Vitamin D Therapy Causing Urinary Tract Infections

by shawn
(white plains, NY)

Can Vitamin D Cause Urinary Tract Infections

Can Vitamin D Cause Urinary Tract Infections

Just wondering if there have ever been any documented cases of frequent UTI's after starting vit D therapy. My mom has been having recurrent UTIs and she believes they began when she started taking the vitamin D. Any connection?

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Never Heard of It
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Shawn,

I've never heard of anyone having that problem before, and in fact Vitamin D helps the body to create natural antibiotics and should guard AGAINST infections.

But I have two thoughts on this. It COULD be that your mom's urinary tract infections are actually Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency. That's because she's probably taking a completely inadequate amount.

If she's not had a Vitamin D Level done, she really should. The odds are that she's extremely low even if she's taking vitamin d because her Vitamin D Requirements are probably WAY higher than you think.

If she really is taking doses of 5000 IU's or more and she's only had the UTI's since taking this, then the other possibility is that her supplements contain oil. In almost all cases, the oils in oil based supplements has been sitting for months to years and is rancid- and this causes ALL KINDS of problems.

So, she should ditch any oil based supplements that she's taking and get non-oil based 'Dry' Vitamin D Supplements instead.

Then, in the meantime, I hope your mom is not taking antibiotics for these UTI's. You might be surprised that a supplement called D-Mannnose can get rid of UTI's without antibiotics by making the bladder so slippery that the bacteria can't stick to it!! Take a look and get her OFF of those dangerous antibiotics...

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System


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Vit K and Vit D link
by: Misha Kogan, MD

There may be another explanation. Very frequently Vitamin K is not replaced when Vitamin D is started. Vit D triggers increased rate of Vit K2 utilization and it may lead to K2 deficiency. While bacteria produces K2 that is needed for their metabolic mashinery, they can also utilize K2 in tissues.

Now, I don't know if that is possible in bladder, however, if it is more of pyelonephritis (fever, flank pain, etc) the it could be an alternative explanation.

Recently I have started supplementing elderly with K1/K2 mix when they are put on large doses of Vit D (5000+/day)

Vit D causing urinary problems?
by: Tony

I recently started taking a Vit D 5000 mg that is oil based. within a week I had painful urination and occasional blood in my urine (only at the onset of urination, though). I suspect the Vit D, because it is the only thing I changed in my diet or supplement regimen.

I don't know if I have an infection or not. I don't have fever or any of the other common symptoms (except burning upon urination). I consistently drink 1/2 gallon to a gallon per day, but this has not helped.

Vitamind D DOES cause infections
by: Leigh

I was put on a Vitamin D prescription for 4 weeks. I started having symptoms of an infection only a day later. Since it was so close to my monthly time, I assumed that that was the cause. But after taking it the 3rd week, the symptoms came back. So I went to the doctor yesterday and she gave me a prescription for a 1 pill ?cure?. The symptoms disappeared.

However today, after taking the last pill, they ?mysteriously? returned in less than an hour after taking it. This is far too coincidental. I have no doubt that this Vitamin D is the CAUSE of this infection. BTW, this is the ONLY time I have ever had this kind of problem.

Sounds like a YEAST infection
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Leigh,

When you say 'infection' it sounds like you are talking about a YEAST infection since a urinary tract infection (as we are talking about on this thread) does not have a 'one pill cure' that I know of. However, a yeast infection DOES have a 'one pill cure' of Diflucan.

So, are you saying that you got a YEAST infection or a URINARY infection? As these two things are VASTLY different from one another...

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System


PS: If you found this website helpful, please consider using the
Easy Immune Health Product Store the next time you purchase your supplements online. Your support allows me to keep this site running and educating as many people as possible. Thank you!

No title
by: Leigh

The doctor said the test came up negative on a UTI and that a yeast infection has similar aspects [Kerri's Note: No, a yeast infection does NOT have 'similar aspects' to a urinary tract infection. They are entirely and completely different infections. One is caused by YEAST, one is caused by BACTERIA, one is in the URINARY TRACT and one is in the VAGINA. One has symptoms of pain on urination and urinary frequency, one has itching and burning to the vaginal area. They CANNOT be confused, are totally and completely different and have few to no 'similar aspects'], but she prescribed the pill. After less than a 1/2 hour after taking it, my symptoms stopped. Then today they "mysteriously" returned less than a 1/2 hour after taking the Vitamin D.

I'm not going to post what the symptoms are online, but this is too much of a "coincidence" to be a coincidence. I?m going to wait another week and then if the symptoms come back, I?ll decide what to do then, however, I doubt they will. I?ve never been prescribed D2 before and I?ve never had this problem. Then out of the blue... well, no coincidence.

UTI's and D
by: Anonymous

Leigh and Tony:

Are you taking Vit D3? Vitamin D3 is good for the body. D3 is found in supplements/ pills or liquids not common in foods, juices etc.[ Vitamin D2, one of the forms of vitamin D can be toxic to the body.]

Also, take a good cranberry supplement daily to avoid UTI and yeast infections.

by: Anonymous

Vitamin D helps Calcium be utilized but it also drops ionized calcium and Mg so taking all three together can help. When Ca and/or Mg are decreased from vitamin D then burning and frequent urination can be triggered because these are signs of those vitamin Deficiencies! Vitamin D does not cause UTI, it is in fact has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Possibly, if you have been vit D deficient and adding vitamin D then the other vitamins such as Ca and Mg are already low and this spiked a further deficiency and need for those vitamins.

A lof of research on Vitamin D is studies in Denmark where they cure even psorasis with Vitamin D and calcitrol, but in the US being that we are pharmaceutical driven, we do not look for deficiencies to the cause of disease.

Vit. D
by: Anonymous

I'm glad i read this as i started the Vitamin D 2 x 2000 per the doctor as i was low. This is the 3rd day and i woke up with these pains and now by reading this i know why i have them and that they will go away. I also urinated a great deal on the 2nd day and was hoping this will stop, but from what i read i do believe that it will.

This information has helped me realize what i'm going through and makes me feel better on knowing what is going on with my body. I was afraid when these things were happening.


Interstitial cystitis triggered by vitamin d
by: Anonymous

I have interstitial cystitis. Tests showed I am vitamin d deficient. I have tried cod liver oil capsules, vitamin d tablets, vitamin d spray and a multi-vitamin containing vitamin d. On each occasion the cystitis flared up and then cleared up after I stopped taking the vitamin. I am, therefore convinced of the connection. Perhaps it only occurs in people who already have an underlying problem or who possibly have a very sensitive bladder.

its true
by: Anonymouslvn

I have experienced the same thing and believe as well 100 percent ..that this is due to what anonymous said....the vitamin d triggers increased absorption of calcium into the bones, teeth etc....because of this less leaves through urination which can contribute to acidic urine thus causing a burning type sensation frequently associated with UTI however not the case in this scenario since tests will show up there you have it......I wish as a nurse myself the medical community would start thinking outside the tight medical box they have been put in.... deficiencies and imbalances to cause many different systems to to react and what would seem to not be connected is otherwise so.......

I think Vitamin D cleared my infection
by: Anonymous

I had some sort of low-grade UTI for months. The symptom was just a small twinge - the very beginning of that "burning" sensation you feel at the start of urination. I hadn't had one of these infections in years, but had them frequently as a kid until I stopped taking bubble baths, and I recalled that "twinge" as being the start of a full-blown, very painful infection. Except this time, it never got worse. But it didn't get better either. I saw a doctor and they tested my urine in office and said no infection showed up. But as a backup, they sent the sample out to a lab as well and later called me to say that I did indeed have an infection. So they prescribed antibiotics, which I took faithfully. The symptom didn't improve. So they prescribed a second round of a "stronger" antibiotic. Same result.

I didn't go back again and the symptom persisted though it didn't get worse. Then my blood work came back from my annual physical and showed me to be very Vitamin D deficient. They prescribed a 50,000 IU capsule, to be taken once per week for 12 weeks. At the end of that time, I'll begin taking an over-the-counter 2000 IU supplement daily. But, I just took the 2nd pill of the 12-week regimen, and realized today that the UI twinge/burning has been GONE for a few days now. I wondered if it could be the result of the Vitamin D and did a quick web search, which is what brought me to this website. Because whatever type of infection I'd had had persisted so long before the Vitamin D, I am convinced that it was the Vitamin D that has cleared it.

by: Anonymous

I googled to find out if anyone else has had this because the coincidence is too strange. My doctor put me on Vit D pill I take 1 pill every two weeks for a Vit D deficiency. On the day I take my pill, every single time, I have experienced increased feeling of urination all day with irritation when I urinate exactly as if I have an UTI coming on Then amazingly, the next day it is gone! I do have a history of frequent UTI, but once I get one, they never have gone away on their own without being treated with antibiotics.

Totally Perplexed About Vitamin D... and perhaps overhead dangers
by: SandraE

I was diagnosed with a very low level of Vitamin D in my system in 2009. I was told to take over-the-counter D -- at least 3 times a week (2,000 IUs). Now living in another state and had blood work done which revealed marked Vitamin D level. I was given 50,000 IUs of D in a blue gel cap -- 8 of them to take once a week for 2 months.

There were no problems with the first and second dose, but after I took the third dose, I experienced dizziness, loss of equalibrium and nausea. I was having harsh urine eliminations and that had been ongoing (burning, cystitis). Well, I waited a few weeks before tackling another dose of Vitamin D and the same thing happened all over again. My urine eliminations are now like nothing I have ever experienced.

The sense of urgency is overwhelming and when I void, there is a scant amount. An hour or so later, I will get the urge and will do a full pee with no pain whatsoever. This pattern repeats itself throughout the day. I did have a kidney stone back in 2010 but the retention I experienced then is nothing like what I am feeling now. Oh, did I mention that my urine seems to have a bluish tint but not with each void? H-e-l-p!

Can Mercury poisioning cause these symptoms also? I ask this because I have had an experience with a CFL bulb that was apparently cracked in my ceililng fixture. The light was flickering and I went ahead and tried to change it not knowing it was not screw on but snap in. I did not use that much hand strength but I heard the the lower portion of the bulb make a cracking noise. I did not know how to dispose of it because I have never used CFL bulbs before. I started looking at my light fixtures and that is all that is in this apartment -- some 8 ceiling fixtures with double CFL bulbs. Two of them are right over my kitchen counter. I've been reading and these bulbs can cause all sorts of serious problems (mercury poisoning, perhaps breast cancer, etc.)

This is long, I am sorry, but networking with others is so invaluable.

UTI with D
by: Anonymous

I too experienced severe bladder spasms and severe yeast infection after starting Vitamin D. I have tried lower doses (400 IU) but the same thing has happened. It was so severe that I almost had to go to ER. My vitamin D level is low and my muscle pain was SOOOOO much better on the vitamin D but it's just not going to work for me. Looks like sunshine is the only way to go.

Agree that it is causing UTI's from experience
by: Dawn

I have been low in Vitamin D serveral times in the last several years. Each time I have taken Vit. D3, I seem to develop frequent urination and UTI's after a few weeks of taking the Vit. D3. At first, I did not make the connection between the two. Then I started to wonder if it was the Vit. D3 itself causing the problem. I decided to go off the Vit. D3. I have been on and off the D3 enough times to know the symptoms surface. If you look at the side effects of Vit. D3, it does seem to have a correlation with kidney issues. So, yes, I definitely think it is a contriuting factor in SOME people. As a pharamcist once told me, any drug or vitamin you take can do anything to a particular patient, whether it is listed as a side effect or not. Everyone has different reactions to different things we take.

Me too!
by: Anonymous

I can't believe this . . . a few days after I started taking D3 I had to urinate a lot - I went to the doctor and they put me on antibiotics and told me to take Azo. The urine test at the office came up negative for anything and we were amazed. So my Dr. decided to send my specimen to the lab just in case. I also stopped taking the Vitamin D3 and was told that had nothing to do with it. A few days later I received a call to stop taking everything and that my tests were normal.

[Kerri's Note: This means that you did NOT have a Urinary tract infection! Hence, you just peed a lot. This is NOT an infection or a problem, you just peed a lot.}

I am convinced it is the D3. That is the only thing that I did different. I am not prone to UTI's or infections. My levels were at 15 and I was instructed to take 10,000-12,000 IU's. I had also extremely itchy feet - like really bad. I had changed my D3 to a vegan D3 that is plant based instead on lanolin/wool related. But I am reluctant to start up again. I read in this blog that I should be taking it with mag/calcium and that may make a difference. How much of the mag/calcium should I be taking? I am also going to lower the D3 intake to 5,000 IU's. Thanks and I am so glad that I found this site!

Cod LIver Oil causes them for me
by: Anonymous

Any time I take Cod Liver Oil or Fish Oil I develop a UTI 3-4 days upon taking them. I stopped taking all fish oils.

Vitamin D causing UTIs
by: Anonymous

I have also reacted to oil vitamin D3. Symptoms are disgustingly smelly urine worse first thing in the morning also frequent urination without the burning sensation that normally goes with UTI. These symptoms have sent me running off to the Dr.on numerous occasions, who orders a urine test which always comes back positive to UTIand followed by a course of the dreaded antibiotics.

Three months ago I ran out of the Vitamin D and kept forgetting to replace them. After about a fortnight I realized that my symptoms had disappeared and have not returned. My sister has a similar story with the same outcome after discontinuing the same Vitamin D3. I'm relying on the good Australian sun to supply my D now!

Vitamin D
by: Anonymous

I have interstitial cystitis with chronic bladder infections for over 2 years. I could not take vitamin D even though tests said that I needed it. It would burn my bladder and cause frequency. I have klebsiella pnuemonia in my bladder and took round after round of antibiotics. I have decided that I cant take another dose of antibiotics since it makes me so sick. I started taking elmiron to coat my bladder a month ago. It seems to be helping with the burning sensation of my disease. I just started the vitamin d again but I take a tablespoon of coconut oil in hot tea prior to taking the vitamin d. It seems to have eliminated the burning. The coconut oil has healing and antibacterial properties too. I dont think that vitamin D causes infection I just think that some bladders are more sensitive. I wont know for a few weeks if it indeed has cured my infection but I am feeling better.

Vitamin D is a no go for me
by: Anonymous

My vitamin D is always low. I have tried pills, liquid, and compounded vitamin D. It's all the same. It starts like a bladder infection with pain and urgency, and then I end up with blood in the urine. No doctor has ever been able to explain this to me. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one....

UTI and Vit D3
by: Rosemary

OMG could it be that simple. Got UTI last Monday the 16th June again don't suffer really with it. Last one I had was 2 years ago and before that a few years ago. Started taking Vit D3 20ug 400% RDA there is also VitD in my soya base Menopause tablets which is 2ug 100%RDA Started taking VitD3 on the Saturday and 2 days later UTI. Again as it was just after my period i though it was that as that was when i got the other UTI. It was gone on Sunday and now today Wed back again. I nearly cried as it such a miserable thing to have!! I didnt have to go to the Dr and there was no blood in urine also didnt have that awful stabbing pain going up through me when I went to the loo. So in that way it was different. Then I though do a search and see what comes . Thank you all who posted. Dr's dont know everything. Drinking lods of water with bread soda. Will let you know how I get on. Won't take the ViD3 and see if that really could be the cause. Rosemary

So far so good
by: Rosemary

Just wanted to let you know I stopped taking the VitD3 last Wed and did drink pure cranberry juice from the health store . Please may that be what it was as it was gone by Friday and so far so good. Rosemay

YES its true
by: Anonymous

I started taking vitamin D and D3 tabs and less than a week i've started to pee blood! sometimes its brown and some times its dark or bright blood and it stings after stopping them i feel a complete difference no guy likes the sign of blood coming out of their bits.

Vit D and UTI
by: Anonymous

Oh my God I never ever had UTi until I started taking the vit D the doctor had prescribed me and now it's seems that I get one that kept coming back, the painful burning sensation that kept on coming back, besides the vit D I m taking iron pills,and the faithful fish oil I am so glad that I came here and I wanted to thank you all for your comments.

What brought me here was my own experience.
by: Anonymous

I have been cursed with recurring interstitial cystitis since I was 20. I am now 60 and I have attempted to find something that will help over the course of the last 1 1/2 years! I started taking Vitamin D as I felt needed it. I was taking gummy D daily. I noticed I got an infection within a few days since my initial point of taking it. I have been able to keep the bladder infections away for quite some time and was surprised by the fast onset. I took antibiotics and it went away. But I stopped taking D while on antibiotic! I actually forgot to continue with the D as I started traveling on my job. No infection for several months. Then I remembered I use to take D and bought a new bottle. It did not take long and here comes the infection. I repeated the same behavior and stopped the D. I waited 8 months after ridding myself of infection again using antibiotic! Now I had this thought that I will see what happens when I take D again. Sure enough here comes another infection. After one more test I have myself I am convinced. D does bring on the infections.

could it be the dose...
by: Anonymous

My first post ever! I am convinced that Vit D definitely has something to do with my re-occurring UTI but for me it seems to depend on the dose. I have been taking 1000 ui for over a decade with ZERO problems but in Nov 2014 I had been reading about mega doses of Vitamins in general and decided to up my dose to 5000 per day, then after a couple of weeks 2 x 5000 per day. Within a week I had a UTI and it was a week before Xmas so instead of trying to cure it myself as I usually would have tried with heaps of water I went to a medical centre Doctor (not my usual Doc) and he told me to take antibiotics for 10 days which I did.

It seemed to get better but then a week later it came back with a vengeance... The only thing I had changed in my diet recently was the Vit D amount so I googled it and found a few forums saying it could be a cause... so I have been "testing" myself on this since and initially stopped all Vit D and my UTI went away straight away. Re-introduced 1 x 5000 and it was fine. re-introduced 2 x 5000 and INSTANTLY it came back. so I am now convinced it has to do with the dose, well for me anyway.

I wont stop taking Vit D because I know of all the benefits but I wont be taking such a large dose any more. Incidentally I do also take Vit k, magnesium etc. The combination of Vit K and Vit D is the only thing in the world that has made my nails strong in 50 years!

same here
by: Anonymous

I also started D3 50,000 this week, and had exactly the same urinary symptoms as others here. increased frequency, urgency and incontinence.

Vitamin D causing UTI symptoms
by: RK

This is happening to me as well. I've tried both oil-based D3 and dry D3 - and it happens every time. When I stop the D3, the symptoms go away. I am not taking any antibiotics to treat the symptoms, but I end up spending loads of money to take Mannose pills and powders. It's a shame because I do feel better when I'm on D3, but the UTI symptoms prevent me from taking it. What should I do to stop this from happening?

UTI issue
by: Anonymous

I have started taking 5000UI to 10000 UI Vit D3 3-4 days ago, today i am having UTI. It must be related to Vitamin D3 as everyone mention on the above.

50,000 IU
by: Anonymous

This is my second week of 50,000 IU of Vitamin D weekly (1 pill per week). First week I did notice increased urination but no pain or retention. The second week the day after I took the pill I began having symptoms of a yeast infection. I have changed absolutely nothing else on my life or doet and am not prone to yeast or urinary tract infections.

I experienced it and the Mayo clinic lists it as a side effect
by: Anonymous

I had a UTI shortly after starting Vitamin D (1000 IU/day)

"Vitamin D may cause ... increased risk of urinary tract infection"

Mayo Clinic Vitamin D

my wife had chronic uti for 3 yrs
by: Roger l

Beleive me.Vitamin D does not cause UTI .
My wife was treated for UTI by a urologist for about 2yrs. At the same time she was seeing her
PCP and GYN. After two yrs they almost killed her because her antibiotics were interacting with antidepressants.

To make a long story short... she was being treated with Fosomax and very high level of Calcium. High levels of calium about 3000 mg a day, is excessive. Your body can't absorb all this calcium and it ends up in your urinary tract.

It's the calcium that accumulates in your
that causes stones to form and rip up yr UT
that causes the infections. Two yrs of aggravation and I had to cure her myself
by reducing her daily calcium to 100 mg.

She was cured 3 weeks later and hasn't had a problem sine 2008. Reduce your calcium intake. Especially if your taking a lot. The vitamin D is irrelevant. It doesn't help the body absorb the calcium and it's the calcium that causing your problem.

Try it - you wont be sorry - no meds needed.

Vit D3 and urinary burning and urgency
by: Anonymous

As others have commented, I have interstitial cystitis that appears to be aggravated by Vitamin D 3 supplements. I avoid gel capsules because fillers irritate bladder as well as skin condition, but I thought dry D3 tablets I got at health food store would be okay.

After a week of taking these and experiencing urinary burning and constant pressure to void, I've concluded D3 is culprit. I have low D3 levels but don't know what to take without irritating bladder. Any suggestions? Thank you.

[Kerri's note: dry D3 tablets from a health food store can also contain fillers that may be irritating your bladder. Try a liquid.]

Vitamin d defiency and uti
by: Mkv

I was diagnosed with vitamin d deficiency in March after not feeling well. I started taking 3000 units of the d3. My symptoms did improve in but was not fully gone. I got my levels rechecked in July and my numbers were still low.

This time the doctor prescribed me the d2 of 50,000 to take once a week. Into about three weeks of taking this I start feeling aching and dizzy. I called the doctor and they told me I can then take 6,000 units of the d3. I started taking that and felt sick still. I all suddenly had the frequent urination and was told I had a uti.

It took two course of antibiotics to cure it. The UTI is gone now but I still have the burning sensation at times. After starting the second set of antibiotics two weeks ago I stop taking the vitamin d. Now I feel achy and nausea.
I am wondering how long it took for most of this symptoms to go away? Should I reintroduced the vitamin d?

vitamin D and bladder infection
by: bianka

It is very clear to me that vitamin D3 caused me to get bladder infection within one day of stating the supplement. I can't believe that doctors know nothing about it. I guess it takes years of complains before they do proper studies.

I wonder where to post the complain to make a difference and the suffering of others like me.

Mayo Clinic Reference and other studies
by: Kerri Knox, RN The Immune System Queen

I wanted to comment on the Mayo Clinic statement that Vitamin D can increase the risk of UTI. So, they provide no reference for this, so I went looking for what they are referencing, as a site like the Mayo Clinic doesn't just state something like that from their opinion or experience, but from research studies.

So, I found the only reference in the literature related to Vitamin D and urinary tract infections and it's a tiny study on infants, stating that formula-fed infants taking Vitamin D have a higher risk of UTI's.

Breastfeeding Does Not Protect Against Urinary Tract Infection in the First 3 Months of Life, but Vitamin D Supplementation Increases the Risk by 76%.

But this study was 'debunked' by other researchers who stated that they could not have possibly made such a conclusion and they were incorrect to do so.

Commentary on "Breastfeeding Does Not Protect Against Urinary Tract Infection in the First 3 Months of Life, but Vitamin D Supplementation Increases the Risk by 76%"

So, the Mayo Clinic is actually basing their statement on nothing, and they have no legitimate basis for making such a claim.

And in fact, in more recent studies, Vitamin D DEFICIENCY has been shown to be a risk factor for urinary tract infection in children and premenoupausal women. So, we now have two high quality studies showing just the opposite as the study the Mayo clinic is referencing.

PS-244a Is Vitamin D Deficiency A Risk Factor For Urinary Tract Infection In Children?

The association between serum levels of vitamin D and recurrent urinary tract infections in premenopausal women.

Also, calcium supplementation has been associated with increased urinary tract infections.

Increased risk of urinary tract infection associated with the use of calcium supplements

And very few people take 'just' Vitamin D supplements, most people take Calcium and Vitamin D supplements. So, I'd be interested in finding out how many people reporting getting a urinary tract infection here:

A) Had a laboratory confirmed urinary tract infection (many here are confusing urinary urgency and yeast infections with a urinary tract infection when they are not the same thing)
B) Were ONLY taking Vitamin D and did not also add calcium
C) Did a trial MORE THAN ONCE to find out if Vitamin D was actually the culprit in their urinary tract infection. One has to remember that 'correlation is not causation'. So, one would have to do this 'self test' more than once to actually find out if this 'correlation' is likely to be the 'causation' of their problems.

I'm sure that I'll get some backlash for questioning your experiences, but if you want your experiences to be taken seriously, you need to set up your experiences like actual scientific case studies and to not confound 'correlation' with 'causation'.

In fact, I CONSISTENTLY get people confusing correlation with causation, demanding that their new intake of Vitamin D even caused even things such as the dogs in the neighborhood to begin viciously barking at them when that had never occurred before they took Vitamin D and that their doctor should have warned them about this 'side effect'.

I also get people stating that they had a certain experience after taking vitamin d, then later writing back and stating that it turned out the problem was from a completely different issue that had nothing to do with the Vitamin D.

That is why we need to separate correlation from causation and actually do'N=1' experiments (personal self-experimentation) in a proper way, in order to rule out other possibilities.

I encourage all of you to read this page on How to Do a Proper Self-Experiment, and Why Your "N" Doesn't Technically Equal "1" by Chris Masterjohn.

I'd love to hear back from those of you who go the extra mile to do an 'N=1' and what your findings were.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects

PS: If you appreciate the free help that I give on my site, please consider making your next supplement purchase through my Health Store in order to help keep this site in operation.

Vitamin D Council Response
by: Kerri Knox, RN

I also sent this question to the Vitamin D Council website to see what they had to say about Vitamin D Therapy causing urinary tract infections, and this is what they had to say about it.

"Thank you for reaching out to us regarding the relationship between vitamin d and UTIs. I have not been able to find any evidence to support the belief that vitamin D supplementation may increase the risk of developing UTIs. In fact, I have only managed to find research that has shown vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of UTIs in certain individuals.

Here are a couple of studies we have covered that you may find helpful:

Low Vitamin D Levels May Increase UTI Risk Among Children

Low Vitamin D Status Linked with Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Older Men

This study found that vitamin D deficiency is an independent risk factor for UTIs in those who have received a renal transplant:

Low Vitamin D Status an Independent Risk Factor for UTI's in Those With Renal Failure

In regards to the mayo clinic’s statement that vitamin d may cause UTIs, my only guess is that since individuals who supplement with excessive amounts of vitamin D may develop hypercalcemia, it may be the elevated calcium levels that contribute to the onset of a UTI.

I hope this answers your question, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any other questions or concerns you may have."

Missy Sturges
Program Manager

Vitamin D Council

Thank You..
by: Anonymous

I am suffering for last one year with frequent urine infections with blood in urine and contraction like starting of labor pains. Twice a month and nothing helps. Now I understand what is wrong.

My vitamin D levels were low and doctor prescribed me vitamin d-3. UTI started just after the first few does of d-3. I am going to stop d-3 supplement immediately. Hope it helps.

D3-- 50,000
by: Anonymous

I'm having the same problem...and then some all at once. I'm 49 and going thru my changes. I haven't had a cycle in 5 months..(woo hoo):)
I had some blood work done a few weeks ago, turns out I'm very low in Vitamin D. So the Dr gave me 50,000 units once a week for 1 month.

Well on Sunday, after 5 months, I got my period (boo)😣 I also started with my first dose of Vitamin D. 3 days later it hurts to pee and I feel like I have to go every 30 minutes. I'm not going to take the next dose of vitamin D. I want to see if the UTI clears up.

Hate to say it but, I'm glad I'm not thrilled only one out there with this problem. Thank you ladies!! 😊

Vitamin D3
by: Anonymous

I am so glad to read that others are having the same problem I am having. I have burning and pain. I have gone back to the doctors and he looks at me like it is all in my head.I Was told to take 6000 iu a day. I am going to stop and see if the pain and burning stops. I hope so. Because I am feeling miserable everyday. Thanks for the information girls.










by: Anonymous

I was taking 2 vitamin d liquid capsules a day as the dr recommended. Within 7-8 days I developed severe thrush and a tingling sensation (very uncomfortable) all over my body. I had to use anti-fungal cream and an antihistamine for the other symptom and stopped vitamin d.

I got better then 2 months later I tried them again - thrush and itch returned so I threw them in the bin. It's sun for me from now on.

vitamin d and uti
by: Anonymous

I had been plagued by UTI's for almost 2 years (confirmed by cultures and a urologist) when one of my co-workers suggested looking at my medications. The only change I had made was adding Vitamin D (no calcium supplements). After searching the internet I learned some people felt it caused UTI's. I stopped taking the Vitamin D and the infections stopped. I discussed this with my urologist and instead of being critical he LISTENED to me.

Although he has never heard of this happening to anyone else he said all of our bodies respond to things differently and if not taking it works for me to get Vitamin D from other sources. So to all the naysayers out there please don't tell me about your experience and discount other people's.

UTI-like symptoms not UTI
by: Mel

I also suffer from 'overactive bladder', like interstitial cystitis, and have just experienced a return to symptoms LIKE a UTI after taking high doses of D3 in extra virgin olive oil.

I think many of the people who say they are experiencing a UTI with D3 mean UTI symptoms: burning on urination, frequency etc not that they actually had a confirmed UTI through lab work. Am i wrong?

Answer for Mel
by: Anonymous

Did you not even read the post right above yours? I had recurrent infections for 2 years until my family doctor referred me to a Urologist who could find no physical reason for the infections. I went through a CT Scan and a bladder scope to try to find answers. I stopped taking Vitamin D around 6 months ago and have been infection free since.

Do you really think my family doctor would treat me with antibiotics and send me on to a urologist if I just had symptoms with no laboratory results showing infection? My Urologist was puzzled but has to admit something with the Vitamin D was causing bacteria to grow since I stopped having infections as soon as I quit taking it.

Same here
by: Anonymous

Same problem as many here. Taking more than 1000iu a day causes frequent urination and bladder burning. Very frustrating as I need to get D levels up as they are severely low...but can't live with constant burning and peeing.

Researches suggest the opposite
by: Anonymous

Being afraid of getting another uti ( I got 2 the last eight months), I started searching for all the factors that could cause utis along with food and vitamin suggestions that might help boost my immune system. So, I found this page and after reading all the comments I got scared because I take D3 everyday (even though I am Greek and I live in a sunny country, my D levels are extremely low). After doing more research I found out that scientists suggest that vitamin D deficiency could be linked to frequent utis because D (If I got it right)helps our body to produce its own antibacterial mechanisms.I found a lot of researches (even in PubMed)that suggest that.

So, I start to believe that in my case my deficiency in vitamin D may be responsible(along with other factors I guess) for the two utis I got as I was forgetting to take everyday my D supplement during the periods I got those.

For the people here that got uti after starting taking D supplements, maybe other factors caused those infections or maybe the exact supplements' quality wasn't that good.

After my last severe uti,2 months ago,I take D3(2000 IU) every single day (along with selenium and cranberry extract) and I haven't had any uti symptoms since. I hope that I will stay that way because I can't afford psycologically another one. I also hope everyone here to be uti free.

Keep your self healthy and try to find ways (good diet and supplements) to boost your immune system.I think that it is the only way and not long term antibiotics.

P.S.:Sorry for my english.

Definite link
by: Dee Smith

Same here - 100% certain, that (for me) the vitamin D oil capsule supplement caused UTI. GP prescribed tablet form, made me nauseous and light headed. I'll now stick with getting out in any sun the UK has to offer instead!

vitamin D3 and UTI symtoms
by: Anonymous

I was having UTI symptoms and went to Doctor to find out I had no Bacteria or blood in my Urine. I was told to take AZO which did not help I was in so much discomfort with the constant full bladder feeling and had burning constantly in my urinary tract but never when I urinated only after. I went to the ER because I thought maybe I had a stone, but they found nothing. This went on for 3 weeks.

I started to read to see if there were any other women going through the same thing and came across this forum about Vitamin D. I had started taking Vitamin D3 (5000 I.U.) about a week before these symptoms started, was this a coincidence or what I didn't know. I immediately stopped the vitamin D3 and in 2 days symptoms subsided. by 1 week afte,r they were completely gone. I finally had relief! It was most definitely the Vitamin D3. I also have started to take D-Mannose daily and have not had any problems since.

vid and sheeps wool allergy lanolin/latex,etc.
by: Joan Day

I can not handle vit d supplements, my bladder gets so sore, and not uti..just painful. Drs don,t seem to understand many contain lanolin, as it can be dirived fromm sheeps wool. i am allergic to sheeps wool, and latex etc as it is all connected. The pain comes on very soon after taking it, i even had blood in my urine at one point..i recently purchased a uvb vit d lamp from Sperti, from kentucy

UTI with Vitamin D
by: Anonymous

This has happened to me several times and when I discontinue Vitamin D the issue resolves.

by: Paula

I have experienced the same issue. It has taken me about 7 months to figure it out but I am positive after finding this thread that it is TOO much vital. D. I had been having no problems although in my lifetime I HAVE experience UTIs bladder infections and kidney infections. However for the last seven months I have been supplementing my diet with vitamin D plus many other vitamins such as potassium magnesium folic acid vitamin E vitamin B 6 + 12 and other vitamins. I have stop taking all of the vitamins to see if it would make a difference and it has. When I stop taking the vitamins I stop having burning. When I start again taking the vitamins I start having burning sensation again. So I appreciate this thread and hope that this find its way to someone else and can help them as well. Thank you.

D3 stopped my incontinence problem
by: Anonymous

I did a search for "incontinence" on this site and came up with this article. I don't get UTIs from D3 but wanted to leave this comment here in the event that someone else who does a search for incontinence is helped by it.

About 5 years ago, I started noticing that when I went to the bathroom, I was "dripping" a little bit of urine when I stood up from the toilet, even though I felt that I'd finished urinating. It then progressed to slight urine loss throughout the day. It wasn't the "typical" type of incontinence you hear about when women say they leak urine when sneezing or lifting something. I wasn't even aware "when" it was happening throughout the day, but I was now wearing pantiliners everyday to deal with the issue, so I could clearly see that it "was" happening. Luckily, it was a small amount, but it was distressing nonetheless. I was in my early 40s when it started, and after going online to do some investigating, it seemed that my problem was probably due to a hormonal/perimenopausal weakening of the pelvic floor and that my options were doing kegels (which apparently most women don't do correctly to begin with, which seemed discouraging) or possibly taking one of the anticholinergic medications used to treat urinary problems (which may be associated with increased dementia risk...not something I was willing to take for the rest of my life). I never discussed this with a medical professional...which is all too common, I think. People are too embarrassed about this and suffer in silence. I figured I'd get around to dealing with it "someday."

Well, I started taking 5,000 IU of Vitamin D3 every day about 3 - 4 months ago, and it has completely stopped my incontinence issue! I made no other changes in my supplements or diet during this time, so I believe the D3 is responsible (I had not started taking K2 yet...see below). I have been completely "drip-free" for the past month or so and am in a state of disbelief. I no longer dribble when I stand up from the toilet, and while I'm still wearing pantiliners out of habit, there is no urine on them. I got so used to living with the problem that I'm not used to being back to the "old me" with my "new Vitamin D3-enriched" pelvic floor and bladder! If you Google "vitamin d3 incontinence," you'll find articles that seem to indicate that D3 helps to strengthen the pelvic floor, thus helping to resolve bladder issues. I only wish I'd known about this sooner. I hope this helps someone else!

Please note that if you start supplementing with D3, you must take Vitamin K2 with it (not K1, but K2) [Like in our Vitamin D Absorption Pack ] Please do your research on this...K2 is very important and difficult to get in our foods, so please get a K2 supplement to go along with the D3.

D3 and/or calcium caused bladder problems
by: Anonymous

I started a regimen of 5000 IU of D3 recommended by my physician. At the same time started to take calcium in the form of Viactiv chews. Bladder spasms and the feeling of urgency started within a day. This went on for 7 to 10 days then I found this forum. I stopped the calcium and D3 and the symptoms went away. I’m not sure whether the bladder issues were caused by the calcium, too much D3 or combination, but I’m sure it was related to one of those if not both. As one poster mentioned, calcium absorption is complicated and needs a balance of other minerals as well. I have started to take a supplement that includes 250 calcium, 400 D3, 40 mg magnesium, 5 mg zinc. I’ve been taking this for 4 days without any urinary discomfort. I may try to increase the dose of D3 over time, but gradually. I’m so glad I found this forum because the bladder discomfort was very bad and depressing. I was afraid I had the start of overactive bladder. I’m so relieved it wasn’t!

Uti and vitamin D
by: Anonymous

I have been trying yo narrow the source of recurring uti by self evaluation. Today I feel I have confirmed the Vit D3 supplement I've been taking is the culprit. I found D-mannose and got much better. I wondered if one or more of the supplements I was taking prior to the ondlaught of uti's last year was contributing.... Now that Im feeling better I decided to try one at a time and started with the vit D because it helps me fight pre-menopausal depression. Anyway took 2 gel caps 5000 mg each and mot 30 min later Im experiencing a slight burning sensation again. So frustrating! Ill be trashing these and looking into the dry form that someone recommended in a previous post.

Vit. D and UTI
by: Anonymous

I have had problems with constant UTI's for 14 months. I was on large doses of Vit, D. When I stopped taking it I stopped having the UTI problem.

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