my b12 levels were 2200, how do i know if i am defeicent?

by Karen
(South Carolina)

I have muscle weakness fatigue, high cpk, cold intoletance, pains in my legs. I was tested for b 12 and came back as 2200. Not sure what test they used. I stopped taking my sublingaul b 12. Thinking it was the wrong test. What is the correct test and rages to know if you are deficient?

I am also low in iron and take iron supplements and hypothyroid and on thyroid meds. I just want to end this nightmare and feel better. I am also a vegetarian, if that matters. This may sound stupid, but I am certain when i take vitamins with any b in them my legs feel worse. Have not tested this theory on b 12 though. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you for your time

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Blood tests are useless
by: Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

Hi Karen,

So, Vitamin B12 blood tests are useless to begin with, but it sounds like you were also taking B12 when the test was done which will make a worthless test even more worthless and confusing. I do not do any tests for Vitamin B12. The best test that you can do is to just follow the directions on the Vitamin B12 Deficiency Treatment page and see if taking a high dose makes you feel better.

However, I would also encourage you to read my pages on:

Gluten Sensitivity


Vitamin D Deficiency

As either one of these problems could be contributing to your symptoms.

Kerri Knox, RN

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