Vitamin D and the Pituitary Gland

The Third Eye is The Pituitary Gland

The Third Eye is The Pituitary Gland

Photo by Luke Grange

My husband has been sick for a while and we just found he has a flattened pituitary gland.

This has caused many symptoms such as low vitamin D, low testosterone and a lot more.

If someone is having symptoms like just feeling bad all the time no energy frequent night urination and always thirsty you may want to get your pituitary checked out.

I know this is not a question but I didn't see this listed for what may cause you to have low vitamin D and just wanted to put it out there if someone needs help.

This has taken 3 years to find out.

He now takes testosterone and vitamin d supplements for his pituitary gland and is starting to feel better.

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Tell us more...
by: Kerri Knox, RN-The Immune Health Queen!

Can you give tell us what diagnostic tests would be used to diagnose this, then people can ask their doctor for those tests.

Also, I always love to ask the question, "What caused him to get that?" Doctors seem to stop at a diagnosis. But in the end, it is not 'normal' to have a 'flattened pituitary' just all of a sudden happen for no reason.

Have they given you any REASONS why he has a flattened pituitary? Looking into it more deeply, could it be a nutritional deficiency of some sort? Is it an inflammatory process that can benefit from a reduction in the whole body inflammatory load?

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
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Flattened pituitary gland
by: Anonymous

My pituitary gland is partially flattened. The reason for mine is because I have Chiari Malformation. I have a high intracranaial pressure from the Chiari Malformation blocking my CSF flow.
My neurosurgeon says that this effect on my pituitary gland is the reason for all of my other hormones being out of whack, since the pituitary gland controls all hormones.

Pituitary ESS
by: Stev'll

I have the same problem. It is called Empty Sella Syndrome and it is when the pituitary flattens out or shrinks usually due to an injury or a growth that has formed and then disappears for whatever reason. I began by feeling fatigued and foggy for about 3 years. Was diagnosed with depression and began Cymbalta and therapy. I had a good counselor who decided after a few visits that I needed further medical testing as she did not think depression was my issue.

Another therapist friend of mine suggested a testosterone test. So did that and did not even hit low normal. Okay now were have some information. Primary put me on testosterone and felt a little better, but still not quite right. She sent me to an endocrinologist who did blood work weekly for a couple months and then opted for an MRI, which then showed the ESS.

After all is said and done I'm on injectable testosterone 100mg/every ten days, Thyroid replacement and now a Vitamin D supplement. Feeling like a normal person again, energy is good, moving and thinking clearly now. Ask ask to check your testosterone and hormones and low normal does not always mean you are okay.

They supplement me now and it gets me in the low normal range which works for me, but the Endo said that most people need to be supplemented to the middle range to get relief. Make sure you get a doctor who listens and makes you part of the team, drop one who tells you your low but in range so live with it.

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