Magnesium and Borax for Strong Teeth and Bones

by Michael
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

I would like to point out another important fact of a magnesium deficiency that doctors fail to understand and use in their analysis of a patient's illness.

• Calcium buildup in muscle tissue, where no calcium should be. My cousin's husband has this and I am recommending that he take home made magnesium water (90ml Milk of Magnesia room temperature poured into a 2 litre chilled bottle of Club Soda); the bottle is re-capped and shaken half a minute or so to fully combine; set to rest until the cloudy mixture turns clear, re-shaking until the bottle collapse. 60~90 ml of this concoction is then added to one's ration of water for the day, which is taken throughout the day and prior to bed time.

Magnesium saved my mum's life for twenty years, after she had been hospitalized three times for magnesium deficiency in 74, at the age of 54; until twenty years later, 1994 when she was in hospital being assessed for independent living and not allowed to bring any supplements into her room; nor was she allowed to administer her own meds, even though she was an RN, and once head nurse. She died three days later from the same heart stress she had suffered, 20 years earlier. The doctors said it was heart failure, but its cause was due to the loss of magnesium.

• Another important mineral we need is boron. I am sure you are familiar with Walter Last, "The Borax Conspiracy". These two ingredients, I understand from my studies, magnesium and borax, can clear the build
up of magnesium from areas of the body, muscle, where no magnesium should be found.

Thank you for this wonderful site. I am presenting my studies on Borax and magnesium to my brother-in-law who has calcium buildup in his body, his muscles. He is about 5 years younger than I. He is 60 y/o. From taking Borax ten years now, my elderly 16y/o Corgi as well, we both have better health.

A visit to a Dentist Jan 2015 for a root canal had him exclaiming over and over "You have extremely strong bones". The root canal failed thirteen months later, Feb 2016. The pain was severe again so I commenced taking 1 tsp of Borax. Within 20 or so minutes the pain was much diminished; I had to take it five times a day for three+ months before the pain was completely extinguished. It is seven months later and the tooth still does not hurt. I wonder what would have happened if I had done that instead of going for the root canal in the first place? Would the tooth have regenerated; or would it have cleared out and the tooth root area natural calcified? Such might have taken a year of so to do.

I also did this with my Corgi and her rotten, black, sore teeth at the back of her mouth stopped hurting her and she can chew her food again. She is almost 17 and I put her good health down to the BARF (Bones and Raw Foods) diet and Borax.
Namaste and care,

Michael Heseltine
(mhikl, on YouTube)

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