Statin Drugs and Vitamin D

by Kerri Knox, RN
(Your Easy Immune Health Host)

I get asked frequently about whether Statin Drugs and Vitamin D are related. Most people who ask this are generally on statin drugs and have recently been diagnosed with a low vitamin d level and want to know if the statin drugs are to blame for their low vitamin d levels.

Unfortunately, the answer is NO, statin drugs are NOT to blame for your low vitamin d level and, in fact, several studies have shown that statin drugs actually RAISE vitamin d levels! One study even asked, "Are statins analogues of vitamin D?"

So, if you were diagnosed with low vitamin d levels while on statin drugs, it's a good bet that your vitamin d levels were even LOWER before you started and that you are actually LESS vitamin d deficient that before you started taking vitamin d! Think about THOSE implications... you might have been much MORE vitamin d deficient than before you started taking statins. That's the relationship between statin drugs and vitamin D.

On the flip side of this issue, there was a study that gave Vitamin D to a group of patients experiencing Muscle Pain and Statin Drug Muscle Weakness. The vitamin d was actually able to relieve this muscle pain and weakness from statin drugs, suggesting that the pain and weakness that people experience from statins may actually be a Symptom of Vitamin D Deficiency!

If you would like more information about Statin Drugs and Vitamin D please continue reading the already answered questions on this topic below....

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Can Statin medications cause low levels of Vitamin D

During a recent physical it was discovered that my vitamin D levels were very low. My doctor has me taking 5000 I.U. of vitamin D supplement daily and ordered a Bone density test just to be safe. I am scheduled to see him in another 3 months.

I am currently taking 40 mg of a statin for high cholesterol,and have read that this could be a cause of low vitamin D. Any truth to this. I am very active, exercise and am not over weight

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Statin Drugs Blocking Vitamin D Absorption...

by Denise Patterson
(Bainbridge, Ohio USA)

As a dietitian, I was well up on getting a balanced, nutrient-dense diet.

I also teach a nutrition class regularly, so presented these important facts to my patients. I just recently found out that is you are taking a cholesterol-lowering medication(the group known as statins) they are blocking your absorption of the fat soluble vitamins.

So vitamin A, D, E & K you are not absorbing. Needless to say, I was shaken. Due to the fact that I have been on Lipitor for awhile, I was in fear of now developing osteoporosis due to low bone density.

So my last bone scan showed a definite decline in the last 3 years - with my range just above osteopenia. Now I must decide to either get off Lipitor to safe guard my bones, so stay on Lpitor to keep my cholesterol, HDLs & LDSs in required ranges. Anyone else facing this issue?

It's a tough call and as of yet, have not decided which way to go. I have talked to my doctor about this and she says she does not think that the fat soluble vitamins are blocked that much. But the research is clearly saying otherwise.

Any help, advise or additional knowledge will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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