Is Mitral valve prolapse syndrome helped by magnesium

My husband has been hospitalized twice in the past two weeks because of extreme shortness of breath that appeared suddenly and has not diminished. He has mitral valve prolapse and displays many of the symptoms of MVP syndrome including migraines, scoliosis, boarder line hypoglycemia, fatigue, boarder line asthma.

The Drs have confirmed that his MVP has worsened from its state three years ago. They are discussing surgery, but the surgeon does not think his symptoms (extreme shortness of breath) line up with the MVP. They have run as many tests as they can think of. His lungs are fine, his heart is in excellent condition besides the MVP, and they can find nothing wrong, they even tested his magnesium levels using a blood test which I know are inherently unreliable. His levels were normal (I don't know the numbers yet.).

He is coming home from the hospital on Monday and we are wanting to start a magnesium supplementation regiment. I already have a transdermal spray and will use your site for dosing information.

Another thing to note is we eat a traditional diet and use a raw cod liver oil supplement.

My question is, is there anything else you would suggest we look into? We are looking for any advice we can get right now. Your advice may help us narrow our questions for our naturopath when we see him for this very distressing problem. Also, how quickly would you expect to see improvement from magnesium supplementation?


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Causes but whether it will help..
by: Kerri Knox, RN, The Immune Queen

Magnesium can be one of the causes of Mitral valve prolapse, but whether magnesium will IMPROVE mitral valve prolapse is pure congecture. There is literally nothing about magnesium supplementation improving MVP in the literature.

On that note, almost everyone is magnesium deficient and it's prudent to take magnesium, and maybe it will help his MVP, maybe not, but there is no guarantee.

I haven't even heard of anyone online who has improved their MVP with magnesium, but maybe some folks will respond here if they've improved on magnesium. Until then, your husband will have to be his own 'test subject' and see if it will help him. It sounds like he has little to lose and everything to gain by trying.

In the meantime, B6 is a necessary component of magnesium absorption, and Vitamin D and Vitamin K regulate calcium absorption, so it would be prudent to ensure your husband is getting enough of these as well.

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