Vitamin D Level of ZERO

by Imi

I'm a 32 yr old female in the UK. I've experienced many years of tiredness, aches, pains and hair loss -but i plodded on thinking that it was life in general. But it's been getting worse over last few years so I went to my doctor last week.

He tested my vitamin D level and it's ZERO. Yes, my vitamin d level is ZERO!

My doctor was mortified and I was given a vitamin d injection and put on tablets. Has anyone else had a level of ZERO and how can one continue with a vitamin D level of ZERO???

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How much were you given..
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Imi,

While that might be surprising to your doctor, I'm not shocked at all. In the last decade, where have you actually taken in any vitamin d? I'll bet that you probably can't think of any time that you've got sun exposure without slathering on sunscreen and putting on tons of clothes to protect your skin. And unless you consistently eat wild salmon or herring, there are almost no significant food sources of vitamin d.

So, I ask all my clients in your position, "Why would you NOT think that you would have a vitamin d level of zero? Where are you getting ANY vitamin d into your body?"

I'm curious how much vitamin d your doctor is giving you, because it's probably some insignificant amount that is not going to raise your level up (even despite the shot, which you don't need and are FAR better off taking pills anyway). And did he give you Vitamin D3?

And are you taking magnesium supplements with your Vitamin as I outline on my Magnesium and Vitamin D page? What about taking Vitamin A and Vitamin K too? Without these 'cofactors', it's VERY likely that your high dose vitamin D therapy is going to cause you some severe side effects that you are going to think are the result of the vitamin d, but which will actually be a result of a bunch of other nutrient deficiencies that you already have and that are just being 'brought out' because those nutrients are required in order to convert vitamin d into it's active form in the blood.

Kerri Knox RN

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects

Zero VitD
by: Nancy

I also have been diagnosed with vitamin D level of 0. no one told me that this could possibly be why I have been so tired and achy and coming down with everything that the kids bring by me.

I am a melanoma survivor. I am 30 years post chemo and surgery. I do my utmost best to stay out of the Sun. my doctor prescribed vitamin d2 capsules 50 thousand iu, once a week.I have degenerating bones, severe back pain,and believe me. This 65 year old has several other problems.

Vitamin D level 8.9
by: Anonymous

I've been tired for years! I finally made up my mind to go tell my doc that something had to be wrong & to start ruling out what was not it like my thyroid.

I could not get in to see my doc & had to see a practioner. She brought up my file & caught it right away! I had been in 6 mos before with same complaint & my regular doc never said a word! I have some prenatal vitamins & I take 1 a day, but since I'm getting 50,000 IU D2 each week, hope 400 from prenatal vitamin isn't too much.

My family thinks this is all a joke & just ignores me because they don't view this as a medical condition so I have zero support. I have had 2 cancers removed on my head & now wonder if the shortage is linked.

I will pray for y'all to get well. Great site!

As long as you can read YOU can research!!
by: Gloria

There are dozens of books written about vitamin D and many websites as well. All you need is to google and get a list of books.

I don't recall "learning" how to research, but it must have happened since I have a university degree and am over 70 years old.

You can even read the "research" on Vitamin D on the Vitamin D Council website and Grassroots Health AND Vitamin D WIKI!!

Low vit D
by: Mandy sanderson

Hi I would just like to share with you that I had low vit d for years aches and pains medicines were slow at helping and then I discovered that a sunbed actually gives u vit d now a doctor will not tell you this as they would not promote the use of sunbeds cos of the skin cancer factor however I believe that this is cos people burn themselves and do too many mins in there quest to be orange what I have found is when my levels are low I have 3 separate sessions of 6 mins each and my vit d levels are back to norm I have done this for last 10 years and I know that recently new tubes were being introduced to sunbeds that boost vit d and endorfens that have the feel good factor so I'd u research your local sunbed shops find out who has the new tubes installed it may be worth giving it a go it really is a quick fix energy levels bone aches etc all ease up after 1 session I advise you use a lie down machine rather than stand up as they tan slower and a max of 6 mins per session as a max to ensure you are not over exposing yourself,this has been my saving grace and no doctor will advise it but then this comes down to not only wether it's good for you or not but there committed links to prescribe drugs and support the pharmaceuticals but that's a bigger story good luck I hope I feel better soon z

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