My brother went into septic shock 9 days after a b12 shot

by Kathy
(Dayton, OH)

Hello, I have many questions about b12 shots. My brothers wife has been administering b12 shots to my brother. I believe she ordered it online.

About 9 days after he had a minor injury to his wrist, it began swelling rapidly and was admitted into the hospital. He went into septic shock and was rushed into emergency surgery. He's had 5 surgeries total and just was released from the hospital after 8 days in.
I'm not sure, but my research has led me to believe the shot he was given caused the infection, when he fell on his wrist that caused the rapid swelling... (Both rare side effects of the shot)
One of the causes of sepsis is trauma to an area of the body (which would have been the minor fall and injury to his wrist)

Can you please help me understand this? Maybe validate that my suspicions could be true? How would we be able to know that the b12 was in fact the cause of this???

Thank You in advance.

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YOu probably will never be sure
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen

Hi Kathy,

I appreciate that you want to know for sure, but you will probably never know. I'm not sure how the fall and wrist injury fits into your B12 shot theory, but anytime you give a shot, someone can get an infection. Especially if your sister is not medically trained and did not clean the skin properly.

You could take the bottle in and see if it's contaminated with bacteria, and you probably should do this, but other than that, I doubt that you will ever be sure if it was the shot or not. 9 days after a shot is a long time later to get an infection. So if he was feeling fine and just tripped and fell, well, I can't imagine it was the shot. But if he was feeling poorly and fell because he was dizzy or weak from a possible infection, then that might be a possibility.

But the Vitamin B12 Shot Problems are the reasons that I don't recommend them. They are unnecessary.

Kerri Knox, RN

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