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Please read more on my site..
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

So, I do encourage you to read more pages on my site about magnesium, you've misunderstood several key points.

First of all, Magnesium Overdose is EXTREMELY rare and you can look at the SYMPTOMS that are present there and that will help you to determine if you are taking too much magnesium.

Next, the overdoses that HAVE been from oral magnesium didn't necessarily have diarrhea- and in fact, having sluggish bowels is a risk factor for overdose.

Next, JUST getting diarrhea does NOT mean that you are 'taking too much' OR that you are even getting enough! Some people get diarrhea from 200 mg per day, but because they still have not relieved their Signs of Magnesium Deficiency, which means that they still need more- sometimes MUCH more.

So, having diarrhea or not having diarrhea really has nothing to do with whether you are either getting enough or you are getting too much. As I've replied to MANY people, if you feel worse then STOP TAKING IT! There is no 'formula' that is going to work for everyone and YOU need to find out what is the best dosage/formulation/amount/dosing regimen for YOU...

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by: Anonymous

Large quantities of magnesium oil may not cause problems from the magnesium itself, but it needs to be balanced with other supplements. Too much can cause a B6 deficiency, leading to very bad insomnia, as I discovered the hard way. It took me a month to figure out what was going on. Increasing the B6 and other Bs and cutting back on the oil a bit made a big difference!

Large amounts of almost any nutrient can cause imbalances in others; they don't act in isolation, and taking one can influence how well the others are absorbed. I've also found that the extra magnesium increases my need for calcium a little.

I'm guessing it might also be affecting my balance of other minerals, in non-obviious ways, so I've added a small general mineral supplement as well.

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