ps: before i experienced all these symptoms, i feel for several months after the summer..i feel
tired and lazy !! then the symptoms appear in winter and i found out that vitamin D is 5.7 ng/dl

More deficiencies
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Mike,

Yes, white spots on the nails are often due to zinc deficiency, and yes, twitching of the eyelids and back pain can both be due to magnesium deficiency.

I think that you need to get your magnesium and vitamin d levels optimized as I've recommended in this thread. Getting enough calcium in your diet has virtually nothing to do with calcium levels. The body normalizes calcium levels in any way that it can, and cultures that get almost no calcium, but who get plenty of vitamin d and magnesium have healthy bones. Eating yogurt is great, but it's not necessary for bone health or calcium levels.

I think that you should consider that you may have Gluten Sensitivity. Anytime someone has multiple nutritional deficiencies, they need to consider both gluten sensitivity and the fact that your diet may be horrible for you- even if you 'think' that your diet is good, it's likely horrible and I would suggest getting the book The Healthy Urban Kitchen and following the dietary recommendations in the book.

Kerri Knox, RN

by: Terry

I take 20,000 IU a day along with Magnesium and K2. My numbers have never exceeded 83. I do this in place of MS medication that almost killed me. My leasons have started to shrink. I've also joined the Vitamin D Council out of Califoria run by note Doctors.

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