is there a link between fibromyalgia anf restless leg syndrome

by jenny sheoherd
(sydney, nsw, Australia)

I have had fibrimyalgia for the past 5years also suffer from restless leg syndrome, anxiety and bloating and wind in stomach. I have had a lot if trauma in my life over the past eight years and going through menopause. Do you think i could be gluten intolerant and how would i find out.

It is wearing me out both physically and mentally.

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Fibromyalgia and Restless Leg Syndrome
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen

Please read my pages on:

Gluten Sensitivity


Diagnosing Gluten Allergy


Fibromyalgia and Magnesium

those should answer your questions.

Kerri KNox, RN

I think I have the answer😊
by: Anonymous

To be honest today I read this term(fibromyalgia) for the first time. Having said that, I strongly believe that these scary names are created by doctors. I think that it might be b12 deficiency or gluten sensitivity. In fact gluten isn't good for anyone, so stop having it anyways and notice the difference. Further, there is a psychological aspect also. When we have a confused mind our energies keep getting drained consistently which affects the healing process. With low energy we can never concentrate so its natural to have brain fogg.

Now there are different kinds of clarities: clarity of understanding and clarity of perception. Clarity of understanding comes with thinking logically and with right guidance and experience. And clarity of perception comes with intense energy and concentration. Further, when we have clarity of perception, it in turns elevate the clarity of understanding. All I am trying to say clarity of understanding is related to psychological part and the clarity of perception depends on physical well being. Its not possible to concentrate if we are not physically balanced.

In nut shell one needs to fix things both at psychological level and at physical level. I guess brain fogg is definitely a physical thing and you should try avoiding gluten and see you feel any better. And get b12 levels checked.

I have experienced and overcome these things in my life. Hope my words are helps.


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