Magnesium types

by Angela
(Manchester Uk)

I have been told that i have very early signs of osteoporosis, they say there are signs i will have it in years to come, i am also menopausal. I have looked at a site and OCMP (optimize cellular membrane potential) a form of magnesium is recommended with vitamin D and K and other things. The problem is its expensive, Can you tell me what form of magnesium this is so i can search the internet for it or buy it in the uk. The site recommends to take this for 4 months with no calcium, the site is
Or the full address of the page i got the info on is below, you will have to copy and paste the two lines into the address bar. I would love you oppion on the advice given here and any cheaper alternative if available. Thank You
So my question is
1) What is the name of the magnesium supplement i ask for in the uk
2) Do I get it from a health shop or Pharmacy

3) Could I get the high levels of magnesiun needed in my diet by just eating enough of of the right vegies daily, and how much nuts and veggies would i need to get this high level needed

4)The monthly programe recomended for the firs four months is as bellow
2x Bottles OCMP
1x Bottle rejuvin
4x Bottles Custom Elikir HGM
1x Bottle Ionic Strontim Concentrate
1x boole custom Elicir FHD Female

I carnt afford this but do need to tackle my low estrogen levels due to being menapausal and my signs of Osteperosis
I would like it as natuaral but as effective as possible, the sites worry me as everybody claims there remedy is best as they want to sell there product.
5) If I could afford it, would you say it is worth following the proramme above?

Your help would be gratefully appreciated
Thank You

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What are the differences in the various types of Magnesium?

by Stefani

I have been prescribed Magnesium Gluconate by my physician.He thought it would help with my headaches and leg pain & it's worked wonderfully so far.(I take 1000 mg. morning and evening.)Of course, it's over the counter- so the prescription will not be filled by the pharmacy.

It has been VERY difficult to get Mag Gluconate. I am wondering which of the other Magnesium "blends" would be the closest. I have found Mag Glyconate, Mag Oxide, Mag Stearate and several others. Would you please tell me which variety is the closest to Magnesium Gluconate, and the best to substitute?


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Dosage & type of magnesium

( )

My father has longstanding AF and takes magnesium everyday. BUT maybe he is not absorbing it ~ what type of magnesium do you recommend? He has Parkinson's so is unable to bathe with Epsom salts or other liquid magnesium.

Thank you for your reply!

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what magnesium supplement is good

by Jean
(roswell new mexico)

I started taking magnesium citrate "Natural Calm" with sublinqual Vitamin D3 spray. Are both of these good and what do you recommend? I started having legs, hips and wrists hurt lately and was glad to read your comments about starting the vitamin d and how you can have pain.




Those are both fine. As long as your magnesium is 'anything but oxide', it's fine. Mag citrate can lead to loose stools more frequently than some of the chelated formulations. That may be a GOOD thing for you, or you may find it not to be true for you.

You have it already, so you'll find out. Everyone is different and it's not important to take a specific kind. I recommend trying a few different kinds out and seeing which one feels best to you. It's a personal choice.

Any Vitamin D is fine if it's Vitamin D3.

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