Normal Vitamin D Level for a Teenager

my daughter has to take vitamin d 2000 daily my question is what is her normal level suppose to be i was told her vitamin d level is low like 11 or 12 . thank you


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please read my site
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!


This question has been answered nearly a thousand times on this site. Please use the MANY MANY MANY MANY different ways on my site to find some of these answers- for instance use the search box at the top right of EVERY PAGE and search 'normal vitamin d level'.

Normal vitamin d levels are the EXACT SAME FOR EVERYONE.

And PLEASE search for Vitamin D Dosage as well, 2000 IU's is LESS THAN A MAINTENANCE DOSE for her and will NOT IN ANY WAY correct her low vitamin d levels. In fact, it's the correct dose to MAINTAIN NORMAL LEVELS FOR A 50 pound child...I've discussed this HUNDREDS of times on this site as well....

Kerri Knox, RN

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