Magnesium and Migraines?

by Emily

Just today I discovered the link between Magnesium deficiencies and Migraines. After suffering from Migraines for years now and trying EVERYTHING I purchased some magnesium and took 600mg right away.

Within an hour my three day migraine had almost completely disappeared! Now a few hours later it is coming back slightly and I would like to try some more magnesium to see if I can kick it again completely but do not want to overdose.

How much magnesium can you safely take in a day and can you take it everyday as a supplement or should you take breaks in between? Any insight appreciated! Thanks!

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Please read the page that I've created already on this exact topic
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Please read my page on Magnesium Dosage.

Kerri Knox, RN

Magnesium and Migraines and other supplements
by: Joe

I suffer from major traditional migraines in addition to minor migraines -- and through recommendations from one of my doctors, have found that the following have SIGNIFICANTLY reduced or eliminated my migraines. I take:

CoQ10 -- between 200 - 400 mg a day -- need good quality (I use life extension)
Vit B2 -- 400 mg a day
Magnesium -- 600 mg a day, or as tolerated (I use magnesium citrate, that dissolves in a drink called "Calms" because it normally bothers my stomach as a pill.
Feverfew -- not sure if this one is effective..

Jigsaw Health Magnesium Is for Movement Video

To me, the most important of these is CoQ10, followed by magnesium. When I'm consistent with taking these vitamins, and mindful of my triggers (diet, stress, sleep, etc..) I am migraine free. I hope this info can help others who are suffering from migraines...Good luck.

Biometric changes when it was going to rain
by: Catharine

I could predict the weather by my headaches that it was going to rain. I just happen to be talking to my eye doctor about my headaches and he sugessted magnesium. I had tremendous pain behind my eyes and pressure. It would last for 3 days. And since it rains a lot I would get one at least once a weak. So I took 3 a day and they stopped. After that relieve I never knew when it was going to rain. I also have anxiety and depression and I take paxil 30mg,,xanax 1 1/2 mg twice daily and 10mg adderal. I eat a lot of fresh fruit, nuts, and am on a high fiber diet.

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