Just tested for high MVC

I am an average healthy 27 yr old, I run and surf weekly and live a balanced life, I went in for a check up and blood tests came back with High MVC, the first question the doctor asked me was if I drink. I drink maybe 2x a week, for example have had 2 pints of cider this whole week and few glasses of wine last week, typical and of course have had my share of party nights back in the day, but nothing that screams alcoholic like I believe they are asking. I am going in for more tests tomorrow and wondering what further tests I should ask for and questions I should bring up to the doctor. I am American and never had proper health care til just moving to UK few months ago, so this is all new. I have always taken vitamins, eaten healthy and cleansed regularly and now really concerned about this. Any advice would help. Thank you

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Gluten Intolerance
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Yes, you are right to be concerned about this. It's not normal to have a high MCV and could mean that you are not absorbing B12 properly. Even though you are healthy now, it could very well be that you have Gluten Sensitivity and not absorbing B12 is one of the early signs that you are seeing because of it.

So, you can take a couple of routes, since you don't have any health problems right now, you could simply start taking some Methylcobalamin B12 every day (dosages of b12 in multivitamins are insignificant) if you just want to see if that brings your MCV down in a few months, or you can go on a full dietary change and start going gluten free and eliminate processed foods.

Gluten is really not something that should be in the human diet, and I encourage everyone to eat a paleolithic type diet anyway, so while going gluten free may seem 'drastic' in this day and age of processed food everywhere, it's really processed food and a diet high in grains that is 'drastic'.

I would encourage you to check out the Real Food Summit and learn what a good diet actually is, because even though you say that you eat 'healthy', that almost certainly means the US government's idea of 'healthy' that included lots of bread, grains, pasteurized dairy and avoidance of fats- a recipe that's disastrous for health.

Kerri Knox,RN

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