Recurring H Pylori

by Kath

I am now on my third round of trying to rid my body of h pylori. I started with the first infection on 7th Jan 2014..... I was in hospital for two weeks before they finally found out it was h pylori, a sliding hiatus hernia and gastritis. I was put on the triple therapy (I was already taking the inhibitor as I have suffered on and off for three years with stomach upsets......thinking back now I think I have had h pylori for a number of years. Everything returned to normal for the next 4 weeks......but then it came back again......again it went for about 7 weeks but it came back for a third time. I am now on a two week course of the same antibiotics in a bid to get rid of it completely.

My main concern is that it may come back again! What will I do if this happens. I do take milk of magnesia and lactulose because my bowels become impacted as I am on a high amount of morphine for severe pain in my back (diagnosed with facet joint disease of L3,4,5 and S1) I have read that if you take any antacids the H pylori will come back. What can I do if it does come back? I am so fed up of feeling sick all the time and having a terrible pain in my tummy. Also in the first week of taking this treatment after the diarrhoea my stools sort of returned to normal. However as I went into my second week of the therapy the burning returned in my tummy and I started to feel ill again. This slightly eased but now every morning I go to the toilet I do get diarrhoea again. Is this normal. And lastly I am terrified I am going to get stomach cancer if this infection cannot get under control.

Please answer me as I am at my wit send and sooooooo sick of feeling sick!!

Kindest regards


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Your 'ecology' is out of whack- or other problems
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen

Hi Kath,

There are a couple of possibilities here. The first and foremost being that your immune system is trashed and you are not able to help the antibiotics fight off the last of the infection after killing most of it. Antibiotics aren't designed to kill off the entire infection, but to kill MOST of the infection such that your body is able to take care of the last remnants.

This is particularly important with H pylori, which research shows, that a weakened immune system will lead to higher rates of eradication failure. There are other possibilities, and I go over these possibilities and also how to strengthen your immune system before H pylori eradication in my book The H Pylori Solution. My goal is to get my book to be the last time that you need to worry about H pylori!

Kerri Knox, RN

PS: Don't forget that I wrote the book on H pylori. Get The H Pylori Solution today and end your struggle with this infection.

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