by Gregory Olinyk
(Colorado Springs, CO)

From GregO at

Hi, Kerri and Joshua!

First and foremost I know you cannot give specific direction but am hoping you can at least share what you or others have experienced. I hereby absolve you from any liability for such input or any input provided for that matter.

I'm a VERY healthy and athletic 66-yr old with no prior health problems.

I purchased your book a few days ago and have been following your advice avidly for 3 days. Prior to that I took Avelox for 6 days of a 7-day course. Had to quit because of burning, tingling and a "tightness" in my lower legs. My MD said she thinks its parasthesia(sp?) more than tendonitis.

I have no pain but a lot of "spiders" tingling in my lower legs (comes and goes). My Ester-C has calcium in it:
Vitamin C as Ester-C Calcium ascorbate: 750 mg
Calcium as Ester-C Calcium ascorbate 115 mg

Is the Calcium in Ester-C a negative?
I'm told that I should get some C with fat(?). Something about liposome or liposomal ....Can you shed any light?

In addition to magnesium glycinate I'm taking E with Selenium, folic acid, tumeric (caps), B-6 and B-12 (methlylcobalamin) plus a combination of beta sitosterol, slow flush niacin, red rice yeast, and (instead of a statin) and colostrum, nattokinase and vitamin D3.

I'm up to 1,000 mg of Magnesium Glycinate. This morning I was awakened by a the above-mentioned burning and tingling sensation. It was as bad as what I experienced my second night on Avelox. I had hoped for a better result after taking a long epsom salt bath (6 pounds), which was preceded and followed by a transdermal application to the lower legs (full body before and lower legs with serious massage after). Is this morning's pain "normal?" It felt like I was on fire throughout my body and then subsided upon getting up and moving about but the tingling persists.

Have I missed anything?

Thank you,
Greg Olinyk

Thank you
Greg O

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Nope, just keep working on it.
by: Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

Hi Greg,

I already talked to you about the vitamin c. As fare as the pain, I don't know why you'd have more pain on the magnesium, but don't expect too much too soon. If you are only 3 days into the protocol, then you are expecting a miracle and not nutrition! :)

Seriously, though, just get on the protocol, get your vitamin d levels tested, get on the other nutrients and the diet and start waiting it out and it'll slowly get better over time. 3 days is much too soon to be 'expecting' results. MOre like a couple of weeks, to even a couple of months. Just do everything that you need to do and try to be patient. I know that's not easy when you are not feeling well.

Magnesium can be 'detoxifying' as well, and so some people may feel a little bit worse when they first start taking it if they are pretty toxic. So, just kind of 'feel it out' and maybe go a bit lower on the magnesium and work your way up to higher doses. You may be more toxic than you think.

Kerri Knox, RN

Vitamin D and Magnesium levels
by: Anonymous

Just prior to starting your regimen:

Vitamin D is at 40 on a scale where "Optimum" is between 30-80.
Magnesium 1.8 on a range of 1.3-2.1

Please read my info on magnesium levels
by: Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

Hi Greg, please read my info on Magnesium Levels. Pretty sure that I cover that in the book too. I simply ignore them unless they are high.

Vitamin D level of 40 is 'ok' but NOT optimal. Your scale is on a scale of 'normal' and not 'optimal'. Around 50 to 60 is better, especially for those that have some health issues. I outline optimal levels pretty carefully in the book.

And be sure to get on the diet. Very important as I mention. Remember, this is a long term strategy, not a short term strategy.

Kerri Knox, RN

D levels
by: Anonymous

I think I wrote that my levels were taken before I started your regimen with a markedly increased level. I'm doing better each day.
Thank you!

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