Help, My Vitamin D Level is 6 !

by Patricia
(Madison, MS)

I just got my test results back & my Vitamin D level is 6 ng/ml.

My doctor told me to take 10,000iu per day. How long will it take for me to start feeling better.

Is this why I am so sore and tired all the time?


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Low vitamin d levels of 6 ng/ml

by Seema
(Portland, OR)

Two months ago, went to the doctor because i was having a lot of body muscle and bone pain. Dr. ran some tests for lupus, RA, vitamin d etc. Everything came back normal except my vit d which was severely deficient at 6 ng/ml when the normal range is supposed to be between 30 - 100 ng/ml. I was put on high dose prescription supplements of 50,000 iu/week. I started taking them with 1000 mg calcium supplements which also had 1600 iu D3 every I was basically on about 8600 iu's per day for the last 9 weeks

After 9 weeks, went for a blood test to retest the vit d levels. What i forgot to mention to the dr. was the morning of the re-test i had taken a dose of 50,000 iu and the blood test was done in the afternoon. My levels went up from 6 ng/ml to 64 ng/ml!!! I was not expecting them to go up so high. I have a feeling they went up that high because i had taken a high dose just that morning. The reason i went to the dr int he first place was because of the body pain. The pain has subsided a little bit but it is not gone. I still feel it everyday. If my levels were really that high now, shouldn't i have started feeling better?

The Dr. has asked me to stop taking the high dose supplemetns and just take 1000iu D3 from now on. One other qs i have is can rib pain be caused by vitamin d deficiency? I constantly have pain on the sides of my chest, breast or what feels like the rib cage? I have been on supplements now for almost 12 weeks but pain is still there. Nowadays i also get tired easily and feel sleepy sometimes in the middle of the day. How long can it take for the pain to go away? Thanks!


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Is this Enough Vitamin D for a Level of 6?

by Sana

My Vitamin D level is 6 , no known other medical problems, the doctor prescribed me Vitamin D drops as 20 drops daily for one month then 10 drops later it enough or should I use the Cod liver oil caps too ?

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My vitamin D is a 6

by Joyce

My vitamin D is a 6 and my doctor prescribed me the 50,000 ui a week but I want to take the 5000 d-3 instead (you have a lot of good info here and thank you for that).

My blood was tested for quite a few things, and the only thing the doctor found was a vitamin D being a 6. I do have Psoriasis which is something that runs in my family but it is new for me, I will admit I am a home person who hardly gets out in the sun.

I don't remember everything my doctor checked for but the ones I do remember is the liver, thyroid, kidneys, arthritis were all good....he said the only thing they could find from the multiple blood test was the D being low.

Can I take 1 5000 d-3 a day? Will that help? I did already buy it (because of your site) It is a year supply.

Thank you

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