My Vitamin D level was 118 ng/ml in Dec again having deficiency symptoms

by Amit
(Dehradun ,India)

My 25 OH Vit D level was tested to be 4 ng/ml in Mar 2011. I was having pain / burning sensation in heels and soles, cramps in my calf muscles, difficulty in walking , problem with knees especially while climbing stairs and burning feeling in my bones – shoulder to elbow and burning sensation around the anal area while sitting. I was feeling very tired and fatigued.

The doctor put me on Arachitol IM 600000 units fortnightly X 4, followed by 60000 IU Calcirol sachet once a week with milk.

Initially there was some relief then I again started having problem in knee movement while climbing stairs , pain in sole and pain in calf.
I was again tested for 25 OH level in Dec 2011 and the result was 118.11 ng/mL.

My physician told me to stop the D3 intake and come after 6 months. Its only 2 months since I stopped the D3 supplement and now I am again experiencing pain/burning in bones , cramps in my calf muscles, burning in soles, difficulty in walking and fatigue. Please advise what should I do? Will be grateful for the help. Thanks.

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Other Deficiencies
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Amit,

While I can't know for sure what is going on with you, I suspect that you have multiple vitamin deficiencies and not 'just' vitamin d deficiency.

Please see my pages on:

Signs of Magnesium Deficiency


Vitamin B 12 Deficiency Symptoms

to see that many of your symptoms might match those symptoms as well as symptoms of vitamin d deficiency.

If it's true that you are deficient in a few other vitamins, then there is likely an underlying reason for this. Either you are eating a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE diet with very little nutrition and/or you have Gluten Sensitivity, which leads to the malabsorption of nutrients.

Please take a look at these pages and see what you think.

Kerri Knox, RN

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