Preventing Kidney Stones
Just Takes Understanding the Cause

While doctors seem to think that Preventing Kidney Stones is a big mystery and they just simply don't counsel patients how to prevent kidney stones at all except to tell them to drink more water. But it's really not that mysterious at all when you understand what causes kidney stones in the first place and many clinical studies clearly show how to prevent kidney stones.

But the fact that most people don't know how to prevent kidney stones is simply a lack of understanding of the Signs of Magnesium Deficiency by their doctor.

 For those who are prone to them, preventing kidney stones is an important topic that their doctor will usually not bring up with them- mainly because their doctor does not KNOW how to prevent kidney stones any more than you do! But research shows that there are simple and easy methods for preventing kidney stones.

 The Cause of Kidney Stones

The Cause of Kidney Stones is when calcium forms into crystals in the bloodstream that then get trapped in the kidneys as they try to excrete these crystals. But preventing kidney stones is easy when you understand that all you need to do is to get the calcium crystals to DISSOLVE in the blood rather than to stay in crystalline form.

That's really all you have to do for preventing kidney stones. And this is actually not that hard to do in reality, you just need to understand that the tendency for calcium to crystallize in the blood is simply one of the many Signs of Magnesium Deficiency, along with probable potassium and B6 deficiency.

Why your doctor has not told you about this is a mystery because there is plenty of research on this subject, including the double blind placebo controlled trials that doctors claim are the only accurate way to evaluate whether a treatment will work or not. I've outlined the tons of research on the use of acidic juices for preventing kidney stones in the blog post Natural Remedy for Kidney Stones is Just Pennies a Day.


A Formula for Preventing Kidney Stones

Preventing kidney stones MAY be as simple as:


  • Taking a high enough Magnesium Dosage to resolve deficiency and saturate cells.
  • Taking the magnesium with an acidic compound (like lemon juice) to help the calcium dissolve
  • Add in some Potassium Salts
  • Top it all off with some Vitamin B6
  • Avoid Sugar and Oxalate containing foods
  • Drink lots of water


The research clearly shows that each of these by itself is generally enough to decrease kidney stone formation to a significant degree if done consistently. While most doctors ONLY promote avoiding oxalate containing foods and drinking lots of water, the research clearly shows that nutrients can be EXTREMELY helpful as well. Since nutrients are synergistic, it could be that taking these substances together COULD drastically reduce or even eliminate kidney stone formation in most people!!


The Research on Kidney Stones

Magnesium and Vitamin B6

One study(3) maintained a group of 36 patients on 200 mg of magnesium and 10 mg of Vitamin b6 for a total of 5 years with NO recurrence in 30 patients!!

Another(3) gave patients 300 mg of magnesium and 10 mg of vitamin b6 with a definite decrease urinary markers of stone formation even in as short a period as 30 days.

Several studies even used JUST Vitamin B6 by itself, while some studies even postulate that Vitamin B6 deficiency is one of the causes of stone formation in the first place.


Potassium Citrate with and without Magnesium

  • "Potassium-magnesium citrate effectively prevents recurrent calcium oxalate stones, and this treatment given for up to 3 years reduces risk of recurrence by 85%." (1)
  • "8 months to 2 years of potassium citrate treatment. In conclusion, potassium citrate restores normal urinary citrate, decreases saturation and propensity for spontaneous nucleation of calcium oxalate, and inhibits new stone formation." (2)
  • "...individual stone formation decreased in 97.8 per cent of the patients, remission was obtained in 79.8 per cent and the need for surgical treatment of newly formed stones was eliminated." (5)

    Read that quote again. This was a study that simply gave patients potassium citrate and it ELIMINATED the need for surgery- while decreasing stone formation in 97% of the patients!!! With JUST potassium supplements!! Why have you not been told about this study completely preventing kidney stones?

  • And This study(6) "Further stone formation ceased in 89.2% of patients"- CEASED in 89% of patients. This is an effective therapy folks!



While no one is exactly sure why certain people are more prone to form kidney stones than other people, a HUGE percentage of people have higher genetic needs for specific nutrient -or deficiencies from nutrient poor western diets. Everyone who has nutrient deficiencies or higher genetic needs for nutrients experience them a bit differently.

For instance, with Magnesium Deficiency some people get Heart Palpitations or Muscle Cramps; you just happen to get kidney stones! What is also clear from these studies is that people who STOPPED following the diets or taking their supplements began to form stones again. So, Preventing Kidney Stones seems to be a lifelong issue for those who are stone formers.

While your doctor isn't going to tell you any of this, you are now well informed about Preventing Kidney Stones. However, while adding magnesium, vitamin b6 and juice may be a good strategy to

prevent kidney stones, the diet that you chose that contributed to you getting kidney stones in the FIRST place is likely not the best choice for a thousand other health reasons and eating a diet that is less 'western' and more 'Paleolithic' in nature can help your health in so many other ways that it is really worth doing some simple measures to clean up your diet and eat better.



Take a look at The Healthy Urban Kitchen as a resource to help you on your way to better OVERALL health- simply because you are preventing kidney stones

does not mean that you are healthy! So take this opportunity to learn how to maximize your health through diet with The Healthy Urban Kitchen. Keep reading to find out about more Signs of Magnesium Deficiency…

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Resources for Preventing Kidney Stones Page

  • Jigsaw Health's Extended Release Magnesium Malate

    - One of the best magnesium formulations on the market. Extended release so that you can take fewer pills with longer lasting results.

  • Transdermal Magnesium Gel- Just rub this magnesium right into your skin and it gets absorbed straight into your tissues- no pills required.
  • Transdermal Magnesium The Book- See how and why transdermal magnesium is really an effective replacement for magnesium pills!
  • The Magnesium Medicine Book- Take a look at the AMAZING amount of research that there is on the use of magnesium for health. You will be seriously amazed at what your doctor has NOT told you!!
  • Magnesium Bath Flakes- Another surprisingly effective 'Transdermal' form of magnesium. A great way to get magnesium into kids and the elderly.

Research on Preventing Kidney Stones

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