Oral Health and Hygiene
Is the KEY
To Total Immune Health...

Believe it or not, excellent Oral Health and Hygiene is the key missing component to Immune System Health.

Not a Recommended
Oral Health Strategy!

Every year colds and flu comes around and YOU end up getting it. Why IS that when there is always that one guy in the office who NEVER gets sick.

Well, there is no test to measure immune system strength directly, you CAN measure it INDIRECTLY- by using your Oral Health and Hygiene as a barometer of your Immune System Health.


So, am I saying that if your dental health is poor then you are more likely to get sick or have other, more serious diseases?


That is EXACTLY what I am saying. There is a STRONG correlation between general health and oral health and hygiene and there is EXTENSIVE research in this area- despite the fact that doctors don’t discuss it. Interestingly enough, there is also a STRONG correlation between all of these diseases and Vitamin D Levels... AND there is a strong correlation between Vitamin D Levels and Teeth!! So what do YOUR teeth and gums look like? Are your teeth strong, white and straight with no cavities? Are your gums strong and pink and don’t ever bleed? If that is the case, then it’s likely that your

immune system is already great and you can worry less about getting colds, flu, heart disease and stroke... among other problems that poor oral health and hygiene contribute to.


 But for the vast majority of you, if your dental health doesn’t meet ALL of the above criteria, then you are probably not fighting off illnesses as well as you could.

If your teeth are crooked, off color or you have cavities; if your gums are inflamed, reddened, receding or bleed easily- then you have a SERIOUS problem!

You may be more susceptible, possibly MUCH more susceptible, to serious disease than those who don’t have tooth or gum issues.

Don’t believe me? That’s normal. We are taught that cavities are normal. But this is only because everyone has cavities. If we lived in a world where everyone limped, then we would also think that limping is normal. But cavities and periodontal disease are not normal! They are NOT healthy and they are NOT inevitable. They are signs of poor general health that leave you at increased risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, pneumonia,colds and flu and maybe even the aches, pains and fatigue that go along with chronic health problems!

How Oral Health and Hygiene Problems
Cause GENERAL health problems…

The infection and inflammation that is present in cavities and periodontal disease make your immune system go on high alert. Whether you even know that it is there, your immune system starts working hard to get rid of the problem and causes a continuous drain on your energy. In addition, the pink moist ‘mucous membranes’ of your mouth are a direct highway into your bloodstream, so the infection spreads to the rest of your body quickly and thoroughly.

In addition, something that almost NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT is how Dental Nitrous Oxide can absolutely ruin your health. By decreasing your Vitamin B12 Levels, you can have permanent and disabling Mental Changes from B12 Deficiency as well as increased of heart disease and stroke simply from the usage of this dental anesthetic that doctors consider so safe, that they don't even mention these side effects to you.


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of studies showing the relationship between poor oral health and hygiene and illness. Just because conventional medicine doesn’t talk about health prevention through dental health doesn’t mean that it is not a serious issue. To many, this is ‘common sense’, but unfortunately, common sense has been overridden to achieve the belief that cavities and periodontal disease are ‘Normal’ when they are not.


Proof that dental disease is not normal or healthy…

Weston A. Price, a dentist and early pioneer of nutrition and health, observed the relationship between nutritional deficiencies and poor dental health and set out to prove his observations. His multi year journey around the world in the 1930’s carefully documented the state of general and dental health in populations who had no access to modern processed food.

Brush your teeth for good oral health and hygiene

What he found is astounding and should have been trumpeted throughout the world to doctors and dentists as a call to action to get rid of processed foods. He found that, without exception, the isolated peoples who were eating traditional foods had virtually no cavities!


In fact, he found that for every ONE cavity present in a ‘primitive’ village, a modern village or town had 6 to 10 cavities! What would YOU do to ensure that your child had ONE-TENTH the cavities of other children?!

Another interesting observation that Dr. Price made was regarding other diseases. While tuberculosis, arthritis, disability and infertility were beginning to be serious problems throughout the world at that time, Dr. Price observed that ‘primitive’ people without cavities had an almost ZERO incidence of any of these diseases- that is until they started eating a 'modern' diet with sugar and processed foods.


While there has been extensive research on the POOR health of people with UNHEALTHY teeth and gums, it seems that Dr. Price is one of the few to have extensively studied and documented the relative immunity to degenerative diseases and certain infectious diseases of those with perfect teeth and gums.

Please read Dr. Price’s extensive study on Dental Health and Nutrition for real practical Swine Flu Prevention tips that you absolutely will not hear anywhere else! .

Even after reading Dr. Price’s work, you could certainly make the argument that this doesn’t ‘Prove’ that excellent general health can be achieved excellent dental health, but there is a LARGE amount of circumstantial evidence to support the theory that having perfect dental health COULD, at the very least, reduce your chance of getting other chronic illnesses.

Having Perfect Oral Health and Hygiene is just smart

For PRACTICAL and USEFUL ways to permanently and completely get rid of cavities and periodontal disease and eliminate the Underlying Cause of them, then please read “Money by the Mouthful” by Robert O. Nara, DDS.

You will learn non surgical, self-help strategies that will teach you to become “Dentally Self-Sufficient” by preventing and healing cavities and periodontal disease. You’ll be glad that you did!


If you have any chronic health issues, it's time to TAKE REAL ACTIONS for perfect Oral Health and Hygiene that will go a long way to keeping you safe and healthy from heart disease, diabetes, tuberculosis, stroke, high cholesterol and - maybe even protection from other chronic health problems. Get “Money by the Mouthful” today.


Dental Disease and General Health

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Heal and Even REVERSE Dental Disease

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